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Fun Facts About Gymnastics – from Integrity Gymnastics’ friends.

Participating in gymnastics classes isn’t just for kids who are Olympic potential. Gymnastics is an original and enjoyable method for children to stay active. Explore amazing Facts About Gymnastics here!

Gymnastics is an enjoyable activity for parents as well. Imagine the joy you’ll experience as you watch your child run on the balance beam or spin cartwheels. Here are 8 interesting facts about gymnastics you might not have known.

Facts About Gymnastics

The Perfect 10 Was Dismantled

In 1976, 14-year-old Nadia Comaneci captivated the world when she scored 3 perfect 10 scores during the Olympic Games. Since then, Olympic gymnasts had only one goal in their minds – to get a perfect score. The scoring system was changed in the year 2006. The scoring model was changed in 2006. Olympic athletes can only achieve the perfect ten on their dream.

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Gymnastics has a rich history

Gymnastics is among the oldest sports that has been recorded. It is believed that ancient Greek athletes began to practice gymnastics around 2500 years back. The most prestigious gymnastics competition was held during the 1896 Olympics. Since then millions of people have become enthralled by the sport.

Professional gymnasts begin their careers In the Early Years

Learning to master the art of gymnastics requires many years of dedication. A lot of professional gymnasts started practicing gymnastics at the age of three. The most interesting part is that it takes men much longer to reach their peak in the game. Female gymnasts can be proficient by around 14 and up to they turn 18. Male gymnasts learn the sport from their teens and into the age of 20.

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Gymnastics Routines for Males and Females Are Different

From the competitions to the overall focus of the sport, women’s and male gymnastics aren’t the same. Gymnastics for women focuses on art and strength. Men’s gymnastics is focused on power and strength. The female competition involves the balance beam as well as uneven bars. The competitions for men include pommel horse and still rings, parallel bars , and high horses. Floor and vault workouts are only joint competitions.

Pommel Horse Pommel Horse Was Used to prepare for War.

Horses with pommels were employed in the past to prepare soldiers for combat. The horse was stationary and helped soldiers learn how to take a horse and get it off quickly. There is a belief that Alexander the Great employed the pommel horse.

The sport of gymnastics was initially naked

It’s hard to envision gymnastics exercises performed in a buff, however, that’s how it was done in the past. The word “gymnastics” originated from the Greek word “gymnos” which means naked. The first competition in gymnastics in Ancient Greece was comprised of naked competitors.

Gymnastics Training Can Provide Many Benefits

Gymnastics is a discipline for the mind and an exercise. Gymnastics athletes are more confident about their bodies and a higher self-esteem. They build a ‘can do attitude. Physical advantages include coordination, strength agility, fitness, and posture.

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Leotards originated in France

The leotard used by female competitors is named for Jules Leotard. The acrobatic trapeze dancer donned the form-fitting outfit during his shows in 1859. While the costume has been popularized through him he was not the one who invented it.

Women excel in sports

Gymnastics was initially a male-dominated sport for males. Through the time women gymnasts have become the most well-known competitors. Shannon Miller is a top gymnast who has won two gold medals, two silver medals, and 3 bronze medals. In 1996, the Olympics women’s team was dubbed “The Magnificent 7′. They were among the first United States women’s Olympic team to be awarded an Olympic gold medal for gymnastics. Nadia Comaneci was a top gymnast who inspired so many that Nadia’s Theme’ was named for her.

Gymnastics is not just an exercise; it’s an exercise of mindfulness, self-control and discipline for kids of all ages. This is the goal we place on at Integrity Gymnastics.

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