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10 Wonderful Facts About Dobby

Dobby, the house-elf, made his debut in The Chamber of Secrets. He quickly became one of Harry Potter‘s most beloved characters. Although he initially tries to prevent Harry from returning home to Hogwarts, it quickly becomes apparent that Dobby is a true sweetheart and cares deeply about Harry. We follow him through the books and see him finally become an elf, free to do what he wants. Read some wonderful facts about Dobby here!

Dobby was there for Harry every step of the way, protecting him and doing all he could to help him. Dobby is a remarkable character because you can see that he would do anything for Harry. His death was a tragic part of the series. It’s not clear if anyone has fully recovered from his loss. Here are ten facts about Dobby, the house-elf who loved socks.

10 Dobby’s Familiar voice actor

Harry Potter is well-known for its incredible cast. But, Dobby, the voice actor, is often overlooked. Although you can’t see Dobby on-screen, Dobby’s voice should sound very familiar. Toby Jones plays Dobby. You might remember him from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he played Arnim Zola. He has also played major roles in Sherlock and The Hunger Games. Dobby is a beloved character we all love because of his voice.

9 He Negotiated His Pay

Dobby was a free elf and took a well-deserved vacation, but he still wanted to return to work. Dobby loved freedom and didn’t want to return to his unpaid slavery. Dumbledore offered him a job at Hogwarts, and he accepted. He gave him ten ships per week, weekends off. Dobby was keen to be paid, but it wasn’t about the money, so Dumbledore offered him only one weekly ship.

8 Dobby’s Sock Collection

Dobby was able to earn his freedom by buying a sock. They held a special place within his heart. Dobby began collecting socks while he was a free elf. He tried to find as many interesting pairs as possible. Dobby even knit Harry a personal set of socks.

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7 Dobby Socks

Dobby is just one of many characters that have left a lasting impression on fans. His passing was particularly heartbreaking, and it was one of the most memorable moments in the seven-part story. A statue at Warner Brothers Studio represents Dobby. It’s incredibly realistic, and visitors have left tributes. Dobby would love it if people left socks at his statue. Some people even take off their socks to remember Dobby.

6 Emma Watson’s Reaction

There are many emotional moments in The Deathly Hallows. It is hard to believe that anyone could read the book without crying a few times. Emma Watson also felt Dobby’s passing as one of the most devastating moments. Watson stated in an interview that Dobby’s death caused her to completely break down.

5 Dobby’s Friend Winky

Although the movies don’t portray this amazing relationship, Dobby’s friendship with Winky is a true reflection of his heart. Barty Crouch’s house-elf, Winky was his house-elf. She refused to be freed by him.

Dobby offered her a job at Hogwarts, but she didn’t know what else to do. Butterbeer was not an effective drink for humans, and Winky began to consume a lot of it. It was extremely potent, and Winky became a heavy drinker. Dobby was there to support her throughout the drinking, taking care of her.

4 Illustration by Dobby

All-new illustrations were included in the Harry Potter new edition. Jim Kay was the series’ illustrator and was given to give Dobby a new illustration. Kay said that Dobby was the most difficult character to illustrate as he didn’t want to disappoint the fans and knew they had high expectations. His illustration was based on the descriptions from the novels, and he did an incredible job.

3 Dobby’s birthday

We don’t know the exact age of Dobby, but we do know his birthday. Dobby was born on June 28th. Although it may appear like a normal date, Dobby was born on the same day as J.K. Rowling’s sister, Dianne. Rowling chose to give Dobby the same birthday because Dianne is so fond of Dobby. Rowling thought it was a lovely little thing to do, showing how much Dobby is loved.

2 Finding the Gillyweed

Neville Longbottom gives Harry Gillyweed to make sure he completes the Triwizard task. It goes slightly differently in the books. Dobby is the one that finds Gillyweed for Harry. It’s possible that they changed it in the movie to save money on CGI for Dobby. Although it is understandable, it is disappointing that Harry doesn’t see Dobby always looking out for Harry.

1 Dobby’s Final Words

Dobby’s tragic death is deeply troubling, but this little detail may make it even more so. Harry’s first encounter with Dobby was when he first heard Dobby say, “Harry Potter.” He dies in the books, and the last words he can get out are “Harry Potter.” This means that Harry Potter is Dobby’s first and last word in the book. This is a sign of how much Dobby loved the boy who survived.

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