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Facts About Fast Food

They may appear innocent they may seem harmless. Still, Ronald is at McDonald’s, and Wendy and the Burger King guy are all members of an underground group of owners of fast-food restaurants.

This group has greater secrets than the U.S administration and has more tools in its sleeves than Houdini that make their food quite irresistible and can cause harm to your waistline and overall health if you’re not already aware that fast food is not ideal for overall health, particularly when you consume it frequently.

Fast food is now much more harmful to people than it was in the 1980s due because portions are now much larger. That’s only the beginning of the in terms of the ways that fast food isn’t excellent for your health.

When you’ve mastered the secrets of the fast-food industry There’s a good chance you’ll never consider it the same way. Find out all the essential information! If you’re a fan of food-related thoughts, Make sure that you don’t ever drink any of the popular drinks we evaluated according to how harmful they are.

Facts About Fast Food

1 It can impact your mood.

Strange, but it’s true If you consume a healthy diet eating fast food may increase the likelihood of developing depression, as per a Public Health Nutrition study of more than 9000 participants. Indeed, those who consume greasy food items like hot dogs, burgers and fries are more likely by 51 percent to suffer from depression than those who aren’t prone to indulge. Researchers found a dose-response connection between blues and food items for those who go to the drive-through occasionally. “The greater the amount of fast food you eat, the higher the chance of developing depression,” explains Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, the lead researcher for the research. You can reduce your intake of fast food to once or twice a month at the most.

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2. Most of us don’t know what the caloric value is.

If you’re a frequent Eat This, Not That! Reader, you’re probably having an idea of the number of calories included in your favorite fast food meal. However, the vast majority of people aren’t as well-informed as they should be, according to the findings of a Harvard Medical School report. To arrive at this result researchers polled 1877 adult respondents, 330 children in school and 1,178 teens who dined on Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s what calorific value of the food they ate was. When compared to the actual numbers people underestimated their meals’ calorific content in terms of 175 calories, 259 calories and 175 calories. If the information on calories appears at the bottom of the menu, check the menu a glance and look for a dish with less than 500 calories.

3 Living near it could make you feel heavier.

The good old pal Ronald placed his restaurant near your house to ensure that Ronald wants you. Bad. This is because one of the most powerful factors that influence fast food consumption is easy accessibility. If we can are able to obtain it, we’ll consume it. In reality, having a fast-food establishment located within 0.10 millimeters of an educational institution raises the risk of obesity among the students by 5.2 percent, as per the results of a study jointly conducted in collaboration with Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley.

For women who are pregnant, having restaurants within 0.50 miles increases the likelihood of carrying over 44 pounds in the course of pregnancy to 2.5 percent. (Experts generally suggest that women who have an ideal BMI increase their weight by no more than 25,35 pounds following becoming pregnant.) To maintain your slim figure make sure you have healthy, easy-to-grab snacks in your bag or car. If you’ve prepared your own healthy meals and snacks, you’ll be less likely to indulge when your stomach starts to growl. These Eat This!-approved Snacks are all great options.

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4 It didn’t exist up until 1920.

Before the early 1920s, Burgers were generally considered to be a food item only available at fairs, circuses and lunch carts. Food of low quality made from the carcass of a slaughterhouse and rotten meat. However, Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram who came up with the idea of White Castle set out to alter the public’s perception when they launched their first restaurant in Wichita, Kansas.

The restaurant was set up in a way that patrons could view the food being cooked and then painted the restaurant white to create the impression of cleanliness. In the spirit of eating clean make sure you keep these 15 new healthy Frozen Foods that will make the task of Eating an easy task to make sure you’re ready with healthy meals, even when you’re running out of time.

5 The healthy-sounding stuff doesn’t sound much more effective.

There are variations to the general rule, most of the time in fast food foods that sound healthy, they’re more harmful than things that look like they’ll cause the most harm. If you’ve seen oatmeal on the menu, you should know that there’s a good chance it’s loaded in more sugar than what you receive in a bag of M&Ms. In the case of sugar, learn the harm it’s doing to your body through our report on what Does Your Body Do when you eat sugar.

