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10 Surprising Facts About Golf

Golfing is what you love the most. You are not the only one. Golf is a popular sport. It is most loved in Ireland. However, Canada, the UK and the US are close behind.

Many people enjoy golf for many reasons. It is versatile and offers the opportunity to meet other players.

Although many golf pros are familiar with the various techniques and other important strategies for golf, they might not be aware of the amazing history and 10 fascinating facts about golf.

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Here are some facts about golf

The history of golf is amazing. This means that the game has more to offer than you might think. These facts will help you learn more about this incredible sport.

Golf was banned

Golf isn’t regarded as a rebel sport today. There was a time when golf was.

Golf was banned in Scotland three times between 1457 and 1744. Because the government thought it would interfere with military training.

Golf was played publicly in the early days. Players would play on streets and on businesses properties. This was considered a nuisance.

During this period, soccer (football) was also banned.

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Scots invented golf

Golf was created by the same people who banned it.

In 1457, the first golf game was invented by Scottish citizens. The origins of golf are unknown. Most people believe that the game was invented in the middle of the Middle Ages.

Although golf was not played publically at first, people created clubs and courses. Both are still popular today.

Tiger Woods Made His First Hole-in-One at Eight Years Old

Tiger Woods, a professional golfer, has been the subject of some fascinating stories. One thing is certain: Tiger Woods is an exceptional golfer.

Tiger Woods began to take an interest in golf when he was six months of age, and his father started teaching him golf at the tender age of two.

He practised regularly and was only eight when he made his first hole in one.

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Tiger Woods Won 81 PGA Tournaments

His years of practice as an infant paid off in his adult years. To date, Tiger has won 81 PGA Tournaments!

These numbers aren’t the best. Sam Snead won 82 tournaments. Jack Nicklaus is only slightly behind at 73 wins. Nicklaus wins 18 majors, however. Woods has won only 15 majors.

Although it is possible to argue that he is the best golfer globally, there is no disputing that all three of these golfers are among the greatest ever.

Phil Mickelson is Right-Handed

You can do a simple task with one hand, such as writing. It’s difficult, isn’t it?

Imagine being a golfer and how you use your opposite hand to play.

This is what Phil Mickelson does.

He is right-handed, but he golfs with his left. What is the secret to this? Mickelson, another athlete who began playing golf at a young age, was influenced by his father’s swing.

His father was left-handed, so he used his left hand to swing.

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The majority of golfers will never have a handicap below 18

The majority of professional golfers have handicaps between 4 and 6. Not all golfers are so gifted. Most golfers won’t play below 18 handicaps.

Is this a sign that you are a terrible golfer? No! Many golfers are just hobby players. You must be serious about your game and practice to get below 18

In 1811, the First Round of Women’s Golf was Played

Misogyny is a long history in sports. Golf is no exception. It took nearly four hundred years for women to play golf after the sport was first created.

The first round took place in Musselburgh (Scotland). The first women’s club was established in 1867. Women’s golf is a remarkable product of this amazing history.

Golf is a sport where women struggle, just like any other. The golf course is getting more friendly for women.

You have a 12,500-1 chance of making a hole-in-one

The hole-in-one! This is what every golfer strives for. Are you having trouble?

You are not a bad player, but don’t be discouraged. You are in the minority.

A 12,500 to 1-to-1 chance that a common golfer will score a hole in one is possible. Because the hole’s width is so small, this is why. Professional golfers can play their entire career without ever hitting a hole in one!

Original golf balls were made of leather and feathers.

Imagine hitting a leather golf ball on a course. The first days of golf saw the ball made from leather covered in feathers.

The feathers were soaked in water and wrapped around the leather by manufacturers. This allowed the feathers to dry around the leather. This took a lot of time and didn’t result in the best golf ball.

After that, the Golf Balls Were (Maybe?) Wooden

Manufacturers realized that the golf balls were not feathery enough and experimented with other materials.

Although there isn’t much evidence, it is widely believed that golf balls were made from wood before the modern manufacturing process.

If this is true, these balls could have been used between the 14th century and the 17th century.

Why were wooden golf balls used before modern ones? It’s believed that wooden balls were used for stick-and-ball and other games before modern golf balls.

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