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22 Amazing Facts About Globe Theatre

William Shakespeare was the greatest playwright of Shakespeare’s English language, an actor, and a poet. His works are among the most popular, and his plays are among one of the most popular across the Globe. Have a read at these Facts About Globe Theatre below!

Despite many years since he passed away, Shakespeare’s fame hasn’t diminished, and it’s only right to reflect on some of the more famous theatres associated with Shakespeare’s work – The Globe Theatre located in London.

The Globe Theatre, located in London, has been associated with Shakespeare for four hundred years and three structures. We’ve selected the best, authentic Globe Theatre facts.

In another section, we provide an overview of the life in The Globe Theatre in Shakespeare’s time and draw an image of the spectacles that were available in The Globe. If you’re interested in fascinating facts regarding Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, take a look at this video and scroll to the remainder of the article (or choose both! ).

Facts About Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre Fact 1

The Globe Theatre was constructed between 1597 and 1599 at Southwark in London’s south, on the banks of its River Thames, funded by Richard Burbage and constructed in the hands of the carpenter Peter Smith and his workers. Learn more about the construction of the former Globe Theatre.

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Globe Theatre Fact 2

The wood used for The Globe Theatre recycled timber taken from ” The Theatre” The Theatre – an earlier theater owned by Richard Burbage’s father.

Globe Theatre Fact 3

The Globe was constructed to be a large, circular open-air theater. The roof was around its circumference, covered the seating, and made the theater appear like a doughnut when viewed from above.

Globe Theatre Fact 4

The style of architecture used in The Globe was similar to the Colosseum in Rome; however, on a smaller scale, different Elizabethan theatres also adopted the same style of architecture, which were referred to as arenas.

Globe Theatre Fact 5

The Globe was home to three stories of seating and could accommodate as many as 3,000 people within its 100-foot-wide diameter.

Globe Theatre Fact 6

At the bottom of the stage was a space known as “the pit,” which held ” the groundlings,” people who paid a small amount to sit and enjoy a show.

Globe Theatre Fact 7

In the summer heat, they were known as stinkards ‘due to reasons that could be evident!

Globe Theatre Fact 8

A portion of the stage was known as”the “apron stage” – a rectangular platform pushed out from the audience to the pit.

It was the original Globe Theatre, including a stage “apron.”

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Globe Theatre Fact 9

William Shakespeare was a shareholder who held 12.5 percent of The Globe Theatre. Younger than his writing, Shakespeare bought shares in The Globe Theatre and gained financially when his fame grew.

Globe Theatre Fact 10

Color-coded flags were displayed outside the theatre to announce the kind of play to be performed. For instance, the red flag was used for the history play, white for a comedy show, or black for the drama play.

Globe Theatre Fact 11

A crest placed above the main entrance of The Globe Theatre is engraved with the motto “Totus Mundus at histrionic,” which is Latin, meaning “The whole world is a playhouse.”

Globe Theatre Fact 12

After collecting cash from the audience, each performance, the admissions collectors carried boxes of cash to a space behind the stage – at the theater’s box office.

Globe Theatre Fact 13

A trumpet was blown to inform the people that the play was scheduled to start on stage at the Globe Theatre for people to get their last seats.

Globe Theatre Fact 14

The Globe Theatre was not a place for actresses. in The Globe Theatre – or any other theatre at the time. Boys of the ages performed female roles because theatres were thought to be too dangerous for women.

Globe Theatre Fact 15

Infected with the Bubonic Plague became so widespread and threatening in London that London’s Globe Theatre was forced to shut down both in 1603 and 1608 to limit the spread of the disease.

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Globe Theatre Fact 16

The Globe Theatre burned down in 1613 when a unique performance on stage failed. A cannon employed for the performance in the reign of Henry VIII set light on the roof, which caused the fire quickly spread. It took under two hours for it to burn completely.

Globe Theatre Fact 17

As per one of the only remaining documents from the incident, nobody was injured when The Globe Theatre was destroyed and was razed to the ground, except for a man whose burned trousers were taken away by a bottle of alcohol!

Globe Theatre Fact 18

Following the fire in 1613, The Globe Theatre was rebuilt at the same location in 1614.

Globe Theatre Fact 19

The Puritans put an end to the history of The Globe Theatre at the end of 1642 with an order to stop any stage productions. In 1644, The Globe Theatre was converted into a tenement, bringing 85 years of turbulent history to an end.

Globe Theatre Fact 20

The Globe was thought to be around structure. However, when a small portion of the theater’s foundations was discovered in the 1980s, it was discovered that the building was an elongated polygon with 20 sides.

Globe Theatre Fact 21

In 1997, a new version and accurate restoration were built. The Globe Theatre, The Globe Theatre, was constructed in 1997. It was renamed “Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre,” near the original location in Southwark.

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Globe Theatre Fact 22

The newly constructed Globe Theatre brand was built with 1,500 oak trees from English forests and 6,000 bundles of reeds from Norfolk to make roofing thatched.

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