6 Kentucky is the state that eats the most it.

There are more than 4 establishments for 10,000 inhabitants. They have more grease-splatter joints than any other state in America! (Considering they’re home to Papa John’s International Inc. and Yum! Brands Incorporated, the company that owns the fast-food giants Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, can’t say that we’re completely surprised.) Therefore, Kentucky also has the 12th highest rate of adult obesity in the nation in the non-profit Trust for America’s Health report. One of the reasons there’s a link is: It’s not just more difficult to resist the temptation of fast food available and it reduces costs and makes it more affordable and appealing research suggests.
Seven of them contain Silly Putty inside it.

What do Ronald’s McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish have in common with Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich? They are made with dimethylpolysiloxane, a type of silicone used in cosmetics, aquarium sealants, and, you guessed it, Silly Putty. Uh, yum? It’s not the most serious of health risk however it is disturbing.

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8 It’s expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, having dinner in a fast food restaurant isn’t expensive. It’s actually around $30 for a family of four at the local McDonald’s! However, for only $12, you can easily purchase millet for a pound, ($1.99), a pound of ground turkey ($5.99) as well as an assortment of frozen vegetables ($2.00-$4.00) and make a large bowl of food that is nutritious and delicious. To find other ways to save money on groceries go through these 17 easy swaps that save you $255 per month on your grocery bill.

9 Ronald is known as Mr. Most Popular.

This is according to data on consumer behavior from the location analytics company Placed, McDonald’s is the most frequented fast food establishment in America U.S.! Yes, seriously! Some people talk about the chain all the time, and that’s not because it’s extremely well-known. (Haters will have a hard time!) Subway takes over the number two spot, with 2 out of 5 or 40 percent of Americans frequenting the establishment in the month of April 2013 alone!

10 The flavor of the flame-grilled is fake.

Do you have any questions about how favorite chicken and burgers get the flavor of fresh off the grill, even when they’re frozen and cooked inside? We’ve done it. As it transpires, that smoky flavor isn’t genuine. (Are you truly stunned, then?) If a fast food product has something called “natural smoke flavor” it is likely to have been invented in the hands of Red Arrow Products Company, an American flavor company. In order to create the flavor, the company burns wood, encapsulates the aroma of smoke in the water, then bottles it, and then sells it to companies such as Burger King and Wendy’s. The burger is likely less appealing to you today, doesn’t it?

11 They serve nutritionist-approved meals.

“Not just do I enjoy eating guilt-free at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants, but I believe they’re criticized every so often,” says Christine M. Palumbo, a Chicago-area registered dietitian and nutrition communication consultant. Other diet experts concur. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with numerous specialists and inquired what they’d like to eat at restaurants such as Burger King, Mickey D’s, Panera, Wendy’s, and Starbucks and they’ve never failed to meet their expectations. It’s all about understanding the menus with a little knowledge at your disposal. To make sure you’re aware of everything you need to know about how to enjoy fries without adding to your waistline, read our special report, How to eat fast food and not gain weight!

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12 They embellish to make you want to eat.

Are you aware that a number restaurants that are fast-food chains employ the similar colors for their logos as well as inside their establishments? This isn’t a coincidence. Pizza Hut, In-N-Out Burger, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King to mention some of them–all employ the colors red and yellow as their brand logos. These hues have been proven to grab consumers’ attention, stimulate appetite, increase the speed in which we eat and make us crave all things convenient–including fast food, say University of Rochester scholars. Make sure you order food from the drive-thru window and then eat at your home to maintain your appetite. Do you live in a remote area? When the weathers pleasant take a meal outside of the restaurant at a picnic table . Or go to the nearest park.

13 They make use of words to smear you.

Many people who are health conscious enter fast food establishments with good intentions but leave having a bacon-flavored cheeseburger and fries that are soggy. This is why it happens Food marketers often make use of descriptive words on their menus as well as advertisements on the shelves like “hot and juicy” to increase the appeal of the menu items they hope to sell.

