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16 Interesting Facts About Guns N Roses

The Band was formed in 1985. Guns N Roses is an American hard rock group that hails from Los Angeles. Have a look at these amazing Facts About Guns N Roses!

The group has released six albums and has been among the world’s top-selling bands of all time. Here is some fascinating information about this world-renowned group.

Facts About Guns N Roses

1. The Name Game

“The title Guns N Roses seemed unique and was born by the fusion between two groups. Axl Rose’s group, Hollywood Rose, combined with Tracii Gun’s Band L.A. Guns and was born the name of the new group Guns N Roses.

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2. A Band With Bizarre Names

Before deciding on The term Guns N Roses, two names were considered for the group. The names suggested comprised AIDS or Heads Of Amazon. We’re glad they didn’t settle for AIDS!

3. 22 Variations in One Band

Since the group Guns N Roses started, i.e., in 1985, they’ve changed their initial group 22 times!

The Band’s original lineup consisted consisting of Axl Rose (vocals), Slash (lead guitarist), Duff McKagan (bass), and Steven Adl (drum).

4. Before joining Guns N Roses, Axl Rose was broke.

Are you aware that Axl Rose had a lot of money before joining Guns N Roses? He was a participant in a UCLA medical study in which he was required to smoke cigarettes, and for that, he was paid $8.

5. The beginning of my time in Hell House

The group Guns N Roses resided in Los Angeles early in their career. The apartment they shared they lived was known as Hell House because they practiced many sins, including drugs, girls, alcohol, etc.

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6. Slithering pets of Slash

The lead guitarist from Saul Hudson, who is better known as the show name Slash had distinct pets. He owned more than 20 snakes as pets!

7. Duff McKagan’s new drinking habits have changed

In 1994, the pancreas of bassist Duff McKagan was damaged due to his excessive drinking habits. It then increased in size. This event was so devastating that he relapsed and is now consuming only non-alcoholic alcohol.

8. The Fiery Events

Many firings took place within the Guns N Roses house without using firearms. According to the members of the Band, everybody had been fired at least once, and they were fired by other people at least once.

9. an uninvolved stalker stalked Axl Rose

Axl Rose was stalked by a woman named Karen Jane McNeil, and according to reports, she was persistent with her advances. She even claimed she was in a telepathic connection to Axl Rose.

10. The Story Behind The Soundtrack Of Terminator: Judgment day

“You may be mine” The soundtrack to Terminator Judgment day was initially thought to be included in an album called Appetite to Destruction. But, afterward, Geffen Records decided against including it in the album.

11. The 5-minute track

Guns N’Roses’ most popular hit track, “Sweet Child O Mine,” was written in less than 5 minutes!

However, the shocking fact is that until today, Slash thinks that this song is the most savage song by the Band.

12. The song of 10 years

If a band can compose songs in just 5 minutes, it is granted the right to write songs over ten years. “November Rain,” the biggest hit from the group, was written within ten years in the hands of Axl Rose.

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13. An expensive Flop

In 2008, Guns N Roses came out with their album ‘Chinese Democracy. In 2008, Axl Rose was only the original singer in the group. The group spent $13 million on production costs; however, the album turned out to be a huge failure commercially.

14. Slash hates Glee

Slash believes that the program Glee is a shambles. He’s so annoyed by the show that he does not allow Glee to play the music of the Band to be played on the program.

15. The Inspiration From “Right right next to Hell.”

Yes, you read that right. The song was an inspiration for Gabriella Kantor, the then neighbor of Rose, who said he struck her with a “really excellent bottle of Chardonnay. Later, Axl Rose confessed to People magazine, “Frankly, If I had planned to strike her using a bottle of wine, then she would not have gotten up.”

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16. Controversial album cover

The album’s cover, originally “Appetite to Destruction,” was inspired by a painting created painted by Robert Williams, who was also named “Appetite to Destruction.” The original cover depicts an unidentified woman being raped by the robot. The music stores did not want to sell the album. The cover was replaced by a tattoo that features people’s skulls from Guns N Roses.

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