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7 Little Known Facts About Grizzly Bears

The symbol for the Canadian wilderness The grizzly bear has been rapidly becoming a “thing of the past” in the areas where grizzly bears were once a common sight. Here are seven amazing Facts About Grizzly Bears for your kids.

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Facts About Grizzly Bears

1. The cubs of grizzly bears feed for up to 3 years. Based on the time a grizzly mother bear decides to wean her babies, which is usually decided when she decides that it’s time to get married again, she’ll continue producing milk for three to four years. The cubs, however, start eating solid food at the age of three and rapidly become dependent on the milk of their mama.

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2. Adult grizzly bears are quite small. The image of a grizzly bear, a huge golden brown bear, is a fact, but on Eastern slopes, like Alberta, the Alberta Rookies, for example, the mature grizzly bear could weigh as low as 250 pounds in spring. It is also smaller than black bears!

3. Front claws that grizzly is up to 4 inches long and claws longer than human fingers! It is strongly recommended to beware of these claws.

4. The grizzly bear’s hump is a huge muscle. One of the most recognizable characteristics of a grizzly bears is the huge hump of their shoulders. It’s a powerful muscle that powers their forelimbs during their day-to-day routine. The Grizzlies have been known to dig deeper than any other species of bear and spend a lot of time digging through dirt and tearing up decayed logs to search for roots, bulbs for plants and rodents, insects, and other species of grubs. Their enormous hump is the muscle that powers them when they dig up winter dens, typically in mountainous and rocky terrain.

5. The population of grizzlies is estimated to be at 50,000 within North America, with only around 1200 bears grizzly in the lower 48 in the United States. British Columbia, western Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alaska are the main geographic area of North American grizzly bears. More than 100,000 grizzly bears are thought to be living within the ex-Soviet Union.

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6. The grizzly bear can consume around 90lbs worth of daily meals. This is equivalent to 360 quarter-pounders from Mcdonald’s. Whoa. (Of course, 1/4 pounders are not something we would like to feed grizzlies, and in fact, what if we stopped placing fast food restaurants anywhere close to grizzly habitats? ).

7. The grizzly bear population has drastically decreased due to hunting and logging, development mining, and hunting. However, in Canada, the grizzly bears are still hunted legally for trophy hunting – an affront as their decline in population is widely documented!

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