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12 Interesting Facts about English Language

English is the third most widely spoken language worldwide, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Here are some fun facts about English Language for you and your kids!

It is a universal language that can be learned new facts every day because it is so common. These are some fascinating facts about the Universal Language.

Facts about English Language

1. It’s hilarious!

Oxymoron referred to a figure in a speech that uses two opposing words together, such as Act naturally and misunderstood Original copy and deafening silent.

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2. Startling, isn’t it?

Startling is the only word made up of nine letters that can be used to make another word by removing one letter at a time.

3. The thirsty dictionary

English can be described as a very complex language. Every two hours, a new word is added to the English dictionary. This is approximately 4000 words per year.

4. The sentence that includes the entire alphabet!

Most people are familiar with “The quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Your teacher may have required you to write it down several times as a child. What is it about this sentence that’s so special? It’s the shortest sentence that includes all alphabet. These sentences contain all alphabets and are called pangrams.

5. Rhyming crisis!

Avoid words such as Orange, Purple, and Month if you write poetry with a rhyming structure. These words are not compatible with the English language.

6. To get there, count to a billion!

The alphabet ‘b’ is not used until you reach one billion. You haven’t used the alphabet “a” until you reach a thousand.

7. Same sound, seven different spellings!

The following sentence has seven spellings of the sound eeHe believed Caesar could see people seizing seas’.

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8. Five vowels in a row!

Queueing is the only word with five vowels consecutively (five vowels per row).

9. Ah ‘ough ‘!

There are nine ways to pronounce “ough” The following sentence includes all nine pronunciations of ‘Ough’: ‘A rough-coated dough-faced, thoughtful, plowman strode through Scarborough.’ He coughed and hiccoughed after falling into a slough.

10. Get set, go!

Many English words have more than one definition. The word with the most definitions of all these words is “set.”

11. Vowel game strong!

“Facetious,” the word, is the only one that includes all vowels in the alphabetical order listed.

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12. The King is powerless

Checkmate is a chess term that derives its name from an Arabic phrase of the 14th century, “shah mat,” which means “the king’s helpless.”

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