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10 Magnificent Facts About Grace Jones You Might Not Know 

Let’s look at some of his lesser not-so-well-known accomplishments, from inciting Chic’s “Le Freak” being barred in Disney World, shall we? Here are some Facts About Grace Jones

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10 Magnificent Facts About Grace Jones You Might Not Know 

Hula-hooping doesn’t take much effort, it seems…

In recent times, Jones has cultivated a brand new lifestyle that she effortlessly hoops on stage while singing along to the title track from her album “Slave To The Rhythm.” It’s breathtaking to see in person, mostly due to how little effort she seems to put into the dance. Jones has been hooping since she was a child in Jamaica which is why she’s a pro at it, and she has some useful advice for anyone who is struggling. “Hula hoops require hardly any movements,” she told LA Times in 2018. “When people don’t have the ability to a hula hoop, that’s due to them trying way too difficult.”

The hula-hoop was, she said, an antique model used for a photo shoot. It was owned by the owner of “this pub Kate Moss was trying to keep open.” Grace Jones decided to include it in her live show when the proprietor requested its return. The ‘Slave to the Rhythm” routine was created.

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Many people watched Grace Jones at the peak of her hooping skills in the queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Jones was hesitant to be involved in anything related to the monarchy. However, she agreed to it after numerous demands: “I thought it was Prince Charles certain,” she said. When she decided to show her hula-hooping skills on this scale, Shee said: “Basically Elton John said, “If you don’t know hula-hooper to ‘Slave to the Rhythm,’ I’m not going to see this show.”

Grace, herself, does the shucking.

At the close of her memoir from 2015, humorously titled I’ll never write my Memoirs following a lyric from her 1981 hit song “Art Groupie” – you’ll discover Grace Jones’ incredibly specific tour-rider. Between wine bottles from the past, French wines, Tabasco sauces, sushi, sashimi platters, and champagne, she’s got “two Dozen Findeclare or Colchester oysters in frozen (unopened).” There’s additional instruction as well. “Grace does herself shucking.” So, her rider demands one oyster knife.

What’s, is the shuck? The answer is yes; Grace Jones firmly believes that you cannot trust someone to shuck your oyster correctly, then you should take it on your own. “First, first when you ask an oyster shucked by someone who doesn’t know how there’s plenty of shell within it, which could hurt your gums,” she informed New York Times in 2018. “It ought to look beautiful when it’s opened. You must preserve the juice. Many oyster shuckers are struggling with it or don’t bother about appearance. I think France has the top oyster shuckers.”

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She’s been banned by Disney World Florida.

In a 1998 show 1998 at Disney World Florida, Grace Jones’ rule-breaking antics brought her a place in the theme park’s banned for life list. Some even claim she’s banned for life from every Disney property globally. The offense? Flashing her breasts during a show. If you’ve watched Grace Jones live, it makes you think about what it is that on Earth they had in mind when they asked her to perform in the first place.

However, she’s not holding any grudges – nine years later, she was a part of Jarvis Cocker and Pete Doherty’s group to perform a Walt Disney covers concert at the Southbank Centre’s Meltdown festival. She chose to perform ‘Trust In Me”, a song from The Jungle Book.

She was the first woman to use roller skates in the workplace.

In addition to hula-hooping and sometimes a strap-on on stage, Grace Jones loves nothing more than putting on skates. During the height of her modeling career in the early 1970s, she was famously captured with Bruce Laurence speeding along Connecticut’s Compo Beach. She didn’t need only reserve blades for photoshoots. In her autobiography, Grace Jones writes about her first roller skates at the workplace in the time of one of her summer job.

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“I used roller skates when I was at work, working the phones for a call center assistant,” recalls. “My employers never said anything so long as I performed my job. I loved roller-skating. I loved the sensation of speed. Skating left me with my first scar on the upper part of my hand.” Also, she confesses that she has been lying about her age to be hired initially “this could be why there are typically some years added to my age.”

Working on wheels is certainly an attractive combination. In I’ll Never Write my Memoirs, Grace Jones claims that she was on Concorde numerous times, that “I could have ridden the plane, if I didn’t like to have done it in bare feet, spraying silver, and in rolling skates.”

Chic’s guestlist fuck-up inspired her “Le Freak.”

Amid New York’s disco music scene, Grace Jones was a frequent visitor to some among the most famous clubs, such as the legendary Studio 54. It was opened in the late 1980s by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. During the height of popularity, the club quickly earned a reputation for its famous patrons and its strict admission conditions.

