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Facts About French Bulldogs

Facts About French Bulldogs: French bulldogs (also often referred to as Frenchies) are an adorable and energetic version of (and the cousin of) the English bulldog. They are extremely loved by humans and are very affectionate.

They don’t require lots of space or exercise. They’re great pets for those with limited space or live inside an apartment. They can live with other children and adults and are very well when they are with pets of other breeds.

If you’re contemplating adopting your own loving little wrinkle-prone pet, or simply love anything related to these adorable cuties, read on for 15 hilarious Facts About French Bulldogs and tips for caring.

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15 Funny French Bulldog Facts

They can cause tornadoes!

Kind of French bulldogs are awestruck by humans and social interaction enough that they really require it. They are often afflicted with anxiety when left in a secluded area in a confined space for long periods of time.

It is a good idea to be aware that when you leave your young boy alone for an extended period of time , they could become agitated because of their stress, and you might get a surprise you’re not likely to be happy about.

They are very sensitive

French bulldogs are sensitive by their nature. They can be irritable for hours after having been verbally abused.

This is why the positive effects of reinforcement (such as cuddles, pats or playtime, positive rewards, praise and so on..) can be far more effective than shouting and stern voice or spank to their tail-less bottom.

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Frenchies Shed

Although they are short in fur, this dog isn’t hypoallergenic since they still shed quite a lot.

As with all pets, it’s essential to maintain your Frenchie groomed (this includes bathing your pet every week, at least once).

They may experience breathing issues.

French bulldogs have brachycephalic (this simply means they have short snouts) this is the reason they are more difficult to breathe. breathing.

In the end that said, we can assist in preventing this condition from becoming worse by giving them smaller meals since often breathing issues in children are made worse by excessive eating.

They’re not able to swim!

Because French Bulldogs weigh a lot on top as well as being brachycephalic, they aren’t able to swim, so vigilance is vital around large bodies of water.

If you’re planning to be in close proximity or on open water, you should be sure to watch your Frenchie (much as you would with a toddler) and always wear the appropriate life jacket!

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They don’t want to do too much exercise.

Proper French Bulldog puppy care like all dog breeds requires regular exercise.

But, because of their breathing problems in addition to the fact that they don’t regulate their body temperature very efficiently, it’s crucial to ensure they don’t overdo the exercises.

They have three different nicknames

French Bulldogs are commonly known as “Frenchies” however they are also known as “frog dogs” due to their round faces as well as the manner in which they sit with their hind legs spread behind them.

They are often described in the form of “clown dogs” due to their playful and funny nature.

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The 5 most popular names for Frenchies

According to, the top five most-loved french bulldog names include Lola, Louie, Stella, Bella, and Luna.

If you have noticed that they all have two-syllable names, it’s because concise, clear and distinct are the most essential qualities when you name your dog. They will have a much easier time understanding and learning their name in this manner.

They are awestruck by the way they communicate.
They’re known to be quite silent as far as barking is concerned, however, they can communicate with you with their howling, groaning as well as yipping. They also make loud noises. If you are a singer it’s possible that you’ve found a partner to sing with as they too enjoy it!

They love socializing

It’s crucial to make them feel comfortable since while they’re an excellent addition to any family because of their loyal, patient affectionate, and friendly temperament, these very same characteristics can make them very territorial. Therefore, making sure they interact with other dogs is an essential aspect of french puppy care for bulldogs.

The majority of French Bulldog puppies come with floppy ears.

Sometime, they stand within a few weeks of their birth. However the typical age is around seven months old.

Do not be worried if your puppy’s ears aren’t quite standing in the end like humans. Every dog develops at its own speed.

They could get overweight

The dog’s weight should not exceed 28 pounds and it’s essential to track their weight.

If you observe any of the signs below you might need to consider going to eat a more strict diet: not being able to groom properly or breathe deeply after just some exercise, and lacking muscles definition.

On the other hand, if you observe that your dog’s rib cage is prominent and noticeable, it’s time to increase their weight. Maybe take an appointment with a vet to confirm that there’s no underlying medical condition, such as digestive disease or kidney disease.

I would recommend WildEarth the brand of food that is 100% natural and geared towards your dog’s needs.

They fart A LOT.

They often vomit because their stomachs are sensitive, and since they eat at a rapid pace, they inhale plenty of air.

Additionally, their feces smell quite unpleasant, but it is the reality that they wake themselves all the time by their own feces is hilarious!

They cannot reproduce naturally.

The hips of female french bulldogs are thin for males to stand on, and so in order for them to breed, they have to be inseminated artificially and then give birth via C-section.

They were voted the #1 most-loved dog breed globally!

With all the positive things about these gorgeous babies, there’s no reason that they’re so popular.

French bulldogs are the newest star in this canine realm. They are adorable, hilarious social, secure, loving, affectionate, loyal, and sweet.

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