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9 Ways to Prevent Hernia Development | Facts About Hernia!

Hernias are one of the most dreaded health conditions people worry about. They become a major inconvenience in peoples’ day-to-day lives because they are painful, difficult to control and heal, and costly to treat. To help prevent hernias, it becomes essential to follow health and daily habit steps that will keep them from forming. To help you do just this, here are nine useful ways to prevent hernia development: 

1. Avoid Constipation 

Constipation is one of the key pre-conditions that can cause you to develop painful and dangerous hernias. If you’re experiencing regular constipation, you should check-up with your primary doctor to ensure there are no other underlying problems. Eating a diet that will help you prevent constipation, mixed with medication designed to avoid constipation consistently, becomes key in achieving this prevention step. 

2. Exercise Carefully 

Exercise is one of the absolute must areas of your life that will help you prevent hernias and other health problems. However, when you exercise improperly (especially with heavyweights), you risk strains, hernias, and other injuries. Be sure to always use your leg muscles as opposed to your back and use proper lifting techniques to ensure you do not accidentally injure yourself to make you develop a nasty, hard-to-cure hernia. 

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3. Avoid Smoking 

Smoking is horrible for your health and can be the gateway to many serious health problems. Among these health problems is hernia development, and if you have a hernia, continuing to smoke will ensure the problem will worsen quickly. Not only should you stop smoking completely to avoid a hernia, but knowing that there is help available is useful. If you’re struggling to quit, finding a support group that’s aimed at helping you to stop smoking becomes critical. 

4. Do Yoga

Speaking of exercise, yoga is one of the best ways to keep your muscles, and digestion health, in a solid state. Not only is it less intense than other exercises (including healthy weights), but yoga will help you feel more energized and at peace in your daily life. Finding a class that can help you develop the basic techniques, you’ll need to practice daily yoga becomes the key to nailing this step. 

5. Stay Healthy 

Beyond the basics we’ve covered, staying healthy in ways specific to your body and any pre-existing health conditions is crucial. This includes mental health, as poor mental health puts you at risk of developing horrible habits that significantly affect your overall health. To avoid hernias, you must learn to keep your physical and mental health motivated. 

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6. Treat Persistent Coughs 

Coughing is not only uncomfortable and painful, but if it becomes consistent, it can seriously damage your body’s health. The intense pressure coughing can develop hernias can put on your body. If you have asthma or other lung-related problems, keeping coughing fits under control becomes more important. Otherwise, you drastically increase your chances of developing a hernia. 

7. Eat Leafy Greens 

Leafy greens are one of the best dietary choices for your diet. It provides you with tons of important vitamins and minerals, and they are a superfood that can drastically improve your chances of avoiding hernia development. Spinach, kale, and other popular leafy greens are highly recommended and can help you develop delicious, healthy recipes that will assist you in nailing the other steps we’ve discussed. 

8. Wear Comfortable Clothing 

Comfortable clothing is key to keeping your body fit and healthy. Avoiding pants and underwear that are too tight or uncomfortable is especially important. Be sure to keep yourself in a healthy arena when you’re putting together your daily wardrobe, and you’ll keep hernias at bay with ease. 

9. Check Your Prostate 

Understanding your prostate health is crucial to your health in the long run. It is important to make sure any chance of prostate cancer or disease is caught early, but it helps ensure you do not develop a hernia. Ask your primary doctor how often you should get your prostate check, as depending on your current health conditions, there can be a ton of variables involved. 

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Here’s to a Hernia Free Life

With these nine facts about Hernia and prevention steps, you’ll have a much higher chance of developing a hernia. Developing a hernia can be incredibly painful, difficult to manage, and hard to free your body. To ensure you’re living a healthy, hernia-free life, you should take as much control over your daily habits and health as possible. 


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