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Facts About Gum | Chewing Gum Facts

The internet is brimming with fascinating information on everything, from the latest news to the weaving of baskets in the past and interesting facts about gum. When we look for information for our every day articles about food trucks, carts, street food, and food trucks.

We’ve decided that when fun facts come up, we will be sharing these with our readers through our section entitled “Did You Know?”

If we are aware of it or not, it is a fact that chewing gum has become an integral part of our lives, similar to our wallets and phones that are often found in our pockets every day. Although its main purpose is to give us clean breath, chewing gum can also be quite fun – but that’s not the end of the fun! At Chewy Gum, we’ve put together the top 10 fun details about chewing on gum. We are sure you’ll be amazed!

Facts About Gum

Facts About Gum


If you’re chewing gum when cutting an onion, this can keep your eyes from tearing. The reason for this is science-based? When you chew gum, you breathe through your mouth rather than through your nose, so the irritation caused by the onion smell will get to the lachrymal gland but in lesser amounts.


Another great thing regarding chewing gum is that there are two national holidays: September 30th and February 15th. Enjoy the festivities by blowing bubbles!

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Did you wonder why all chewing gums are pink? One interesting part about chewing gum is that its creator tried to come up with that perfect bubble gum, but when the recipe was at its peak, the only color that he could find was pink!

The story of chewing gum is an interesting study.

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We’ve all been informed that the intestines become blocked if you ingest chewing gum or chewing, and your intestines get stuck together. Does this sound familiar? In actuality, it’s very uncommon.

If you chew chewing gum, it’ll remain in your body for a few days before your body can get free of the gum. Since gum base isn’t digested, your body will eliminate it entirely. If you’d like to know more about the process when you chew gum, take a look at our blog article!


A fascinating fact about chewing gum is that it may help to focus. Research studies have demonstrated how when you chew gum, you feel more alert, your tension decreases, and you can concentrate more on your task.

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If you’ve traveled on an airplane, you’ll be aware of the feeling of having to hear your ears pop. But don’t be concerned anymore! One benefit is that chewing your gum may stop your ears from popping while you’re changing altitudes on an airplane. You release more saliva when chewing on gum, and swallowing can help keep the pressure off your head. So go ahead and grab some ChewsyGum before traveling!


The only animal that can chew gum is us! It is interesting to note that although studies suggest that we come from the monkey family and that monkeys were offered chewing gum for the first time, they chewed it for a couple of minutes before removing it from their mouths and sticking it on their fur.

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Another fun and interesting aspect of chewing gum is the fact that you can take it from your hair with peanut butter. You’ll have to separate the area from the rest of your hair. Cover it with peanut butter and begin rubbing it out. This is due to the oil in peanut butter, which assists in separating the gum. Monkeys were likely aware of this trick as well!

There are many other methods to take chewing gum out of your hair. However, we’ll admit that this is the best method to accomplish it.


Do you often get heartburn after eating? The best way to deal with the issue is to chew chewing gum! Research studies have demonstrated that chewing gum before meals can help with heartburn because it helps lower acidity in the stomach.


The original name for chewing gum is “Blibber-Blubber.” What would you think if that stuck? It’s quite a mouthful, to say the very least!

Other Fun Facts About Gum

  • Chewing gum fun facts: In WWII, U.S. military personnel spread the fame of chewing gum by trading it in exchange for it and gifting it to people throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and all over the globe.
  • Chewing gum as you cut onions may aid in preventing crying.
  • September 30th and February 15th are National Chewing Gum Day.
  • The first color of success bubble gum was pink since that was all that the creator had left. This color is “stuck,” and today, bubble gum is largely pink.
  • Gum that you swallow won’t cause a blockage in your digestive tract, but it could remain with your body for a couple of days. The gum base isn’t digestible. Therefore it’ll be absorbed by your body in single pieces.
  • Singapore has tried to ban gum, with high fines that exceed $6,000 for use or possession without a prescription.
  • Studies have proven that chewing gum can help people concentrate and enhance working memory and long-term memory. Chewing gum has also been demonstrated to ease tension in the muscles and improve alertness.
  • Chewing gum can burn around 11 calories in an hour.
  • Chewing gum during flights can stop the ears of passengers from popping. Chewing gum can make salivary glands produce 250 percent more saliva than normally, which means you swallow more. This balances the pressure inside your head.
  • The total amount of chewing gum sold over one year will result in a 3.5 million miles long stick within the U.S. alone. This is enough to travel to the moon and return seven times or even travel around the earth’s equator 150 times.
  • The biggest piece of bubble gum ever made was the same size and weight as 10,000 pieces of regular gum and was presented to baseball star Willie Mays by the Topps Chewing Gum Company in June 1974.
  • In the 1920s, prohibition drove up sales of gum because people wanted to disguise the alcohol in their breath. The prohibition law was passed, and Adam’s Clove gum hit the market with the tagline: “It takes your breath away!”
  • Humans are the only animal in the world who chew gum. If you offer an animal a piece of gum, he’ll chew it for a few minutes. Then he’ll remove it and attach it to his hair.

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Chewing Gum Facts, We Missed

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