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Facts about Eggnog

Eggnog is an extremely popular winter drink that is enjoyed particularly around Christmas.

It’s one of the most popular things to serve at Christmas celebrations as a drink to celebrate the season and its holiday!

A total of 135 million pounds (61 million kilograms) is consumed annually in America all by itself.

Are you aware of where this spicy, creamy drink came from? Why do we like it so often?

Here are five interesting details about eggnog!

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Facts about Eggnog

Eggnog was first invented in medieval Europe.

Eggnog with cinnamon sprinkled on the top.

The drink is believed to have come from the production of the European drink known as “posset.”

Posset was made of hot milk, concocted or curdled using ale or wine and spices.

In the aristocracy of Britain, Eggnog was created and was later a part of the posset.

The drink was made up of eggs, milk, and sherry since only wealthy people could afford these ingredients.

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The drink quickly became an aperitif popular for making toasts at parties, which is why eggnog was created.

The name “eggnog” is derived directly from “nog” (or “noggin.”

Two glasses of eggnog cocktail cocktails

The etymological origins of the word eggnog can be traced back to a range of possible roots that could have come from.

It is believed that in the middle ages during the time of East Anglia, England, there was an alcohol-based type of beer that was brewed in the region referred to as “nog.”

The term “nog” began to be coined in 1693 to describe an alcohol-based drink. It is thought that eggnog is derived from this because of its alcoholic substance.

It is also believed that eggnog originates in “noggin,” an incredibly small wooden cup where you could consume eggnog.

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The drink was called “egg flip” in Britain because it was poured into Jugs for mixing.

It is believed that the term we are using to describe eggnog today was developed in America around 1765.

Traditional eggnog was traditionally made using alcohol to neutralize bacteria.

Two festive glasses of eggnog

Eggnog was first made using alcohol, not to taste, but to be safe.

In the medieval era, it was very unsafe for people to consume milk straightway. It’s the same as the present, where it could be dangerous to consume milk that hasn’t been pasteurized.

Therefore, the best solution was to include alcohol in the milk to eliminate any harmful bacteria found inside the product.

The old recipes suggested that you soak raw eggs in alcohol like rum for a couple of days to ensure that all eggs with bacteria were eliminated.

Most people leave their eggnog in the fridge for a couple of days to an entire week to make sure there was no bacteria present before drinking.

Today, eggnog sold in stores is not a lot of alcohol because the FDA is regulating it, and there isn’t a need to get rid of bacteria.

It’s also not common for supermarket-bought eggnogs to contain eggs that have been cooked.

Eggnog is believed to be the drink that caused unrest within the US.

A small glass of eggnog

In 1826, there was a riot in the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

According to legend, an aspiring cadet sneaked whisky into the barracks. He then spiked the eggnog that was served to the community.

After a few glasses of eggnog, the cadets began to get a little rough.

The fighting began, a lieutenant was shot, gunfire was fired, and windows were broken.

20 cadets were referred to court for their actions on that night.

It’s often referred to as The Eggnog Riot as it is thought that everyone had been drinking a little too much!

George Washington had his recipe for eggnog.

Eggnog is made up of egg, milk, as well as cinnamon.

George Washington has been known as a lover of eggnog. He would frequently offer it for guests.

The eggnog variant from Washington had multiple alcohols that accentuated the flavor.

He had his recipe and method for making eggnog that he would offer for his chefs.

Washington’s recipe was “One-quarter quart of cream, one quarter-quart milk one dozen tablespoons of sugar one-pint brandy 1/2 pint of rye whiskey 1/2 pint Jamaica Rum along with 1/4 pint sherry.”

His method began by “mixing with the alcohol first.” then segregating egg yolks and whites. Add sugar to the beaten yolks and mix well. Add cream and milk, gradually beating. Beat eggs whites until stiff. Fold slowly into the mixture. Allow setting in a cool area for several days.”

Eggnog was conceived to allow people to enjoy hot milk without worrying about harmful bacteria. It’s today a popular beverage for Christmas.

The drink has been developed through the years and is now available in non-dairy forms for vegans and those with intolerances/allergies.

Therefore, why not search for a recipe and then make your recipe to enjoy on the national eggnog day, which falls on the 24th of December.

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