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26 Interesting Facts about Hemp

It is worth taking the time to read about hemp, the controversial and alluring plant. Here are some interesting facts about Hemp for you!

Although hemp has been legalized, it is still illegal to possess. These are some fascinating facts about hemp, its legality, and its uses.

Facts about Hemp

1. The Infamous Marijuana Family

Hemp is part of the Cannabis Sativa family-like Marijuana. The THC level is what makes the difference between recreational and useful hemp. THC is what gets you high. THC is found in hemp at 1% and weed at 20%. If you smoke hemp, you will only get migraines.

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2. The Old Gold

Hemp was domesticated for the first time 10,000 years ago. It was then spun into usable fiber.

3. A great raw material

The one plant is capable of producing many products, including rope, clothing, food, paper, and plastics, as well as insulation, bio-fuel, and textiles. In mainstream media, hemp’s medicinal and other uses are not well-recognized. Too good to keep secret or too expensive for business!

4. It is still useful until the end!

Different parts of the plant make different products. It can be used as mulch, animal bedding, and litter in its raw form. You can use the seeds to make hemp oil. The hemp oil can be used for making paints, creams, and plastics by drying it. You can also use hemp oil for cooking!

5. Eat, grind, drink!

Raw hemp can be used as a salad ingredient, or the seeds can be sprouted and ground into a meal. You can also use the liquid form for baking, and you can drink hemp milk or hemp juice. It can be imported in the USA and has been readily available at health shops since 2000.

6. Nutritious, Healthy, and Delicious!

Hemp seeds contain 5% carbohydrates, 49% fat, and, surprisingly, 31% protein (65% of Daily Intake Value per 100g).

Amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of our bodies, aid in the regeneration of skin tissue. These essential compounds are found in hemp and can be found in the same way as meat, milk, eggs, and soy.

Other minerals and vitamins found in hemp include B vitamins, manganese (3622% of DIV), vitamin phosphorous (2236% of DIV), magnesium (197%), vitamin zinc (104% DIV), iron (61%), and dietary fibers up to 20%.

Energy is approximately 73% from fats (polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids).

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7. Fashion is made of fiber!

Since its introduction to the New World, hemp has been used to manufacture ropes and clothing. Pure hemp cloth is similar to linen. Hemp jewelry is also very trendy.

8. Hempcrete

Insulation in houses can be made from hemp that has been mixed with lime. Hempcrete is a great alternative to wood for durable and breathable homes. It cannot be used to construct large structures.

9. Manufacturing cars faster!

Even for hemp lovers, this seems a bit much! Many top car manufacturers now use hemp to make composite panels. Audi, BMW, and Ford are big car manufacturers. Mercedes includes 20kg of hemp in each Mercedes C-class.

10. Paper problem? No problem!

Two hundred years before nominal paper-making began in the Western Wan Dynasty, the first piece of rough paper was discovered. However, paper-making dates back to 2000.

The paper mill Goznakin Saint Petersburg Russia, used hemp as its main raw material. The manufactured paper was used to make banknotes, stamp paper, stock certificates, postal stamps, bonds, and other watermarked materials.

Dry hemp contains 57% of cellulose (paper content) instead of 40-50% for wood. Hemp has less “lignin” than wood (20-35%). To make paper from raw materials, lignin must be destroyed. This is because the amount of lignin in the input material will need to be destroyed.

It seems smart for the state of Uttarakhand in India to legalize hemp cultivation for industrial uses.

It is a fact that hemp is the only plant that produces as much paper per acre.

It takes trees 20-50 years to recover, while hemp can be grown in just four months.

Why do people continue to cut trees?

11. Hemp Miscellaneous

Many products made from hemp are targeted at niche markets. These products that combine hemp with other ingredients include jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, cordage, cigarette papers, and animal bedding.

12. Purifier for water, soil, and more

Hemp is a great way to wash away impurities from soil and wastewater. It also helps reduce the harmful effects of radioactive material. It was used to reduce the impact of the Chornobyl nuclear accident site, clearing radioisotopes from the soil and other impurities.

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13. Weed is the enemy of weed

Weed is used to destroy other unwanted and useless weeds due to its rapid growth and high plants. It is a good crop choice as it will produce hemp and organically purify soil and water.

14. Biofuel

It is possible to use hemp to make fuel that works. Hemp can also be used to light lamps and run a diesel engine. Rudolf Dieselwhen he invented the diesel engine, he intended to use filtered hemp oil and other oils from plants and vegetables to power the Diesel motor.

Hemp-derived products are, in general, renewable, non-toxic, and bio-degradable.

15. Production in the USA

Quality paints were made with hemp seed oil until 1937. America produced 58,000 tons of hemp seed oil for paint products. Some companies still use hemp to produce paint in very small quantities.

16. Ancient farming

Hemp farming dates back as far as 10,000 years in China, and its industrialization dates back as far as ancient Egypt.

17. Sailor’s rope

Ninety percent (90%) of the rope used for sailing was made from hemp.

It seems a bit unfair to the natural world not to grow hemp. It is like removing the entire finger of a wild animal. You only need to trim off the extra nail that grows naturally. Poor wildlife!

18. The Wise Men

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the founding fathers of hemp cultivation. They smuggled hemp through France from China to start American hemp cultivation.

19. Benjamin wanted it

Benjamin Franklin was the first American to establish a paper mill. The mill used hemp to make paper. Napoleon wanted to stop Moscow’s exports to England, so there was a war.

20. Van Gogh stamped it

Hemp was used in 80% of textiles, fabrics, and clothing made by the United States in the 1820s. My surprise was that Van Gogh’s Gainsborough and other early paintings were created on hemp-made canvas.

Hemp was also used to make the first Bibles, Betsy Ross flag, maps, charts, and the first drafts of the American constitution.

21. The hemp Ford

Henry Ford’s Model T car was made from hemp plastic. It had a 10x higher impact strength than steel. Ford proudly called the car “The car grown from the soil.”

22. Legalization of hemp

It is easy to see why the government would not allow the production of this amazing plant after seeing all the benefits. Let’s not go there! Like real people do!

It is illegal because it is often confused with Marijuana. Because they are both parts of the same Cannabis Sativa family, it is assumed that it is a bad and recreational drug. For more information on THC statistics, please refer to point 1.

Hemp was named “The Most Profitable and Desirable Crop that Can Be Grown.” Mechanical Engineering, February 26, 1937. Popular Mechanics February 1938. But, there is no hemp farming in America!

Hemp can be used to make over 30,000 useful products.

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23. Wear eco-friendly clothing

It is necessary to use large quantities of pesticides to grow cotton. They are needed to protect it from insects, diseases, and weeds. Cotton farming accounts for approximately half of all pesticides used in America.

24. Legalization in the USA for WWII

Due to a shortage of products like lubricating oils, shoe material, and other materials, the US government legalized hemp cultivation back in 1937.

25. Farming is a crime that can lead to death!

Hemp was banned because it is a dangerous drug. The government then regulated it under Schedule 1 of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.

Despite all the benefits of hemp, the government has prohibited its production. They also imposed a death penalty on anyone who grows more than one acre of hemp in the US if that wasn’t enough. It makes perfect sense! Totally!

26. Myth or fact?

Strong online testimonials have shown that people can cure and survive cancer by using just 70 grams of hemp. It not only helps in remission but also keeps cancer away.

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