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50+ Interesting Facts About Florida

How much do you know about the sun-filled place of Florida?

Learn why so many people move to Florida and how it attracts more than 131 million tourists every year. With two national parks, a myriad of golf courses, and endless miles of idyllic coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, it’s no surprise that Florida is on the list of so many holiday bucket lists.

Once you’ve read through all the intriguing facts and figures about Florida and discovered the things Florida is famous for, look at Mexico City facts and Oregon facts.

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Interesting Facts About Florida

Get all of the essential facts regarding Florida by reading these facts!

1. Florida was named after the Spanish explorations of Juan Ponce de Leon, who gave it the name “La Florida,” which translates to “land full of blooms.”

2. The capital city of Florida is Tallahassee.

3. Florida has more than 21 million people . It is the third-largest state.

4. Florida is the flattest state in the United States! Florida is flat. The highest peak is the smallest highest point in all states in the USA. At 345 feet, Britton Hill, Florida’s highest point is lower than Miami’s tall buildings.

5. With sea levels constantly increasing due to climate change, researchers predict that one in every eight houses in the state could be submerged in 2100.

6. The Florida coral barrier reef is the third-largest globally.

7. Do you enjoy oranges? Florida has the distinction of being second largest producer of orange juice around the globe.

8. Florida produces approximately 70 percent of American oranges.

9. Florida is the source of 40 percent of the world’s Orange juice!

10. Florida is the world’s largest producer of grapefruit.

11. The Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station are situated in Merritt Island, Florida. The space center has served as the site of each US space launch since 1968.

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12. The World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum is located in St Augustine, Florida, and has a golf simulator and golf museum.

13. The Sunshine State is one of only two US states with an equatorial climate, the other being Hawaii.

14. It is the sole state within the continental United States to have a living coral reef. Florida also boasts over 4000 islands.

Fun facts about St Petersburg Florida

Learn more about the city of Pinellas County, Florida.

15. The Gulf Coast destination is renowned for its beautiful weather. With 361 sunny days per calendar year St Petersburg holds the Guinness World Record for the most sun-filled days each year.

16. The nickname for St. Petersburg is Sunshine City.

17. The first scheduled flight of a airline began its journey in St Petersburg on 1 January 1914.

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Fun facts about Destin Florida

This region in Florida is a well-known tourist spot, read the details about it!

18. Destin is the most-visited city in Florida’s Emerald Coast. Destin is a popular destination on the Emerald Coast. Emerald Coast is famed for its stunning white beaches.

19. Destin is a must-see destination for those who love fishing. It is referred to as the”World’s Luckiest Fishing Village! Florida is even named the “fishing capital” of the world.

20. Fine white sand found in the typical Destin beach comes from ground quartz crystals sourced in The Appalachian Mountains.

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Fun Facts About Orlando Florida

Tourists to America aren’t able to enjoy enough of Orlando And neither could us!

21. Orlando was previously known as Jernigan in honor of the first European residents of the area, Isaac and Aaron Jernigan!

22. There are a variety of theories about the way Orlando came to be named. Some people believe Orlando is named in honor of the character from Shakespeare’s play “As You Like it”.

23. There are over 100 lakes in the area. Lake Okeechobee is the largest freshwater lake in Florida and is also the second largest freshwater lake in America with a length of seven counties and 700 miles.

24. The original Orlando City Hall was blown up in the opening sequence in ‘Lethal Weapon 3’. It helped save Orlando many dollars because they avoided the trouble of tearing it down the building.

Some fun facts about Florida Beaches

Many people visit Florida to enjoy stunning beaches. Learn more about them by reading these fascinating facts!

25. Florida has approximately 1350 miles of shoreline.

26. The 825-mile stretch of the Florida coast consists of white, sand beaches.

27. There is no place anywhere in Florida further than 60 miles away from the beach.

28. A key Florida reality is it’s the capital of spring break in America and draws the average 2.7 million college students its beaches every year.

29. Destin is the clearest water of all shores of Florida.

30. The renowned Emerald Coast in Florida gets its name due to the algae that turn the water green.

31. The white sugary sand found on Florida beaches is composed of quartz crystals transported into the Gulf of Mexico by the Apalachicola River at the close of the Ice Age. 2.6 million years of erosion by waves has crushed Quartz into tiny powder.

32. The renowned town of islands in Key West, Florida, is home to the third-largest barrier reef. The beach is one of Florida Keys’s archipelago and is very popular among snorkelers and divers.

33. Key West is also famed for its famous pastel-hued Bahamian Conch houses.

Interesting Facts about Disneyland Florida

The state is most well-known for being the home of everyone’s favorite mouse!

34. Walt Disney World theme park first opened its doors on 1 October 1971, in Orange County, Florida.

35. The famous American theme park covers more than 250,000 acres of terrain.

36. Disney World is comprised from four themed parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot The Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

37. Two waterparks are available with 27 themed hotels, nine hotels that are not themed, numerous Golf courses, camping sites along with The Disney Springs outdoor shopping centre in addition to other leisure activities.

38. Under Disney World, guests will find a 9-acre maze of secret tunnels that are used for utility! Performers use the tunnels for quick access to their next location for performances.

39. The tunnels’ walls are colored to make them easier to navigate. Cast members park one mile away in an approved car park. They are taken by the Disney bus that takes them to the underground tunnel.

40. The resort is renowned for being among the cleanest parks in the USA because there is no place where a guest will ever be further than 30 steps away from a garbage bin.

41 . On average, 200 pairs of sunglasses are lost each daily during Disney World.

42. One of the most interesting pieces to know about Disney Florida trivia is that the Epcot aquarium is the second-largest aquarium within the United States.

43. The secrets that are part of the Kilimanjaro Safaris trip include honey-topped safari buses that entice elephants and air-conditioned rocks that lions can lounge on.

44. The screams you hear near speedy rides are recorded “canned” Screams that aren’t authentic.

45. Disney’s Hollywood Studios was an actual, functioning studio. The Mickey Mouse Club was shot at the studio.

46. Mickey Mouse has nearly 300 outfits available for wear at the resort Minnie Mouse has nearly 300 outfits to wear around the resort, and Minnie has more than 200.

Fun facts about Miami Florida

Find out more regarding the City of Miami and the larger area of Miami (also called Miami Metropolitan area or Miami Metropolitan area) here.

47. The city’s name is derived from the Mayaimi tribe, who lived there during the 16th and 17th centuries.

48. The city is the only one in America to be established by women. A local businesswoman who grew citrus called Julia Tuttle owned the land Miami was constructed on. She persuaded a developer expand to extend the Florida East Coast Railroad to the area, opening the way to the creation of modern-day Miami.

49. More than 14 million people visit each year.

50. We’ve not yet listed all the facts about Floridians, but many years ago, a well-known Miami Beach pharmacist was responsible for changing the world of sunbathing forever. Benjamin Green developed the world’s first sunscreen during WWII, and was named.

51. There are approximately fifty shipwrecks on the ocean floor that surround Miami A diver’s dream!

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