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100+ Amazing Facts About Italy!!

We’re not surprised that we are passionate about Italy! Our team members are all Italian experts and are enthralled by its cuisine and its culture, history, and culture. It’s no surprise that we’re talking about Italy often. We’re guessing you’re interested in Italy too.

We must admit that we believed we knew the basics about Italy. Still, after digging further, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the 17 pieces of information regarding Italy that we didn’t even know about! We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Find out details about the fascinating nation and tell us which one of the facts surprised you most!

Funny Facts About Italy!!

  1. Italy is slightly bigger than Arizona.
  2. About 20 per cent of Italy’s population are older than 65.
  3. Italy borders Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia and Switzerland.
  4. Its most extended frontier connects it to Switzerland.
  5. The typical Italian family is composed of 1.27 children.
  6. Anyone 18 or older can vote, but you must minimum age of 25 to vote in Senate elections.
  7. The Italian flag is a relic of the French flag adopted during Napoleon’s 1797 assault.
  8. The typical Italian earns $26,700 annually However, those who live in the north, which is more prosperous, earn nearly $40,000
  9. The thermometer was an Italian invention.
  10. The rate of unemployment in Italy is 8.6 per cent. However, it can reach 20% for the less affluent south.
  11. Italian farms produce grapes, potatoes, sugar beets and grains, soybeans and beef. They also have dairy products.
  12. The life expectancy average at the time of birth in the average Italian is 79.54 years.
  13. The well-known children’s tale, Pinocchio, was written by an Italian.
  14. Naples is the city where Naples was the birthplace of pizza.
  15. The piano is from Italy.
  16. One of the longest rivers in Italy is called the Po.
  17. The typical Italian consumes about half one pound of bread per day.
  18. Italian contributions to science are the barometer, the electric battery, nitroglycerin and wireless transmission.
  19. Famous Italian explorers are Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, John Cabot, and Amerigo Vespucci.
  20. The modern-day Italian language is a product of the Tuscan region. Tuscany.
  21. Enrico Fermi, the inventor of the nuclear reactor, was an Italian.
  22. The car, Fiat, is one of the best products produced by Italy.
  23. With more than 40 million people visiting, Italy is the fourth most visited country globally.
  24. Italy is the home of two microstates: San Marino and Vatican City.
  25. Apart from Julius Caesar, Shakespeare also played his plays in Italy (entirely or in part):
  26. Romeo and Juliet, Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus Cymbeline, Much Ado About Nothing. Othello. The Taming of the Shrew The Titus Andronicus, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Winter’s Tale
  27. Cologne was born in Italy.
  28. Ice cream cones are something of an Italian invention.
  29. The majority of immigrants from Italy originated initially from Naples or southern Italy.
  30. The Pompeii city Pompeii had been destroyed in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
  31. Mt. Vesuvius was last active in 1944 and destroyed many villages in its vicinity.
  32. The eyeglasses we wear have been an Italian invention.
  33. The average Italian is 41 years old.
  34. Italy is home to 16 regional areas and four autonomous regions.
  35. Before the introduction of the euro, the currency used by Italy was known as the lira.
  36. A typical Italian drinks 26gallons of wine every year.
  37. The major industries in Italy include tourism machinery, steel and iron food processing, chemicals, automobiles, textiles, footwear, clothing, and ceramics.
  38. Italy has the most hotels than any other country in Europe.
  39. The espresso machine comes from Italy.
  40. Italy is the fifth-largest industrial economy.
  41. A mere third of the land in Italy is arable and suitable for agriculture.
  42. The most significant trading partners for Italy include Germany, France, the United States, and Great Britain.
  43. More than 40 per cent of the Italian work workforce is unionized.
  44. The telephone was invented in the hands of the Italian (Meucci) Note.
  45. The bulk of Italy’s production is concentrated in Northern cities like Milan, Turin and Genoa.
  46. Since the closing of WWII, Italy has seen nearly 60 governments go and come.
  47. The region that surrounds Venice is among the wealthiest regions in Europe.
  48. More than 75% of Italy is either hilly or mountainous.