The issue is that they’re generally not advertising healthy food. They’re less likely to keep you interested. Actually, people have a 27 percent higher likelihood purchase a dish if it’s described in a way that sounds delicious According to Cornell University researchers. The same team of researchers also discovered that certain menu design elements like fancy fonts, images, and colors tend to attract attention to particular items and influence the customers’ preferences.

14 Then it melts.

Chicken McNuggets are frequently getting a bad rap on the news, whether because of claims about pink slime that they contain over 40 different ingredients or simply because they melt? A former McDonald’s worker, as well as Reddit user DFunkatron, stated, “I accidentally left a entire bag of around 100 chicken nuggets on the counter for way too long. They began to melt. They sank into an evaporation pool.” Are you wondering why? It could be due to the finely ground chicken meat is infused with a water-based marinade containing sodium phosphates, food starches, citric acid, dextrose, an autolyzed extract from yeast (i.e., MSG that increases appetite) as well as natural flavoring to ensure it stays to one another. So why do pre-fried and defrosted nuggets break–apart from chicken, they’re composed of water additives.

15 The meals for children are suitable for weight loss.

A Happy Meal isn’t just for children nowadays. According to a team of researchers composed of scientists from universities such as the Universities of Arizona and of Southern California If the opportunity to earn a small reward is included during a meal, which occurs with almost every fast food kid’s meal, people feel compelled to reduce their portions. It turns out that pairing a smaller portion and a non-food item stimulates the same region of the brain that is that controls desire, reward and motivation as the larger portion on its own.

The study also found that, regardless of the hunger many people prefer a portion that is half the size of food when it’s combined with a toy or a monetary reward instead of a larger portion of food at the same cost. Although they ate less, those who selected the incentive option did not tend to make up for the smaller portions by eating more food later during the day. If you’re trying to shed some weight choose the Happy Meal. Plus you’ll get an exciting new toy!

16 Even salads contain chemical ingredients.

Nowadays many fast food chains serve salads. If you only look at factors such as calories, fat, and sodium levels, these are typically considered a step toward an appropriate direction. But when it comes down to the nutritional value of ingredients that make up the dish, they’re necessarily better than food laced with a sloppy putty. A lot of chains sprinkle its salads in propylene glycol. It’s an ingredient that helps keep the lettuce leaves fresh. It’s considered safe to eat, but it’s also found in sexual lubricants and antifreeze. To us, it’s far from appealing and healthy.

17 “Medium” really is huge.

Duke University researchers discovered that the chains frequently encourage their customers to purchase larger bottles of soda by increasing the number of ounces they use in their drinks. It’s because they subconsciously select the middle option, and the bigger the “medium,” the more they’re willing to charge. Clever devils! Think of this as another reason to completely stick with water and steer clear of sugar-sprinkled chemical water.

18 The drinks from the fountain are more soiled than toilets.

It is notoriously hard to keep clean, which makes them Petri dishes. In a science project that was awarded 12-year-old Floridian Jasmine Roberts compared the bacteria in the ice water and the toilet water from fast-food establishments. It was discovered that 70% of the time, the ice in fast-food outlets was dirtier than the water in the toilet. The ice was tested negative for E. E. coli bacteria resulting from human waste in a few instances. Appetite, ruined.

19 The coffee might make you feel depressed.

Styrofoam cup, the type that used by many restaurants to serve your morning cup of latte, maybe a source of styrene leaching. If this sounds alarming then it’s because it’s. The neurotoxin can trigger depression and loss of focus. Hot beverages that are highly acidic, or hot drinks–in other words, coffee — draw the chemical compound of plastic more effectively than cold water.

20 It’s never a bad thing…

In the year 2010, New York photographer Sally Davies put McDonald’s food items, as hamburger and fries into an Jar. Five months after the incident, the food seemed to be delicious, but the KFC fries purchased and stored the following day were white and covered with mold. Marion Nestle, chair of NYU’s Food Studies program has told Salon that McDonald’s could have to make use of “a large amount of sodium propionate to stop the growth of mold or bacteria.” Davies continues to capture pictures of the same meals and upload them to her website. As in July, it had not seen any noticeable changes in its structure.

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