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Facts About Gaming |Benefits of Gaming That Many Don’t Know!

Top 6 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Many people think playing games is a complete waste! It is a waste of time and the precious data powered by their Spectrum internet service! According to them, you can use it for something more productive, like studying and researching.

But these people don’t know that even gaming isn’t as useless as they think. On the contrary, there are some significant benefits of gaming, and once you learn about them, you might not be so against it after all. With that said, here are six benefits of gaming:

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#1. Improvement Of Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity refers to one’s ability to use their hand in a coordinated, skillful way. It involves manipulating objects, grasping things, and demonstrating precise movements with their fingers. Experts and scientists claim that individuals who play video games regularly have better control over their hand movements and are less clumsy in daily life.

A study proved this statement by researching several surgeons. The results showed that individuals who played video games performed advanced procedures with 37% fewer mistakes than surgeons who didn’t. In fact, many rehabilitators and physical therapists use video gaming as a part of their treatment programs.  

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#2. Betterment Of Vision

Everyone grew up listening to one thing from their elders: “Playing video games can ruin your eyesight.” And while they had good intentions, the latest studies show that this might not be true. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. People who play video games regularly have a better chance of improving their spatial resolution.

They are more capable of noticing small details because their video games taught them that they are essential in the future (to win the game!) As a result, they will start seeing objects clearly, especially if hidden in clusters and unorganized places. Hence, as long as you are sitting about two feet away from the screen and aren’t addictively playing for 9 hours a day, you’re not doing anything wrong for your eyes.  

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#3. Enhancement Of Social Skills

While many believe that video games make you less social because you sit in a room all day, you will be surprised to know the truth. Not only are gamers socially active but playing video games can also help shy people become more confident over time. Multiplayer games allow players to collaborate and connect, even through a screen.

Such video games help people become more socially skilled gradually but eventually. According to research and experts, children who play video games have been shown to have better communication skills among their fellows and build strong relationships with their classmates. 

#4. Increase Of Gray Matter

The human brain consists of two kinds of matter: gray and white. The gray matter is responsible for perception, memories, muscle control, spatial navigation, and other essential aspects.

Studies show that certain video games improve the amount of gray matter in one’s brain and act as a workout for the mind. These video games stimulate the mind and engage the player, forcing them to use the brain muscles. As a result, they improve and boost their overall performance in every area controlled by the gray matter. 

#5. Lesson Of Persistence

Playing games is a smart way of making children learn specific lessons without boring them. In fact, practical lessons are always more long-lasting and influential than theoretical lectures given on the blackboard. These include both academic and personal lessons. For example, many video games help students learn about chemistry, politics, cooking, architecture, history, geography, etc. Some involve practicing math and reading skills, improving both over time.

On the other hand, many video games teach students personality traits and improve their personal characteristics. These include patience, persistence, tolerance, and having healthy competition. These video games teach players the ability to solve problems and brainstorm. They are pushed to retry until they eventually win. 

#6. Creativity

Many parents have concerns regarding the creative abilities of their children. They have trouble unlocking that part of their brain no matter how much they try. Their concerns are incredibly valid as being creative is an essential part of being socially active and becoming successful in their practical life. In fact, many youngsters and adults recognize their lack of creative abilities and wish to stimulate this part of their brain. These people should know that video gaming is one of the best ways to trigger one’s creative side. 

Certain games push players to think out of the box. For example, many games involve giving players the tools and allowing them to create solutions using the supplies available. Seemingly simple and fun, these games push players to use their creative side more and more until they are finally capable of using it in practical life as well. 


For many decades, people have had misconceptions regarding video gaming as a hobby. But it’s important to realize that video games then were far different from now. Hence, this stereotype isn’t as accurate in modern times. Today, video games aren’t just fun and entertainment; they’re designed more purposefully. And while addiction is still a harmful thing, regular, proper gaming can actually benefit individuals! 


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