  49. Typewriters are an Italian invention.
  50. Italians were once famous for their large families. However, Italy is now renowned for having the lowest birth rate in Europe.
  51. Italy has a lot of its economic success to the tens of thousands of small family-owned businesses.
  52. Italian families have more savings than Japanese and Germans and 3 times as much as Americans.
  53. An average Italian consumes about 25kg of pasta per year.
  54. With more than 5 million inhabitants, Rome is Italy’s largest Italy.
  55. Italy has more than 58 million.
  56. Italians speak of their homeland as Italia.
  57. Italy imports more than 75 per cent of its oil and gas.
  58. The service sector is responsible for nearly 70% of the Italian economy.
  59. Agriculture used to comprise about one-third of the Italian economy. Today, it is less than 3 per cent.
  60. The language of the state is Italian. The official language is Italian. However, German, and French are also used in a few regions.
  61. The north of Italy has hot summers but cool winters. The south of Italy has warm summers and mild winters.
  62. The Seven Hills of Rome are Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal.
  63. The symbol SPQR can be seen on many of the ancient buildings in Rome. It symbolises “the senators and the residents from Rome.”
  64. Rome was established in 753 BC.
  65. Italy was not a country uniting until 1861.
  66. The song that is the national anthem of Italy can be found in Bella Ciao. Thanks to Italian militants during WWII, it became famous and can be heard in almost every demonstration.
  67. Before, Rome was a republic, and the capital of an empire was home to seven kings.
  68. The first King of Rome was the famous creator, Romulus.
  69. “Ars longa”, vita brvis”, is a popular expression in Italy. It translates to “art is long, and life is short” and represents the Italian passion for leisure.
  70. A marvel of engineering from the past, Cloacus Maxima, is the sewer that runs through Rome.
  71. 1. The first Roman Emperor to rule was Augustus Octavian, who came to power in 27 BC.
  72. The Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, following its last emperor Romulus Augustulus was forced to abdicate by barbarian invaders.
  73. A Roman Centurion was a commander of 100 hundred soldiers.
  74. A Roman Legion comprised of 6,000 soldiers.
  75. Italy has a permanent foreign number in the range of 1.27 million.
  76. The Italian constitution was adopted on January 1, 1948.
  77. The President of Italy is a person of the occult.
  78. The prime minister is the head of the government and is the person who manages the country.
  79. Since October 1946, a national song in Italy has been Inno di Mameli.
  80. The Italian flag is composed of white, green, and red.
  81. The colours that make up the Italian flag are representative of three virtues that are: hope (green) and faith (white), along with the virtue of charity (red).
  82. Indeed, the Italian Republic does not have an official motto. However, there is a popular expression: “L’Italia e’ una Repubblica Democratica, fondata sul laboro” (Italy is an democratic Republic, based upon labor).
  83. St. Francis of Assissi and Saint Caterina of Siena are the patron saints of Italy.
  84. 98 per cent of Italians are Roman Catholic.
  85. The Roman Catholic Church is based in Italy.
  86. Italy has more than 3000 museums in Italy.
  87. The most popular sport in Italy includes soccer (in the United States). America).
  88. The national dish of Italy is pasta.
  89. The Italian language developed in Latin, Latin from the Roman Empire.
  90. It is the Italian peninsula. It is surrounded by five oceans (the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian, and Mediterranean).
  91. Italy includes two major island groups, Sicily and Sardinia, along with a variety of smaller islands.
  92. The Italian island of Sicily is known as the home to the Mafia, an illegal criminal group.
  93. Napoleon went on his first exile in Elba, an Italian Elba island. Elba.
  94. The Alps mountain range forms the northern border of Italy, and, for a long period, it protected the region from the threat of invasion.
  95. Italy is home to active volcanoes: Vesuvius, Etna, and Stromboli.
  96. Naples is the biggest city in the southern region of Italy.
  97. In addition to Rome, Milan is the second-largest city in Italy.
  98. Milan is the home of Italian style and financial institutions.
  99. Rome’s name”Italy” is “The Eternal City.”
  100. Florence is the home of Italian art.
  101. A Vespa is an Italian motorbike, popular with people who used to ride around the city.
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