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14 Fun Facts About Hera

Hera was among the twelve Olympian gods who were the spouse and sister of Zeus and the goddess of gods. Have a look at these Facts About Hera below!

Hera is the god of marriage, women, childbirth, and families and was widely regarded as a matronly figure that held the throne of weddings and other important social events.

This article outlines some fascinating information about the queen of Mount Olympus.

Facts About Hera

Hera’s name is linked with the term hora.

“Hera” Hera is frequently associated with Hera, the Greek word hora, which means season. Hera is commonly interpreted to mean “ripe for marriage.” This reveals that Hera was a god of wedding and marriage union.

The first temple with a roof that was enclosed has been dedicated to Hera.

She, the wife of Zeus, is also likely to be the very first god to whom the Greeks committed an enclosed temple sanctuary with a roof. The temple was constructed in Samos in the year 800 BC. It was later to be replaced with the Heraion of Samos, which is one of the biggest Greek temples that were ever constructed in antiquity.

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Hera was born again from her father of her, Cronus.

When Hera was born, the baby was consumed by her father, who was the Titan Cronus, because the oracle he received from him indicated that one of his sons would overthrow his father. But, Cronus’ wife, Rhea, concealed Zeus, their sixth son, to shield Zeus from his father.

Zeus was a child, and when he was a teenager, he dressed himself up as an Olympian cup-bearer, poisoned his father’s drink with a potion, and got him to drink the wine. The result was Cronus disgorging Zeus, their siblings of his, including His sister Hestia, Demeter, and Hera, and Zeus’ siblings Hades and Poseidon.

Zeus fooled her to marry him.

Because Hera initially rejected Zeus’s advances, he transformed himself into a crow and was aware that Hera was an animal lover with a deep love for animals. He flew away from her window, pretending to be distressed because of the cold. Hera was sad for the bird, and as she took it in her arms to warm it up, Zeus changed into him and began to rape her. Hera was ashamed of being abused, and she finally agreed to marry him.

Hera was often depicted as a jealous wife.

Even though Hera was loyal to Zeus, he could have several extramarital relationships with mortal women. Thus, Hera was often portrayed as a jealous, nagging, and possessive wife. Because of her intense hatred of infidelity in marriages, her image was often portrayed as a god of punishment for those who committed adultery.

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Hera was thought to be among the prettiest immortals.

Hera was very proud of her beauty, and she attempted to show it off by wearing the highest crown, which added to her appearance. She was also fast to become angry when she believed her beauty was in danger. When Antigone claimed she had hair better than Hera’s, she transformed her hair into serpents. In the same way, when Paris selected Aphrodite to be the best goddess, Hera played a key part in winning the Greeks’ battle during the Trojan War.

Hera celebrated her honor.

Each year the all-female athletic event known as Heraia was held every four years. Heraia took place in a few cities in the state of. The event consisted of foot races that were open to unmarried women. The olive crown and a part of the cow sacrificed to Hera in the course of celebrations were presented to successful maidens. They also received the opportunity to dedicate statues with Hera’s name inscribed to Hera.

Hera gave birth to seven children.

Hera had seven children, of whom Ares, Hephaestus, Hebe Eileithyia, and Hephaestus are the most well-known. Ares is the God of War, and He fought alongside the Trojans in the legendary Trojan War.

Hephaistos wasn’t born with a connection to Zeus and was taken off to Mount Olympus by Hera when the time came to be created due to their ugly appearance. Hebe was the goddess of youth, and Eileithyia was believed to be the god of birth. She was believed to have the ability to prevent or delay births.

Hera had a variety of epithets.

In addition to her title as Hera of Olympus, Hera also had various other epithets. There were epithets like “Alexandros” (defender from men)and “Hyperkheiria’ (whose hand is higher than), and “Teleia” (the Accomplisher).

Hera was the home of many sacred animals.

Hera was the animal protector, Which is why she was referred to as “the Mistress of Animals.” Her most revered creature was the peacock to symbolizes when Zeus changed his appearance and wooed her. The lion also is sacred to her as it was the animal that drew her mother’s chariot. The cow was also believed to be holy to her.

Hera was able to create her children in unusual ways.

A few of the children Hera was able to have were born without the aid of Zeus. For instance, she conceived Ares, the god of war, through an ointment from Olenus and then became pregnant with Hebe, goddess of youth, after consuming a large amount of lettuce. Finally, Hephaestus came out out of pure jealousy, following Zeus carrying Athena out of his head.

Hera and Persephone are the only two people with pomegranate as an oblation fruit.

In antiquity, it was believed that the pomegranate held an important symbolic meaning. For Persephone, who accepted the pomegranate of Hades was a sign that she had to go back into Hades in the Underworld at some time. However, for Hera, the fruit symbolizes fertility since she is also the goddess of childbirth.

Hera helped the Argonauts in getting the Golden Fleece.

Hera did not forget the heroic Jason helped her traverse an extremely dangerous river even though she disguised herself as an old lady. This is why she was a crucial aid to Jason’s mission to locate the golden fleece and take back the crown of Iolcus.

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Hera was known for turning people into beasts and animals when she was angry.

Unlike Zeus, who would change into animal forms to attract gorgeous women, Hera transformed beautiful ladies into creatures when she was mad over her husband’s affairs. Hera transformed the Nymph Io into a cow, the Nymph Callisto into a bear, and the queen Lamia of Libya into a monster-eating child.

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