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20 Facts About Ilinois

What am I most passionate about in Illinois? It’s a rich history. Many important events that have changed the world have occurred in Illinois and I’m sure not most people know about that!

We researched and came up with 25 interesting facts about Illinois’s heritage and culture. Are there any missing facts? Tell us about them with us in the comment section below!

Facts About Ilinois

  1. Sears Tower situated in Chicago is the tallest structure in America.
  2. 2Illinois is the first state in the U.S. to ratify the Amendment to the Constitution’s 13th, which ended slavery.
  3. 3The very first McDonald’s was constructed within Des Plaines, IL.
  4. 4Illinois has the highest production of nuclear energy in America.
  5. 5Twinkies first came into existence at River Forest, IL in 1930.
  6. Sixty-eight percent of Illinois is agricultural land.
  7. 7Illinois was declared a state on the 3rd day of December 1818, which made it the 21st state in the country.
  8. Nicknames that refer to Illinois are Illinois as the Prairie State and the Land of Lincoln.
  9. 9Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the United States, after Florida, New York, California and Texas.
  10. The word Illinois is derived in the term “Illini,” an earlier confederation of several Indian tribes.
  11. The state bird of Illinois is the Cardinal and the official flower of the state is the violet.
  12. Chicago, IL, is home to the world’s biggest public library.
  13. Illinois’ most important industries are the mining of coal and agriculture, oil production, and manufacturing.
  14. While Illinois is often referred to as”the “Land of Lincoln,” Abraham Lincoln was not born in Illinois. Ronald Reagan was the only president who was from Illinois.
  15. Illinois is the biggest producing state of the art for pumpkins in the United States.
  16. The tallest man to be recorded was born in Alton, Illinois. Robert Pershing Wadlow was 8 11 inches tall.
  17. Illinois is a balanced state. Its highest point is just 1235 feet higher than sea levels.
  18. 18 The Chicago River’s flow direction was changed through artificial canals between 1892 and 22. It was, and is, regarded as to be an amazing feat of engineering.
    The nickname
  19. 19Chicago earned for the city “The Windy City” originated from an article about the long-winded politicians at an 1893 show.
  20. The 20th Century’s most famous Illinois people include Ronald Reagan, Michelle Obama, Joe Mantegna, Buddy Ebsen, and Bob Newhart.

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