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14 Interesting Facts About Gold

A shiny yellow metal like Gold is attractive for its beauty and its ability to reflect power and status over time. Here are some amazing facts About Gold for you!

The Old English word for “gold” is “geolu,” which means yellow. Gold was the only currency in ancient times. Because it is not tarnished or eroded with time, Gold is the most widely used metal globally.

These are just a few interesting facts that make Gold different from other metals. 

Facts About Gold

1. Here, the top is Indians!

India’s love of Gold has only grown over time. This is why India accounts for most Gold consumed around the world. It can be used as an investment tool and has a lot of cultural value.

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2. You will stay cool with Gold

Because it reflects infrared radiation while still letting sunlight through, Gold is used in window glass and astronaut helmets.

3. Dubai and its obsession with Gold!

Dubai is so obsessed with Gold that the first-ever gold vending machine was built in May 2010. It is located in Abu Dhabi’s super-luxury Hotel.

4. It was from the Outer Space

Meteorites that crashed nearly 4 billion years ago are the source of all the Gold we find today.

5. Rare species are restated

The reason Gold is so costly is that it is rare.

6. It’s also found in plants!

In Eucalyptus trees, small amounts of Gold were found. Although the particles are too small for naked eyes to see, they have been detected.

7. It can be measured in swimming pools

Only 3 Olympic swimming pools can hold the entire amount of Gold mined around the globe.

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8. Some people fear Gold as well.

Aurophobia is the fear of Gold. Aurophobia is characterized by panic attacks when people are exposed to Gold or see it.

9. Gold has a healing power

The Gold is chemically liquefied before being injected into the muscle. It is used to treat rheumatoid and cancer. The treatment is effective in seven out of ten cases.

10. Gold and Achievement

When it comes to presenting medals or trophies, Gold has always been the preferred metal. It is a symbol of achievement.

11. The most malleable among all

It’s so malleable than an ounce can be made into a sheet of 300 square feet. You can make a sheet of Gold thin enough to be transparent.

12. There is so much Gold in the ocean

Twenty-five tonnes of Gold is found in every cubic mile of seawater! This is approximately 10 billion tons of Gold in the oceans. It is impossible to recover it.

13. An edible metal

Consider Gold non-toxic. You can eat gold metal flakes in food and drinks. You can buy edible gold leaves or flakes from some shops and add glitter to any dish. Because Gold is not digested, it doesn’t affect your body and simply passes through.

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14. It is so soft!

Pure Gold can be moldable with your hands.

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