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15 Surprising Facts About Islams!!

Of all the major religions of the world, Islam is one of the least understood. Despite all this misinformation, and with all the information we have in the present, there are some fascinating facts that we can benefit from Islam. Explore more facts about Islam!!

Do you want to learn something more about Islam? Here are 25 fascinating facts about Islam that you may not even know about before your start.

Islam is a religion, and Muslims are people who adhere to Islam. The two terms get confused from time to time, So I thought it would be best to get this at the very beginning.

Unexplored Facts About Islam!!

1. Islam refers to “surrender” or “submission.”

“The Arabic root word that refers to Islam refers to obedience, submission as well as peace and pure. In the context of religion, it refers to “voluntary submission to God”.

2. Haji pilgrimage

This is the annual journey for Muslims to visit Mecca’s Kaaba at Mecca. Every Muslim must make this pilgrimage at least once in their life. Every year, around three million Muslims from across the globe come to this place.

3. It’s the second most important religion in the world.

The only religion other than Christianity is the religion with more adherents. The latest estimates indicate that there are around 1,8 billion Muslims across the globe which makes it the second-largest religion on the planet.

It is the fastest-growing religion around the globe, and, as of the year 2017, there are fifty nations around the globe in which Islam is the most important religion.

4. Muslims should pray five times per day

Also called Salat. Every Muslim must pray every day five times at certain times according to the following:

  • Salat al-fajr: dawn before sunrise
  • Salat al-zuhr is midday, just after the sun has passed its highest point.
  • Salat al-‘asr, the last portion of the afternoon
  • Salat al-maghrib: shortly after sunset
  • Salat al-‘isha: Between sunset until midnight

5. The Quran is the Holy Book.

Like similar to Torah in Judaism and the Bible in Christianity, The Quran is the holy book of Islam. Islamic faith.

Its literal translation of the Quran in English is “The Recitation”, and Muslims believe that they are the words of Allah who revealed them to Muhammad (the last prophet) through Archangel Gabriel.

6. There are five foundations

  • Shahada – The affirmation of faith.
  • The Salah or Salat is the five prayers of daily.
  • Zakat – The act of giving to charity
  • Sawm The fasting
  • Haji – The Pilgrimage to Mecca

7. Jihad is not the same as “holy war.”

This word is frequently misinterpreted in Westernized media. Jihad is “to struggle” or “to strive”. The word “holy war” is not mentioned anywhere in the Arabic text of the Quran.

8. It is the original Arabic text of the Quran has not been changed.

The Torah and the Bible are in their original format as Moses revealed them along with Jesus. However, the Arabic Quran’s text Quran has not changed following the revelation.

9. The Islamic calendar began in the year 622 AD

In Western nations, we begin our year-long count in the year of Jesus birth. However, the Islamic calendarr, starts in the year 622 A,D, which means that we are now in the year 1443 as per the Islamic religion.

Many fascinating facts concerning Islam!

10. Allah refers to God in Arabic

In the Arabic language, Allah means God. It’s not a distinct god to God of Moses, Abraham or Jesus. God from Abraham, Moses or Jesus as per the belief that there is only one God.

11. Women who men oppress do not follow Islam

Muhammad even declared, “the best among you are those who treat their wives well.”. Islam, in its purest form, gives women a lot of rights. Any Muslim person who oppresses women isn’t following the statements of Allah.

Many countries that recognize gender discrimination can have their interpretations of the Quran or follow a set of traditions and try to justify the oppression through religious beliefs.

12. Shia and Sunni

Two main denominations are part of the Islamic faith. They are referred to by the names of Shia as well as Sunni. Most Muslims are part of the Sunni, and approximately 15% adhere to the Shia.

They all follow the identical Quran. However, they differ on Hadith, which are documents of actions and words believed to be Muhammad’s work. The Hadith is the other source of moral guidance and the law of religion following the Quran.

Shia, as well as Sunni, were split into two groups following the demise of Muhammad.

13. It is a religion that applies to all people

Every person can be converted to Islam. It isn’t a matter of skin colour or ethnicity. You are. In reality, just 15 per cent of Muslims are Arabs. However, most people from Western nations think of Arabs first when they talk about Islam.

14. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all date go back to Abraham

Contrary to Hinduism, which has many gods and gods, it is a monotheistic religion. Abrahamitic religious traditions are monotheistic, which means they all have one God. Only one supreme creator. All religious traditions go to Abraham and his family, as well as Adam as well as Eve.

One of the many fascinating facts concerning Islam.

15. The Quran refers to the tolerance of Muslims and non-Muslims.

Extremist groups frequently claim they have the right to kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to the same religion as they do. However, if you study the Quran and take in-depth look at examples of Muhammad and his followers, tolerance is recommended.

Wrapping Up:

So these were some of the top facts about Islam!! Hope you loved exploring these with us!! Stay tuned for more fun facts!!

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