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60+ Incredible Facts about El Salvador that will blow your mind

How much do you know about El Salvador? Don’t worry if you don’t know much, as here we have listed a few facts about El Salvador that will blow your mind!

We believe it is time for a revolution – El Salvador needs to be known! This index contains 55 amazing details about El Salvador. It will blow your mind! It is most interesting.

You can read the article to learn more about this tiny Central American country.

Interesting Facts About El Salvador

1.) El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. It is smaller than Wales at 21,000 km2.

2.) El Salvador, with an estimated 7 million inhabitants, is the largest country in the Americas.

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3.) The only country in Central America that does not have a Caribbean coast.

4.) Spanish is the official language.

5) El Salvador’s weather is tropical. The rainy season is from May to October, and the dry season is between November and April.

6.) El Salvador gained independence from Spain on September 15, 1821.

7) 64 percent of the population lives in urban areas.

8) It is the third-largest economy in Central America, after Panama and Costa Rica.

9 ) Yet, 19% of the population survives on less than $1.25 per person each day.

Ten) Between 1979 and 1992, the country was in a civil war for ten years.

11) Some estimates suggest that up to 80,000 people were killed in the conflict.

12) Coffee grown in the west region of the country is well-known around the world.

13.) Cerro El Pital, at 2,730m, is the highest point in the country.

14) On January 13, 2001, the most powerful earthquake in the country was felt. It was 7.7 on the Richter Scale, and it caused a tsunami.

15.) Volcano Santa Ana, at 2,381 meters above sea level, is El Salvador’s most impressive Volcano.

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Facts About El Salvador For Travellers

16.) Tourism is the most rapidly-growing sector of the Salvadoran economy.

17) There is an immense crater lake called Lake Coatepeque in Western El Salvador.

18.) El Salvador uses the United States dollar to pay for its services.

19.) Joya de Ceren, the country’s sole UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located. It was once a prehistoric farming community that was covered in ash when the Laguna Caldera volcano erupted.

20) El Salvador has five archaeological parks: Cihuatan, Joya de Ceren, San Andres, Casa Blanca, and Tazumal.

21) All five parks are open simultaneously and for the same prices. The entry fee for foreigners is $3.00.

22) El Salvador International Airport was awarded third place at the 2014 World Airport Awards for Best Airport in Central America and Caribbean Region.

23) It is also known as the Comalapa International Airport or the Cuscatlan International Airport. It is Central America’s third-busiest airport.

24) This country is the most well-known surfing spot.

25) The area is known as the “Land of Volcanoes” due to its more than twenty volcanoes. Two of them have an active status.

Interesting Facts Of El Salvador For Backpackers

26) It is an incredible undiscovered destination that tourists have not overrun.

27) A budget-conscious backpacker can live on $35.00 per day.

28) Dorm rooms cost approximately $15.00 per night.

29) Chicken buses cost around $1.00 per hour to travel.

30) Hitchhiking can be a common practice, and payment is often not accepted. This type of transportation can be dangerous.

31) Shuttle buses can be arranged to most major tourist destinations.

32) In local restaurants, a typical meal of rice, chicken, and beans costs only a few dollars.

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Fun Facts About El Salvador

33) Salvadorans are also known as “guanacos”.

34) El Salvador’s most loved staples are tortillas, rice, beans, and beans.

35) Metrocentro, the largest shopping mall in Central America. It is located in San Salvador and was constructed in 1970.

36) Although it is tropical, the country has snow at Cerro El Pital’s highest point.

37. El Salvador has the highest cellphone density globally, equivalent to 125 people per 100.

38) Playa El Tunco, a beach resort, is home to some of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

Interesting Facts About El Salvador Culture

39) El Salvador has a conservative society.

(40) only know their first names when with family or friends.

41) After you finish eating, leaving a small portion of your food on your plate is considered polite.

42) Close relatives hug and kiss the cheeks right.

43) First, the guests are served.

44) Salvadorans are social people who enjoy being around others and are friendly.

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Interesting Facts On El Salvador Sport

45) Two times, the nation’s national soccer team participated in the Fifa World Cup. The first was in 1970 and the second in 1982.

46) International surfing competitions were held in the country because of its stunning beaches.

47) Many consider Salvadoran soccer player Magico Gonzales to have been one of the greatest in soccer history.

48) El Salvador has never won an Olympic medal.

Important Facts About El Salvador Nature

49) El Salvador’s forest coverage has decreased by almost 85 percent since the 1960s.

50) It houses less than 6,000 hectares of primary forest.

51) The most concerning part is that over half of the country’s land is inaccessible for food production.

52)Torogoz (also known as the turquoise-browed Moth) is the most common bird native to El Salvador. While we observed many of the birds in Belize, we did not see any motmots on the streets.

53) four types of sea turtles live in El Salvador’s waters.

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Some Weird Facts About El Salvador

54) The music is at maximum volume on chicken buses. The music is so loud that you need to shout at the people around you.

55) El Salvador launched a military attack against Honduras in 1969. It was also the period of tensions between the countries during Fifa World Cup qualifying. The war ended quickly and was called the 100 Hour War. It is also known as the Football War, even though it has nothing to do with soccer. It has nothing to do with soccer!

10 Facts About El Salvador: Bonus

  1. El Salvador is Spanish for “El Salvador”.
  2. The white stripe symbolizes peace on the flags of the nation. The blue stripes represent the ocean.
  3. Education is completely free up to the ninth grade.
  4. El Salvador’s official name is the Republic of El Salvador.
  5. El Salvador’s capital is San Salvador. El Salvador is San Salvador.
  6. It is one of the few countries in the world with indigo cultivation.
  7. There’s a possibility that up to three million Salvadorans may live in the United States.
  8. El Salvador shares borders and borders with Guatemala, Honduras, and Honduras.
  9. El Salvador is a predominately Roman Catholic country.
  10. It has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

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And One More Interesting Fact About El Salvador

The most common food in El Salvador is the pupusa or sourdough loaf. This is a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a tasty filling. It is usually served with tomato sauce or pickled cabbage. You can also make them with rice flour. Some people think they are more delicious.

You now know a lot of information about El Salvador!

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