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Facts About Joe Bidden

Joe Biden is one of the most respected leaders in America Today. Want to know more about him? Keep reading the Facts About Joe Bidden mentioned below!

His career in politics is not over 50 years old, and he doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon with the 2020 U.S. Elections. Here are 40 Joe Biden Facts that will tell you everything about this remarkable man.

Facts About Joe Bidden Infographics

Here are some chosen Facts About Joe Bidden. Have a look.

Joe Biden was married twice during his lifetime.

In 1966, he married Neilia Biden, and they remained married until she died in 1972. Together they had three children, Naomi, Robert, and Joseph III. Joe Biden later married Jill Biden in 1977. She is his wife to the day. Ashley was their first child.

Joe Biden took his first oath in a hospital as a U.S. Senator.

Robert and Joseph Biden, his sons, were both injured in the car accident that resulted in the death of their sister and mother. Joe Biden was there to support them in hospital. Joseph was also at Joseph’s side when he took his oath as Senator of Delaware in 1973.

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He is Delaware’s longest-serving senator.

Here are some historical Joe Biden Facts. Biden was first elected to office in 1972 and then again in 1978. Biden won reelections for the next terms in 1972, 1978, 1990, 1996, and 2002. He then won again in 2008. His 2008 win was his last. He also won the vice-presidential election in 1996, 1997, 2002, and 2008. He had been a senator for 36+ years when he was elected U.S. Vice-President in 2009.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is one of Joe Biden’s most important achievements.

VAWA provided over $1 billion in funding to prosecute and investigate violent crimes against women. It required victims to be compensated and created the Office on Violence Against Women within the Department of Justice. It was introduced in Congress in 1994 and passed both houses with bipartisan support. Later, it was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden was initially against the Iraq War.

After it was brought up in Congress, he voted to support the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2002. He argued against America’s sole role in the war over the years and called for the internalization of the effort. He also supported the 2006 troop surge in Iraq and believed it was doomed to fail. He advocated for the federalization and separation of Iraq’s various religious and ethnic groups.

In 2017, Joe Biden and Jill Biden founded the Biden Foundation.

The Bidens created the foundation to provide funding for and work on seven issues. One of the topics is foreign policy research. Another initiative is to study Cancer. The foundation also focuses on military families and community colleges. The foundation also protects children from harm, promotes equality, and ends violence against women. The foundation has suspended all operations in the wake of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Joe Biden published two memoirs.

The first, Promises to Keep: Life and Politics, was published in 2007. The second, Promise Me Dad: A Year Of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose, was published in 2017.

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Joe Biden was forced to have brain surgery in the past.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden Facts is a good example given his age. After doctors discovered a leaking aneurysm inside Biden’s brain, severe neck pain led to Brain surgery in 1988. The pulmonary embolism that developed shortly after the first operation was performed on Biden. He was then unable to continue his duties as Senate President for seven months. His neurosurgeon, decades later, testified to Biden’s mental health and cleared Biden for the 2020 U.S. Elections.

Joe Biden is known as Amtrak Joe.

Facts About Joe Bidden

Here’s another example of Joe Biden facts. Amtrak, also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, is a major transcontinental railroad company in North America. Biden, a Senator from Delaware, became well-known for using Amtrak trains on his daily commute. Biden was also a strong supporter of Amtrak’s cause. He provided state funding and hosted barbecues for Amtrak employees. From the company and its employees, he was nicknamed Amtrak Joe.

Joe Biden was accused of misbehaving in 2019.

Lucy Flores (an ex-candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor) claimed that Biden had kissed her on her back in 2014. There were other allegations, one dating back to 2009, in which the woman claimed that Biden made her uncomfortable. Biden later apologized and stated that he did not intend to harm anyone. He also promised to be more mindful of personal space in the future.

Joe Biden was a devil’s advocate in the Obama Administration.

He was a valued and influential figure within the administration. Biden, President Obama claims, forced them all to reconsider their positions and consider all angles. Biden ensured that the administration covered all bases.

Joe Biden’s experience as a bipartisan leader made him more valuable to U.S. President Obama in his second term.

Despite being a Democrat, Biden had worked well with members of the Republican Party in the past. In 2005, Biden helped pass the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. Biden’s experience was valuable for the Obama Administration due to Republican gains in the U.S. Congress during the 2010 U.S. Elections. Biden’s efforts made it possible to pass the New START Treaty in the U.S. Senate. He also helped pass extended tax cuts that go back to the Bush Administration.

2014 saw Joe Biden be criticized for his views on the Syrian Civil War.

Biden spoke about the support that some countries gave to the enemies of the al-Assad regime. Biden stated that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE supported democratic forces without distinguishing between terrorist groups such as Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda.

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In 2015, Joe Biden was the target of an assassination plot.

Here’s an example of Joe Biden facts. Secret Service agents assigned as Vice President to hear gunshots coming from his house on January 17, 2015. Biden and his wife were not in danger. However, Secret Service agents saw a car speeding off shortly afterward.

Joe Biden has mixed views on Trump’s Foreign Policy.

Biden, in 2017 accused Trump of being a coddled dictator and would-be dictator. These included President Putin of Russia, President Duterte from the Philippines, and Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Biden also criticized the Trump Administration’s trade war and China’s decision to pull support for the Kurds of Syria.

Joe Biden condemned U.S. President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement, an UN-sponsored agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, was signed by 196 nations in December 2015. U.S. President Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal in June 2017 from the Paris Agreement. He claimed that the agreement had cost America trillions of U.S. dollars and created millions of jobs. Biden replied with a tweet claiming that America’s withdrawal from the agreement would harm America’s future. Later, Biden stated that the American people had not voted for the president to leave the agreement.

Joe Biden opposed Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Biden went so far as saying that it was like transferring tax money from the poor. He later shamed Republicans for passing the American Healthcare Act through their House of Representatives, despite his previous experience working with them. Biden thanked all those who voted against the bill after being defeated in the U.S. Senate. He described their actions as protecting millions of Americans’ health care. Joe Biden Facts is a reassuring example. There’s no doubt.

Joe Biden voted against the Trump Administration’s immigration policy.

Biden specifically described Trump’s proposal of banning Muslims and building a wall against Mexico as both un-American and immoral. After the Trump Administration had stopped taking any action against illegal immigrants brought to the USA as children, Biden repeated the use of the “un-American” adjective.

Joe Biden is pro-LGBTQ.

Biden’s views have evolved over the years, even though he was initially against LGBTQ rights. He voted to support President Clinton’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy. He stated publicly in 2012 that he supported gay marriage rights and condemned U.S. President Trump’s ban on transgender individuals from the military. As part of his 2020 Campaign, Biden also promised to protect the rights and safety of LGBTQ people.

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In 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of corrupting Ukraine.

Trump claims that Biden used his influence in Ukraine to stop the investigation of Burisma Holdings by the Ukrainian government. Burisma Holdings used Robert Hunter Biden, Biden’s younger son, as a consultant. The U.S. President Trump also withheld $1 billion in aid for Ukraine until they investigated Burisma and the Bidens’ involvement. There was no evidence of Joe Biden being wrongheaded, and it is believed that Trump wanted to discredit Biden to win the 2020 U.S. Elections. This failed to impeach U.S. President Trump in 2020.

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