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Facts About Hype House Members

Although the Hype House is still TikTok’s most beloved content house, others have failed to achieve their fame. Here are more Facts about Hype House Members!

Despite recent departures, drama and many other factors, you will still be able to see the Hype house and its members wherever you go.

If you were wondering what the newly-minted stars are doing these days, here’s an overview of everything you need about the Hype house.

Facts About Hype House Members

1. When will the Hype House reality series air?

Hype House finally arrives on the small screen after more than a decade. The TikTok house has confirmed official release dates for their Netflix series. The crew shared the news via Instagram: “We are so excited to announce that The Hype House will drop on Netflix on January 7th.”

2. What is the Hype house?

Think Jake Paul’s Team Ten or David Dobrik’s The Vlog Squad. The Hype House is an informal group of teens that make Tik Tok in Los Angeles. The Hype House is not like Team Ten in that no de facto leader takes a share of the profits.

Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou are credited with creating the House. There are hundreds of houses in Los Angeles that host parties every weekend if you’re looking for a place to party. That’s not what we want.

There are rules for each House. NYT states that members can have friends over but cannot throw parties. You have 15 days to get it replaced if something is broken. But, the most important rule? Each member must watch three TikTok videos per day.

3. Where is the Hype house?

Although the Hype House was founded in an LA mansion, the group moved to a bigger and more exciting place seven months later. They took over the Clout Gang’s former home and have built a gym, an elevator and a disco room. Since then, they have been moving three times, and their new digs may be the most impressive.

4. What’s new at the Hype House

Hype House is coming to small screens. Netflix announced that a reality series about social media stars was in the works for April 2021. A press release stated that the series will welcome viewers to “the infamous Hype house”, where TikTok content creators will “open up their lives to the public and share a side of their lives and relationships that we have rarely seen.”

The streamer tweeted that Hype House members would be featured in the new series. Netflix tweeted the following: “KouvrAnnon, Nikita Dragun. Sienna Mae Gomez. Chase Hudson. Larry Merritt. Thomas Petrou. Alex Warren. Jack Wright. a.k.a Hype house — will star. A new unscripted series will reveal a side to themselves (and their relationships) we rarely see.”

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5. Who lives in the hype home?

It’s difficult to keep track of all members of the Hype house. The list seems to be constantly changing. Nevertheless, the following TikTokers are part of the group currently: Nikita Dragun; Thomas Petrou; Larri Merritt; Alex Warren, Chase Hudson and Kouvr Annon.

6. Is there another TikTok house like the Hype House

Many other houses have followed the Hype House’s lead since its launch. The Clubhouse, the Sway House and many other houses have followed suit. You can find a house that suits your needs, depending on whether you are looking for something fashion-focused, a home with comedians, or something completely different.

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