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Facts About Europe

The Europe Facts for children provide numerous interesting and enjoyable facts about Europe. European continent.

Europe can be described as the second-smallest continent by size, but it is the third-largest in terms of population.

The European continent is home to a land area of 50 nations. But, out of those 50 nations, only 44 are capital cities located on the European continent!

Of those European states, 27 are part of the European Union (EU), an economic and political union. Find out more information details about the EU on our specific webpage here.

Top 20 Facts About Europe | Europe Facts

1. The European continent is located entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in eastern Europe. Europe shares a border with the Arctic Ocean in the North, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.

2. There are 50 countries within Europe in the European Union that supportwith a total in seventy-four million inhabitants living across the continent by 2021.

3. The largest country: the European portion of Russia covers more territory than any other nation. The three biggest nations are Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine, and France. Find out more Russian facts here.

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4. Capital city with the largest population: Moscow. Moscow is the Russian capital city has over 13 million residents within its city area. Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city, with 5.3 million residents. Moscow is the biggest city located entirely located on the European continent!

5. The smallest nation: Vatican City is the largest country in Europe and across the globe. City-state, an isolated enclave in Italy, is the tiniest country , both population and size.

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6. The largest island: The biggest island in the European continent is Great Britain/UK. Greenland is the biggest island that belongs to Europe because it is part of Denmark. Greenland is often called the biggest islands in the world. Greenland is situated within the North American continent.

7. The smallest town: Hum in Croatia is the tiniest town in Europe and all over the world. Hum is home to just 30 people. Learn More information about Croatia in this article.

8. The city with the highest population: is Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey is generally called Europe’s biggest city. But, Istanbul is located on two continents. The western portion belongs to Europe and the eastern part belongs to the Asian continent. Istanbul is home to around 17 million inhabitants.

But, the largest city within Europe can be found in Moscow!

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9. Most populous country: Monaco. Monaco, a principality that borders with the Mediterranean, is the most densely populated nation around the globe.

10. Europe is the continent that has the highest population density this means that in the European continent, there is the highest amount of people for each square kilometre, or square mile.

11. The northernmost town is Ny-Alesund, situated on Svalbard located in Norway. It is home to just 35 people reside in the town all year long however, in summer, there are around 120 who reside within the city. The town is utilized as an exploration base and research.

12. The capital city with the most northern affluence: Reykjavik in Iceland is Europe’s largest and biggest capital in northern Europe. Find out more about Iceland here.

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13. L largest landlocked nation: Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked nation in Europe and the world. There are 18 million residents within Kazakhstan, one of the top ten largest nations in the world.

Countries that are landlocked in Europe Many countries located in Europe, mostly in central Europe, cannot have access to the Ocean and share borders with only other nations. These are landlocked nations within Europe:

Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Serbia, Moldova, Macedonia, San Marino, and Vatican City.

San Marino and Vatican City are both landlocked in Italy. Liechtenstein is landlocked twice because it is also landlocked by the countries of Austria and Switzerland, which are also locked by other nations.

14. The highest mountain: Mount Elbrus in Russia (5,642 meters/18,510 feet) can be described as the most awe-inspiring mountain of Europe. The mountain is part of the Caucasus mountain range.

The highest point within the European Alps is Mont Blanc. The mountain, which has a height of 4,810 metres or 15,781 feet tall, lies near Italy’s borders and France. It is located in France and Italy. Alps have the distinction of being both the largest and most awe-inspiring mountain range completely in Europe!

15. The longest river Volga River in Russia is Europe’s longest river. It measures 3,692 km or 2,295 miles long.

16. The most essential business waterway in the world: Danube. The river that runs through 10 countries is the 2nd largest river flowing through Europe, having 2,860kmor 1,777 miles.


17. Port with the largest capacity Port in Rotterdam located in the Netherlands is the biggest and most frequent container port of Europe.

18. Longest Coastline: Norway has the longest coastline in Europe with more than 100,000 kilometers or 62,000 miles and is only second in length. Find out further on Norway.

19. The largest lake: Lake Ladoga near Saint Petersburg in Russia is Europe’s largest lake and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is larger than Lake Ontario, which borders the USA and Canada.

20. The largest waterfall: Rhine Falls in Switzerland is the biggest Plain waterfall in Europe. It is 150 wide or 492 feet wide and 23 m/75 feet tall.

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