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Facts About Hinduism

You’ve enjoyed reading about Hinduism. Why not use this Hinduism Fact File to learn more fun facts and impress your friends and family!

In the case of religion, the more information you have about it, the better. No matter what faith you are, including atheism, most major religions preach non-violence. However, this is not always appreciated by many ‘blind” devotees. You’ll be surprised at the many things you will learn about Hinduism and other religions.

These are some facts you might not know about Hinduism.

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Facts About Hinduism

1. For our Hinduism Fun Facts, we want to start by letting you know that Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam.

2. Another fascinating fact about Hinduism is that 90% of Hindus are found in India.

3. Two other religions have emerged from Hinduism: Sikhism and Buddhism.

4. Over 1.1 Billion Hindus are found worldwide – that’s about 16% of the world population!

5. Hindus consider nature to be very important. Many believe that certain rivers can cleanse sins. Many Hindus consider the River Ganges sacred.

6. Vegetarians make up the majority of Hindus. It reduces harm to other life forms. A vegetarian diet is believed to purify the mind and body by some Hindus.

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7. There are many Hindu temples. However, many Hindu families have an area in their home that they use for worship. This is called a shrine. A mandir is a Hindu place of worship.

8. 2013 saw 30 million Hindus celebrate Kumbh Mela, which is a unique pilgrimage that occurs only once every 12 years. It was the largest human gathering ever seen!

9. Hinduism, unlike Christianity and Islam, has no single holy text but many ancient texts and Scriptures.

10. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Some Hindu traditions began over 3000 years ago.

11. Hinduism’s supreme God is called “Brahman.” Hindus believe that Brahman is the source of all other gods.

12. An funny fact that a moon-st knows about Hinduism: Hindus consider cows sacred.

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13. Every Hindu temple around the globe has an orange flag on the outside.

14. In Hinduism, worship is known as Puja.

15. Hindus consider Ganesh a luck symbol. He is a God who has the body and head of an elephant. When they start something new, many Hindus pray to Ganesh.

16. People are still unsure where the Hindu religion originated or how it started because it is so ancient.

17. Many Hindus believe that karma is a belief. This belief states that every experience a person has in their current life is due to their past actions.

18. The Om or Aum is an important symbol in Hinduism. Some Hindus also say it three times before they chant prayers.

19. only a few Hindusim facts are remaining! Hindus refer to their religion as Sanatana Dharma, a form of ‘the eternal law.’

20. Diwali is when Hindus create beautiful patterns called “rangoli.” They are made with powders from colorful flowers, and Hindus place them at their entrances to welcome Gods and bring luck. This fun coloring activity allows you to use your Hinduism knowledge to make and color your rangoli.

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