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10 Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

Ethiopia might not be one of the countries you think of when you plan your next vacation. It is, however, a must. Ethiopia has been in peace for over 15 years, and its economy is among the fastest-growing around the globe. Have a look at these amazing Facts About Ethiopia below!

Add an incredible range of landscapes, a myriad of civilizations, and a history that dates back to the time when humanity first lifted itself on two legs, and you’ve got a truly amazing travel destination. For those who want to take it further, here is a list of 10 things about Ethiopia that you might not have heard of:

Facts About Ethiopia

Here are some of the unexplored Facts About Ethiopia!

1. Thirteen months after the end of

Many different cultures can have their calendars they prefer to adhere to in preference to those of Western Gregorian one, but they still follow the unspoken “12 months to an entire year’ rule.

Not Ethiopia. Always looking to break an established trend, some ten thousand years ago, the Ethiopians were enticed by Spinal Tap’s belief that higher is never better and have been adding 13 months to their calendar ever since. What is this all about? It means that the year 2017 remains 2009. And those sly tourism boards can legitimately claim that the country does boast of ’13 weeks of sunny weather.

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2. Ethiopian time

Ethiopians also count the length of a day on a different calendar. In a bit of logic that isn’t easy to refute, They believe it’s easier to understand that the clock begins when the day starts. So it’s 1 o’clock at sunrise and sunset is 12. Then the 12-hour midnight clock begins. Therefore, when you buy bus tickets, etc. Check if departure times are either in Ethiopian or Western time.

3. Complete independence

Ethiopia is the only African nation that is not to be brought under colonial rule – something that its people will never tire of educating you about. It’s a good thing too. The Italians gave colonization a chance in 1935, and they were able to control this country for over six years militarily. However, Ethiopian forces were in full force and waging resistance to the military throughout, and the entire country never came under control. Some Ethiopians have said, “we waited until they had built us railways and nice buildings… and then kicked them out.”

4. A Nation of Festivals

Ethiopia is a nation with a vibrant and colorful celebration. The largest, Timket, is a three-day celebration celebrating Jesus’ baptism. Jesus Christ in the River Jordan. Today, the priests take the “Tabots” (replicas that are relics of Ark of Covenant) Ark of Covenant) from every church and walk towards the closest water source and the place where the baptism is for the entire community is held.

The procession is led by thousands of residents dressed in stunning traditional white attire that contrasts with the colors worn by the ceremonial attire and sequin-strewn velvet umbrellas of the priests.

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5. The place of birth for the Rastafarian movement.

I thought it was Jamaica? Nope. While the Rastafarian movement originated in Jamaica but the true spiritual home of the movement is, in reality, Ethiopia. In Amharic, “ras” is a name similar to the chief, and ‘Tafari is the name given to Emperor Haile Selassie I – essentially, the Rastafarian movement believes that Selassie is the God-incarnation. God. Do you need more proof? Check out the colors of the Ethiopian flag. Familiar no?

6. The first cup of coffee

Do you know your morning caffeine shot? There are Ethiopian goats for this. According to the legend, a goat herder observed his flock’s attraction to a particular bush a while back and decided to offer one of the fruits a bite himself. His herding day was more efficient, and the coffee industry exploded from there.

7. The oldest humans on earth

Several archaeological finds from The Ethiopian Afar region go a long way to suggest that the country could be the place the one we came from. The year 1972 was when Donald Johanson and Tim D. White discovered Lucy, which was the 3.2 million years old hominid skull.

Lucy was all the buzz for many years, embarking on an international tour for nine years and gaining a lot of fame. Then Ardi is too located in the Afar region; however, one million years older, she stepped up and took her from the water. Also, you may be the Ethiopians in your midst for You.

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8. Abebe Bikila

In 1960 1960 Ethiopian known as Abebe Bikila was one of the few black Africans to be awarded gold at the Olympics. The team was selected at the last second due to a fellow athlete’s injury to his foot. Bikila decided to complete the race in soles, beating popular Moroccan Rhadi Ben Abdesselam for more than 25 seconds.

The following year, Bikila won the Tokyo Olympics and set a new World Record, and became the very first athlete to be the winner of the Olympic marathon twice. If asked if he was exhausted (he didn’t appear tired), Bikila replied that he could have run more than 10 miles!

9. Addis Ababa

There’s no way to get out of the fact Addis does not fit the description of being a large urban, smoky, and overcrowded city. However, it is also where you can find the African Union, the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. With an altitude of 2,450m, it is the fourth highest capital city. Its name means “New Flower” in Amharic.

10. Ethiopia for vegetarians

Ethiopian food is one of the healthiest, most delicious, and most diverse food options globally. And, unlike most African countries, it’s a paradise for vegetarians. The main reason is that most Ethiopians adhere to a specific branch that is part of Orthodox Christianity that prohibits the consumption of meat products between Wednesdays and Fridays.

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One of the benefits of this for people who are herbivores is that restaurants will always have some deliciously spicy vegan stews available on the menu (it is also a sign that if you state that you don’t eat animal products, they’ll understand and will not replace the meat you’ve requested to that was left off of on your pie with for instance chicken).

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