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10 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Being on the radar for over a decade, we’ve been awestruck by all things J.Lo. From her stunning dancing moves, her amazing acting abilities, and her dazzling vocals, as well as her warm, welcoming persona.

Because of her sincerity and honesty, We’ve uncovered a wealth of specific facts about the well-known model. From J.Lo’s unsuccessful marriages to heartbreak and destruction, the big booted model has displayed her true strength and has always come out to the top. Her determination and strength are something she always wears on her sleeves.

However, here are a handful of Jennifer Lopez facts you may not have known concerning the Latina until this point…

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1. She was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson.

In her quest to be a professional dancer J.Lo was able to land a fantastic opportunity to be the backup dancer to Janet Jackson and even appeared in the video she made for “That’s The Way Love Works. Janet was awed by her dancing, so she was willing to allow Jennifer to perform with her; however, J.Lo left with the intention of succeeding by herself. It was definitely not a mistake!

2. Jennifer created Her Own Production Company.

Being a true entrepreneur since the beginning, she was able to establish a production company named Nuyorican Productions together with manager Benny Medina. Whatever she puts her mind to, the company has been a huge success. From 2000 on, Nuyorican has produced seven films (that she also appeared as a lead actress) which include In The Second ActBye bye Birdie (the Live-Action remake), and the most recent, Hustlers.

3. She is a fan of a little Reality-TV

You may have believed that J.Lo ends her show with a fascinating documentary, but she is a reality television fan. In fact, her favorite show is Mob Wives. But she’s not one who is afraid of the camera as one of the judges on the panel for American Idol and World of Dance.

4. J.Lo Did the Triathlon in Less than 3 hours.

Here’s a great J.Lo informational fact! While you may take relaxing walks in the park to have a good time, Jennifer takes on mega triathlons, and she slays them! She took on her Nautica Malibu Triathlon, including a 1/2-mile swim, an 18-mile bike ride and a four-mile race in two hours 23 minutes with a time of 28 seconds. These dancing sessions certainly resulted in a successful outcome, showing just how athletic the athlete is.

5. She founded a Non-Profit Organization

Jennifer’s accomplishments go a great way. As with many celebs, they are also philanthropists and believe in giving back. That’s why she founded her own foundation called the Lopez Family Foundation in 2009, along with her sister Lynda Lopez. The foundation focuses on providing children and women the assistance they require. This crucial fact is proof of how compassionate Jennifer is.

6. J.Lo was the first Latin Actress to Earn More Than $1 Million.

Jennifer Lopez secured the big dollars in her debut leading role in the film Selena and became one of the very first Latin actresses to receive that kind of money. Jennifer Lopez did such an excellent performance as Selena’s late vocalist that she was awarded a Golden Globe nomination – marking the beginning of her highly successful career in acting.

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7. She was arrested at a club in 1999

In the course of her relationship with Diddy, the pop star found herself in a dangerous situation during the club when there was an incident that resulted in a shooting. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the celebrity couple was both discovered with the gun they had stolen. The charges against Lopez were eventually dismissed. However, Sean Combs found himself in an issue with the law.

8. She’s the only woman to be voted twice for the title ‘Sexiest Women in the World

J.Lo has been the sole female who has been twice voted for as one of the Sexiest Women in the World, and we can see the reason why. With her natural look and curvaceous silhouette, her image has become an inspiration to women and girls all over the globe.

9. Her mother has a Renowned Gambler.

J.Lo’s mother, Guadalupe Lopez, is a well-known gambler. We don’t yet know how serious her addiction, however, we know that she made $2.4 million on the slot machine at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City from a $3 bet. However, who can tell the amount she lost prior to that and how much she has lost since…

10. J.Lo’s Beauty Regime includes 8 hours of sleep per night.

If you’re looking to learn how Jennifer has managed to get flawless skin is, then you’ve come to the right spot. According to Jennifer, she needs to get eight hours of sleep in a bed every night. She could even snooze for up to 10 hours if lucky!

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