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Facts About Itziar Ituno

Itziar Ituno isn’t the name many Americans know. If you’ve ever watched the Netflix show Money Heist, you’ve undoubtedly seen her character. Itziar has played Raquel Murillo since the first season and has quickly been a popular character. Read more Facts About Itziar Ituno!

Outside of the show, Raquel has had an awe-inspiring career in Europe that spans TV and stage, film, and work. Itziar has demonstrated that she takes her work extremely seriously and can play any role she can put her heart to. Keep checking out the ten facts you didn’t know about Itziar Ituno.

1. The test was positive for Coronavirus

In March 2020, news media reported that Itziar Ituno had been tested positively for the COVID-19. Fortunately, the actress appeared to be suffering from a minor illness. However, she warned her followers that the illness must be treated seriously. She stated, “Do not take it lightly, there are lives at stake, and we still do not know how far this will go.”

2. She’s in a good relationship with her Money Heist co-stars

It’s not about making friends at work. It’s always a bonus when employees you work with becoming friends for life. This is precisely what has been the case with Itziar and co-workers from the cast of the Money Heist crew. Itziar said to Identity Mag, “We all share some wonderful moments on the set. In general, it is always a good idea to have unique moments with different actors throughout the shooting process. However, I truly enjoy every single one of these!”

3. She didn’t start like the Character Raquel

Many actors enjoy feeling an initial spark of inspiration when they think of auditioning for the role they’re interested in. This doesn’t happen every time, however. She didn’t enjoy the character when she first learned about Raquel Itziar. However, after reading the script, Itziar realized more about Raquel than she initially thought.

4. She worked on an Oscar-Nominated Film

Itziar Ituno was a character in the Itziar Ituno role in the Spanish film Loreak. The film was critically acclaimed and was awarded numerous honors and awards. The most notable was a nomination for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

5. She is grateful for Money Heist’s huge Fanbase

When actors start making shows, they are not aware of how successful the show will be. In the case of Itziar and the remainder in The Money Heist case, being involved in it has certainly been an exhilarating journey. She described her journey as “unreal” and is grateful for the many people who’ve stood by her throughout the time.

6. She’s been through The Amazon

Itziar is very committed to humanitarian causes. Because of her desire to improve the world as an environment, she has been to numerous times to The Amazon rainforest. On one trip, Itziar claims that she became enamored of the man of Iquitos, Peru.

7. She Loves Animals

Alongside taking care of the well-being of others, Itziar is also a great animal enthusiast. She is a lover of all kinds of animals and has utilized her platform to raise various concerns.

8. She Is An Outdoors Person

Itziar certainly isn’t the kind of person who is scared to risk it all. She enjoys a good adrenaline thrill and is an active person who likes to spend time outside. A few of the things she loves include walking and swimming.

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9. She likes to sing

It’s not known if Itziar plans to pursue a professional music career. However, one thing is sure that she is a singer who loves singing. In the past few years, Itziar has become more transparent about her love of singing and has taken every opportunity she gets to be on stage to sing.

10. She’s Not Afraid To Talk About Her Political Standpoints

Many actors would instead remain silent about their political opinions because they fear offending those who disagree with them. Itziar, however, on the contrary, has never been scared to voice her opinion and share what’s she thinks. In 2017, following an unrelated incident, Itziar posted a quote from Bertold Brecht on social media. The section reads, “First they took the communists, but I did not care because I It was not; immediately they took some workers, but I did not care because I was not, then they arrested the trade unionists, but I did not care because I am not a unionist; then they arrested some priests, but like me I’m not religious, I didn’t care either, now they take me, but it’s too late.”

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