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20 Surprising Facts About Hair

Hair is as beautiful and individual as the person it’s a part of. Therefore knowing the truth concerning your hair is crucial! From straight to long and curly, it is able to be found in all shades, lengths, textures, and textures and is subject to numerous changes over the course of your life.

Hairstyles, styles, and hair shades are all subject to change and may be completely different each day. Keep reading to learn ten fascinating details about hair.

Despite the distinctions, hair does have many things in common. It might be surprising to find out that, deep down hair, each of us has characteristics we share.

Look at these 20 interesting facts that are valid for all hair types!

Facts About Hair

1. The majority of the entire skin is covered with hair. You didn’t know you were hairy.

2. The average head has more than 100 000 hair follicles.

3. Hair going down the drain? Have no fear! The average person loses 50-100 hair each day.

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4. Hair is composed of the cuticle cortex as well as the medulla.

5. Be cautious with the juice cleanse! A crash diet can result in temporary loss of hair.

6. In order to show that you’re going through a period of hair loss, it is necessary to lose half a percent of your hair.

7. A single hair strand can hold the equivalent of 6.5 kilograms of body weight. This means that a full head of hair could support as much as 2 tonnes!

8. Are you growing your hair out? For the average person, it’ll take around seven years before you grow hair to waist size and three years to grow it up to your shoulders.

9. The main cause of dandruff lies in a fungus known as Malassezia globose. It can cause dead skin cells to rise toward the surface faster than normal.

10. In the 16th century, doctors claimed that using a mix of boiled snails, olive oil, honey saffron, soap, and cumin on the scalp would help to restore hair.

11. If a man had never cut his beard, it would be over 30 feet over the course of his life.

12. It’s true that we humans possess the exact number of hair follicles in a square inch as chimps!

13. Only 4 percent of the world’s population is naturally red.

14. Studies show that hair gets dry with you the passage of time.

15. Want your hair to get longer and quicker? The anticipation of sexual activity can cause hair to grow faster.

16. Don’t you think you’re crazy? The hair of men grows more quickly than females. Believe us now?

17. Someone bought a lock of Elvis’s hair during the auction, which cost $15,000.

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18. The hair’s color depends on the melanin each strand contains. It also depends on the hair dye you choose!

19. When you multiply the amount of hair that grows on your head over the course of a year, you’ll have 10 miles of hair!

20. In 1950, 7 percent of American females dyed their hair. Today 60 percent of American women dye their hair.

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Harrison Jones
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