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At the end of 1977, Grace Jones invited Nile Rodgers and his Chic partner Bernard Edwards to a exclusive New Years’ party at the club… but they didn’t put it on the guest’s list. “Grace Jones didn’t put our names on the list at the entrance, and the doorman refused to allow the band in,” Rodgers told Sound on Sound in 2005. “We continued to stand there until we could stand it until we got too cold. We were devastated. We felt horrible.”

“We bought two bottles of champagne from the local liquor store, and then we went back to my house, plugged our instruments in, and began jamming,” he continued. “We were yelling obscenities like “Fuck Studio 54 … Fuck the scumbags …”Get rid of these criminals … Get them out of here!’ We were having fun. We were entertaining the crap to ourselves. We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Finally, it came to Bernard. He said, “Hey Nile, I think what you’re doing sounds great.'” Chic later changed the hook to “freak out,” which became one of their biggest hits.

The famous “Nightclubbing” haircut was a late-night choice.

Image Grace Jone in all her androgynous splendor And the initial images that I recall will probably be the albums ‘Nightclubbing’ and “Warm Leatherette.”. On both sides, her hair is cut to create a flat-top fade. It’s one of her signature styles. However, this idea came to the artist at the night’s end.

It happened to be that the legendary stylist Christiaan Houtenbos grew up in that same New York apartment block, and “she shouted from the window at night that she wanted to get a haircut,” he said. The lockdown was a big deal. He pulled out his razor, the remainder of the hair story.

She does not believe in her luggage.

In contrast to us mortals, Grace Jones probably doesn’t need to worry about paying huge sums of money just for the privilege of bringing an unassuming suitcase on an airplane (cough: Ryanair). Still, like all the thriftiest travelers, she’s against excess baggage. In her case, she cannot be bothered.

“Travelling is an ache in the sex today,” she told The Globe Mail in 2015. “It’s terrible. It’s an entire conspiracy! A complete scheme to induce people to arrive at the airport earlier and purchase items. Now, I don’t carry anything. There are no bags to carry, and I won’t even check any bags anymore.”

To make the experience less stressful, Jones added, she has requested two custom outfits that resemble Amelia Earhart (the first female aviation pilot to fly alone over the Atlantic Ocean): “I wear a uniform. It’s a flying suit, is that right, similar to Amelia Earhart? I have all the zippers on my suit. It’s an Issey Miyake flying suit. Three different models.”

Grace Jones has strong feelings about bread.

Grace Jones might travel light in her travels, but she had two important items when she traveled to France at the beginning of her career. Firstly, butter. As she notes in her autobiography, the waiters often refused to serve it with bread at restaurants. This irritated her enough to begin throwing baguettes at waiters as a protest, and she writes, “I started to take my butter along with me.”

And France in general.

After a French taxi driver refused to offer Grace Jones a ride when she was pregnant for eight months, which was a foolish move, Grace Jones made a vow to carry another essential baking ingredient, eggs. “I was also known to carry eggs to throw at taxi drivers when they didn’t slow down,” she wrote. “They would ask the location of your destination before they would agree to take your name… It was my custom to smash them into the taxi in case it did not pick me up, and then shout, “Now you must get your vehicle cleaned!'” She adds: “I was armed and prepared.” Sacre bleu!

She’s not a big fan of being compared to

From the design of Rihanna’s ‘Rudeboy’ video to the new interpretations from Lady Gaga, Grace Jones’s influences are evident in today’s pop music even though they claim”imitate” is the most sincere kind of flattery Grace Jones certainly doesn’t feel this way. “People think, ‘Well, you ought to be awed and admired,'” she told the New York Times in 2015. “And I’m thinking, ‘No, I’m not. My entire belief is that you are unique and being yourself, regardless of your struggles or personal upbringing, or even your happiness. To me, it’s about piggybacking.

“I am so influenced by those who have achieved fortunes that they think I’m that wealthy,” she writes in her memoir. “But I was doing things for the thrill, the challenge, and the possibility of being different and not because of cash. I’m the first, not the one to benefit in many cases.”

“There’s lots of that going on currently. Be like Sasha Fierce. You can be the same as Miley Cyrus. Be like Rihanna. You can be as Lady Gaga. You can be like Rita Ora and Sia. Be like Madonna. It is impossible to be like Madonna because they already are exactly like me.”


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