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20 Fascinating Facts About Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) is also called “Bapu,” also known as “Rashtrpita,” as well as “The Father of the Nation.” His ideals of Mahatma Gandhi included Ahimsa (non-violence) as well as Satya (truth).

He was not just a part of the struggle for freedom in India but also inspired people all over the globe to speak out against discrimination of race, colour, or religion. He was a modest person with a lot of ideas and always an example to the world who “Be your own change that you want to be able to see around this global community.”

The birth of his son was on 2 October 1869 at Porbandar, Gujarat. He was a lawyer for a term at the University of Bombay and later attended University College London and completed his studies in 1891. Following that, he began working for the Bar Council of England. He also visited South Africa, where he encountered discrimination of racism.

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20 fascinating details about Mahatma Gandhi, the popular leader of the people.

1. Mahatma Gandhi’s mother language was Gujarati.

2. He attended school through Alfred High School, Rajkot.

3. His birth date (2 October) is celebrated worldwide in the form of International Day of Nonviolence.

4. He was the eldest child of his parent. He had two brothers and one sister.

5. The father of Gandhi was Hindu in his faith, and Modh Baniya was a caste member.

6. Mahadev Desai was Gandhi’s personal secretary.

7. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was assassinated in the gardens of the Birla House. Birla House.

8. Gandhi Ji and famous author Leo Tolstoy interacted with each by writing letters.

9. Gandhi Ji set up a small colony called Tolstoy Farm on 1110 acres of land, located just 21 miles away from Johannesburg, South Africa, for his comrades who were fighting the Satyagraha struggle.

10. The year was 1930. He commanded his group in 1930 on the Dandi Salt March. Later, later in 1942, he started his Quit India Movement in the struggle for freedom.

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11. He was not just fighting in the cause of Independence but also sought fair treatment for the untouchables and lowered caste and lower castes, as well as a number of fasts to support the lower castes and untouchables. He also called the untouchables Harijans which means “children who are children of God.”

12. Gandhi of 1982, a sweeping historical drama film that is based on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, received the Academic Award for best motion film.

13. The year was 1930, and he won named the Time Magazine Man of the Year. He was a prolific writer, and his Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi include more than 50,000 pages.

14. Are you aware of how often Mahatma Gandhi was considered in the race for this award? Nobel Peace Prize? Gandhi was nominated in 1937, in 1937, 1938, 1939, and 1947 and then, a couple of days before his death murdered in January 1948.

15. The nation against which he was fighting for India’s Independence, Great Britain, issued a stamp in his honor 21, years following his passing.

16. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was not born with the title Mahatma. The title was given to him by Nobel Prize winner Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, as per certain authors.

17. When Jawaharlal Nehru was delivering the”tryst of destiny” speech to commemorate Independence Day, Gandhi Ji was not there at the time.

18. It is believed that Mahatma Gandhi’s procession to his funeral measured 8 km long.

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19. Reserve Bank of India issued The Gandhi series banknotes by depicting an image of Mahatma Gandhi, who was the first to introduce it in 1996. The 1996 series includes 10 – and 500-rupee banknotes.

20. In 1959, Gandhi Memorial Museum was established. It is situated inside the capital city of Madurai within Tamil Nadu, India. It is often referred to as the Gandhi Museum. It is made up of blood-stained clothing donned by Mahatma Gandhi during the time Nathuram Godse killed him.

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