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30+ Fascinating Facts About Henry Ford

Henry Ford was the industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company. He was the founder of Ford Motor Company and innovator of the invention of assembly lines, a method for mass production. Ford was born in the American state of Michigan to William Ford and Mary Ford.

The man wasn’t the creator of automobiles, which is generally incorrectly attributed to his name. But he did create an affordable car for middle-class Americans. The company he founded launched the Model T automobile, which revolutionized American transportation and industry.

Below are fascinating pieces of information concerning Henry Ford that will motivate you to take on something that could make some difference in the world.

Facts About Henry Ford

1. The Ford Motor Company created Henry Ford, one of the most wealthy and well-known figures at the time.

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2. He is considered to be the inventor of mass production. He employed this idea in his auto business, which dramatically decreased the cost of car ownership in America in the early days.

A graphic representation of an illustrative pocket watch.

3. Ford was given the watch in his pocket by his dad in his teenage years. In the course of his time, he removed and rebuilt the watch and also the watches of many of his family and friends. He earned him an image as a repairman for watches with these efforts.

4. After the tragic passing of the mother during the year 1876. His father urged Henry to assume responsibility and help in the field. But, Henry opposed this idea and claimed that he did not want to be involved in farming work. In his early times, he was ready to perform farm tasks because his mother was there. But, he was of no desire to work on the farm other than with his mother.

5. He disliked working on the farm, but he switched to farming at 25, after he got married. He was forced to work in order to support his family.

6. His first engine: in 1878, at the age of 15, Ford built his first steam engine.

7. In 1891, Ford joined the Edison Illuminating Company and was promoted to the position of chief engineer in the year 1893. In 1893 Ford was able to afford the funds and the time to pursue his interest and abilities and began to work with gasoline engines.

8. His dream of building a gasoline engine came to an actuality at the end of 1893, 15 years after he had built the first steam engine.

9. In 1896, he completed the work on his first horse-free carriage named “the “Quadricycle.” He sold the vehicle to help fund the creation of his second vehicle.

10. He was instigated by Edison to develop automobiles. The year 1896 was the time Ford met with Thomas Edison and Thomas Edison, during which Edison agreed with his car experiments.

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“B.E. ready to review any system or method or ad-lib any theory, If the success of the job requires it.” Henry Ford

11. The incorporation of the company took place 1903 in 1903. The Ford Motor Company was incorporated with just 28,000 dollars by the general public. However, within a few months, it was discovered that the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers ended production for the company as Ford wasn’t a registered manufacturer.

12. Courts are not fair: Ford took the matter to court in 1909 but initially failed. However, he prevailed in his case later in the year 1911, following an appeal. The decision had profound effects on the business, America, and Henry Ford’s life.

13. Model A and Model N: Ford built the ‘Model A,’ the company’s very first automobile. It was which was followed by the Model N 1907. The price to purchase Model N was approximately $600. Model N was approximately $600. The plan was to design a more affordable car that would allow everyone to pay for it.

A Ford’ Model N’ from 1906. Image credit – Wikipedia

14. The possibility to build the Model T: Ford’s dream was to empower the everyday man and create a car to serve the masses. Ford realized his vision with his Model T.

15. The cost of Model T in 1908 (the year in which it was introduced) was $950. However, in 1927, it was cut to $290, which made it more affordable to a wider portion of people.

16. Karl Benz from Germany is acknowledged for the creation of the first vehicle. He claimed to have invented the automobile in 1885 and 1886. It is, however, the opinion of many to attribute the development that led to the invention of cars to an inventor. The concept of the automobile was initially conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15 century when Da Vinci was working on the design and the models of transportation cars. Ford just created the most affordable car for the general public.

17. In 1918, Ford was influenced by president Woodrow Wilson to compete for the Senate seat by registering as Democrat. But he was not a fan of spending money on elections and lost by just 4500 votes which was a significant feat.

18. In 1928, in an interview with the Detroit Times, Ford revealed that the inspiration behind his work and the work he’d accomplished was somewhat enigmatic. Ford dedicated the brilliance of his work to “Master Mind’. He also stated, “Somewhere there is a Master Mind sending brain wave messages to us. There is a Divine Spirit. I have never done anything of my own will. I was guided by forces that were invisible within me and outside of me. .”

19. Ford also founded the Ford Airline Company in World War I due to his passion for aviation. But, a lackluster sales performance kept the company from becoming prosperous.

20. Henry ford did not just create cars. He was employed in various positions before he was eventually pushed into the auto industry. The man was also a farm worker, watch repairman, and racing car driver.

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21. Ford’s third automobile company eventually brought the success he sought to his. The two other automobile firms included The Detroit Automobile Company and the Henry Ford Company.

22. Ford has 161 patents in his possession. Ford was fascinated by science and invented it especially. He never stopped becoming a scientist. And as a scientist and inventor, he felt that he could have a huge influence on the globe.

23. Ford attempted to construct an entire city in the central region of Amazon but got defeated in his attempts. The idea was to construct an entire city for the necessary supply of rubber. The town was named Fordlandia. The city is still largely uninhabited to this day.

24. Ford worked relentlessly to bring the cost of industrial production down and to improve efficiency. He created the first assembly line moving around 1913. The first person utilized moving assembly lines that were stationary, including Ransom E. Olds.

25. Reduced time to production. With the help of those lines of work, they was able to turn numerous parts into the complete chassis in 93 minutes. In the past, this process took 728 hours.

26. With the help of mass production methods and mass production techniques, he ultimately reduced the production time of the Model T to a mere 24 seconds. The Ford Motor Company did more than just revolutionize the U.S. automotive market, but it also led the nation’s infrastructural and technological advancement.

27. Without the assembly line that moved In the beginning, Ford’s vehicles would sit on the ground during the construction process. mechanics would find components and construct the car from the chassis up. It was important to note that the moveable assembly line included feeder lines that could supply the correct components at the right moment. This was essential to the overall success of the concept that moving assembly lines were the best idea.

28. Ford dominated the U.S. automobile market in the early 1900s with half of all cars made.

29. Ford was an advocate for peace and was in an effort to promote peace in 1915. While sailing to Europe his ship was nicknamed “the “Ship of Fools” by the media.

30. Ford believed in the potential of his employees and provided them with attractive pay. Ford’s goal was to keep his employees happy and satisfied with their work by paying the highest salaries. In the beginning, it was the case that he was paying nearly twice the average wage which brought many talents and experience to his company. This increased the productivity and overall quality of work that was done at the firm which made it hugely successful.

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31. Ford is the only American mentioned favorably in Adolf Hitler’s semi-autobiographical ‘Mein Kampf.’ In 1931, Adolf Hitler also called Ford an “inspiration,” publicly.

32. Ford believed in the idea of reincarnation.

33. Ford was opposed to smoking cigarettes, and also wrote a book that highlighted the health risks of smoking cigarettes. This was considered to be normal in the day.

34. Interestingly, Ford was not officially an executive in his own business. Ford was in fact the boss of the company and no one within the business would dare to speak against Ford.

35. Ford hated car racing, however, the fact is that he was a racing enthusiast for a time in his career. He was only interested in the sport to market his car and his company, never as a pastime, nor because of a natural love for racing cars. In 1996 Ford received a place in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

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