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9 Incredible Facts About Heaven

As I wait for seeing my very first moment of glory I am reminded of the first time I snorkeled. What does heaven feel like? Explore 9 amazing facts about Heaven in this post below!

I saw numerous fish of all shapes sizes, colors, and shapes. When I thought I’d seen the prettiest fish, I saw another that was even more stunning. In my mind can be the sound that a coo passing through my snorkel when my eyes were opened to an amazing underwater world.

As believers, I think that our first glimpse of heaven will make us gasp like that, with excitement and amazement. The initial gasp of joy will be followed by numerous others as we continue to discover new things to see in that infinitely beautiful world.

While we are all at a halt to arrive at our destination there are still doubts about the process. After a thorough study of the Scriptures Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Facts About Heaven

1. We’ll never forget our past lives.

Have you ever purchased an economy ticket on an airline, and then changed to first class due to overbooking? Did you feel disappointed by the upgrade? Do you find yourself thinking, What am I losing by not being in on the rear of the aircraft?

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The transformation of Earth to heaven will be far more superior than that of first class. If we were to miss something in our previous lives, it will be available in heaven. Why? because we will experience everything God wants to give us. He makes us want exactly what He gives us. Therefore, what He gives us will precisely be what we need.

2. We will never be angels.

It is often asked if individuals especially children can be angels after they die.

No, it’s not.

The term “death” refers to the transfer for the exact same individual from one location to another. The location may change however the person stays the same. The person who goes absent from their body becomes in the presence of God, Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). We’re not angels, but we’ll be there with them.

3. We’ll not be lured.

When I was asked once how often we’ll be in a position to abandon Christ. No, not at all. What could tempt us? Innocence refers to the absence of something (sin) While justice is that which is a part of something (God’s righteousness). God will never remove the holiness of God from our lives, Therefore, in Heaven, we will not be able to sin.

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We’ll never forget the shame of sin, but. Being through death and the journey of life as well as living it, we will never wish to be reborn. We won’t be fooled to believe God has hidden some good things from us as well as believing that sin is not in our good interest for us.

We’ll never forget the cost of sin. Each time we witness the hands that are swollen and blemished of Jesus We’ll be reminded of. We’ll recognize sin as God does. It will be removed from its illusions, and be completely unappealing.

4. There is a lot to complete.

The concept of working for heaven is a foreign concept to many. But Scripture clearly teaches this. In the time that God created Adam the first Adam, he “took his man, and placed Adam into The Garden of Eden to work and care for the garden” (Genesis 2:5). Work was an integral part of the initial Eden. It was a part of a perfect human being’s life.

God, Himself is a working God. He didn’t invent the universe and then take a break to retire. Jesus stated, “My Father is always doing His work until the present day and I, as well, am working” (John 5:17). Jesus enjoyed great satisfaction from his work. “‘My food’, Jesus declared, ‘is to fulfill what is the commandment of Him Who sent me and to complete his work'” (John 4:34).

There will also be work to complete, fulfilling and rewarding work that we’ll be able to want to stop doing work that will never be monotonous. God is the sole worker and, as image-bearers of His, we’re destined to be workers. We design, achieve the goals we set and then complete the goals to God’s glory.

5. There will be emotions.

According to Scripture, God is said to be a lover, enjoy and laugh, to be happy and be joyful and be mad, content, jealous and happy. Being as God is to be able to feel and exhibit emotions. So, we must believe that emotions will be present to glorify God and for our benefit in heaven.

We know that the people who live in heaven are filled with emotions, and they’re all positive. We hear about banquets, meals, and even singing. The people will be laughing there (Luke 6:21). Are we going to be crying in heaven? 

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The Bible declares, “He will wipe away every tear that they shed from their eyes, and there will be no deaths; there will no more mourning or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4). The tears are those that come from suffering over death and sin as well as that of the most oppressed individuals and the cries of the widows, the poor orphaned, infertile and the oppressed.

This kind of crying will cease anymore.

It is possible to be able to shed tearful tears. Are you imagining joy pouring into your eyes when you meet Christ as an example and also when you’re united with your loved ones? I could.

6. We’ll never know everything.

God is the only one who can be infinitely aware. If we die we’ll see the world clearer, and be able to see more than we do today. But we’ll never know everything.

In heaven, we’ll be perfect however, being unable to know everything isn’t an issue. This is a part of being limited. The righteous angels aren’t able to have all the answers, but they desire to learn even more (1 Peter 1:12). They’re perfect, but they’re also finite. It is expected that we will long to know more, just as angels do. We’ll continue to gain the knowledge we’ll need.

7. We will be able to recognize each other.

The Bible doesn’t provide any indication of a memory erase causing us to forget family members and friends. Paul believed he would be in heaven with Thessalonians at the end of time, but it was never his thought that he would not be able to recognize them. In reality, if we didn’t have the privilege of knowing our loved ones, the peace of a reunion after death as described by 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18 will be nothing in the least. If we were in heaven, we’d probably be able to miss a person in a crowd, nor will we forget their names.

8. What can we do to stay away from boredom?

People often declare, “I’d rather be having fun in hell than to be boring in Heaven.”

Be aware of the fact that Sin is thrilling and righteousness is dull.

If you believe this, that you’ve been deceived by the devil’s lies. Sin is the real culprit that robs us of our fulfillment. Sin isn’t a catalyst for life to be interesting and it leaves life empty. If there’s joy and the beauty of God, and when we perceive God as He really is–an infinite source of excitement–boredom is no longer an option. In Heaven, we’ll be filled – as Psalm16:11 says–with happiness and joy for the rest of eternity.

9. When our dear ones die, shouldn’t it ruin heaven?

In heaven, we’ll clearly see how God showed Himself to every person and gave an opportunity to each soul or moral to search for and seek Him out (Romans 1:18-2:16). Everyone deserves hell; no one deserves heaven. Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross to save everyone (1 John 2:2). God is sovereign and doesn’t want anyone to die (1 Timothy 2:3-4; 2 Peter 3:9). But many will die because of their incredulity

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