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25+ Facts About Driving

Have you ever wondered when the very first speeding tickets were issued or how many vehicles there are around the globe?

We take a look at 10 of the most bizarre facts about driving from all over the globe:

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Facts About Driving

  1. It’s a criminal offense to drive in an unclean vehicle in Russia.
  2. Good news for people who hate cleaning their cars! It is illegal in Russia. It is not legal for a driver to operate a vehicle deemed dirty by the traffic police, with the penalty being an immediate fine.
  3. It is said that there are more automobiles than there are people in Los Angeles
  4. The city has 3.9 million people living in Los Angeles and 6.4 million automobiles!
  5. The first ticket for speeding was issued in 1896.
  6. Walter Arnold traveled through Kent at four times the legal limit when he was arrested and given an infraction ticket for speeding. The speed limit in the day was 2mph, and Walter Arnold was going at 8mph.
  7. 1.2 billion vehicles are in operation at the moment all over the globe
  8. In comparison to the world’s population, which is around one car for each 7 people living on Earth. It is believed that this ratio could have risen to 2 billion by 2035!
  9. The typical British driver will be spending around 99 days waiting in traffic
  10. This is bad news For British drivers! According to reports, we Brits are likely to spend 99 days trapped in traffic gridlocks. Londoners are among the worst of the bunch and spend as much as one hour per day on the road.
  11. The person who invented the cruise control had blindness.
  12. If you’re a big fan of cruise control, you’ve got a man named Ralph Teetor to be grateful to! In 1948, he applied for an application to patent cruise control after he was in an automobile with his lawyer (who was not a good driver!). However, despite creating an instrument that automatically controlled the vehicle’s speed, Teetor couldn’t drive himself , as he was blind.
  13. Denmark has a tax of 150 percent on all new car purchases.
  14. The high expenses of operating an automobile are well-known to drivers across the globe, but Denmark’s high road tax isn’t heard of anywhere else. The Nordic nation’s vehicle Registration tax is 15% of all vehicles purchased for more than the value of 81,700 Kroner.
  15. In Spain, it is not legal to drive with certain shoes.
  16. This is a great tip to remember before heading to sun-soaked Spain for your summer holiday! If you drive with flip-flops, shoes with no back, high heels, or barefoot in Spain, you could be subject to a fine that is EUR 200.
  17. The law in Slovenia you aren’t required to indicate when you come to the roundabout.
  18. Instead , you mark the time you’ve left the roundabout.
  19. In Costa Rica it is ok to drive drunk so long that you stop before you become drunk
  20. Driving all over Costa Rica can be dangerous, However, this is made worse because many drivers are caught in the car after drinking or even drinking at the wheel! It’s legal in Costa Rica it’s not illegal to drive after drinking as long you stop before you’re drunk.

Other Fun Driving Facts

  1. The typical PERSON spends two weeks of ALL TIME STARTING TO LOOK AT RED lights
  2. In 1902, the first ticket for speeding was issued. most cars were unable to be able to reach 45mph!
  3. Ford GT Ford GT is so strong that, during”Roof Crush,” the “Roof Crush” test it caused the crushing machine to break
  4. Ferrari produces about 14 vehicles each day. The majority of manufacturers produce thousands of vehicles every day. For instance, Ford reaches an astronomical production rate of between 8,000 and 10,000 vehicles per day.
  5. The first car radio was created in 1929 by Paul Gavin in 1929.
  6. Car airbags kill one person for every 22 lives they help save.
  7. Although an average of 53 percent car owners wash their vehicles once per month, only 16 percent wash their cars.
  8. It would take over 150 years for one vehicle to travel toward the sun.
  9. Drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  10. The highest number of people who can fit into a smart automobile is 19. Pakistan crashers did this at the Defence Authority Creek Club in Karachi, Pakistan on December 10 2010.
  11. You pay eight percent more per gallon Grand Latte at Starbucks than a gallon gas.
  12. The car was designed by a company powered by cappuccino to try to develop a renewable source of energy. The car’s system converts coffee grounds into flammable gas. It is required to use 56 espressos to fuel one mile of “car-puccino.”
  13. One out of four cars made in the world originates from China.
  14. Ninety percent of drivers sing while when they drive. (The other drivers are ashamed to confess!)
  15. It takes about half one ounce of gasoline to ignite a typical car.
  16. Roads were originally designed for bicyclistsand not cars.
  17. The majority of American automobile horns sound with the note F.
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