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14 Interesting Facts About Diamonds

Diamond is a gemstone that people want to display and own. It’s also an emblem of romance and love. Let’s explore more about these rare stones by reading the Facts About Diamonds mentioned below!

It is the most popular choice in engagement rings. They are scarce. They are gorgeous and have been the most sought-after and loved for thousands of years.

Aren’t you amazed that this precious stone is a carbon-based form? Here are some fascinating facts about Diamond that you should know: 

Facts About Diamonds

1. Diamonds aren’t as rare as you believe

Diamonds aren’t that expensive or scarce. They are in demand so significant due to an advertising campaign run by major miners like DeBeers to increase the sales of engagement rings.

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2. Have you ever heard of “Lucy ?”

The largest-ever diamond was discovered suspended in space. It’s been given the name “Lucy” as a reference to the Beatle’s” Lucy” song “Lucy on the Moon with Diamonds.”

3. Diamonds come in different colors

In addition to the white, most people know that diamonds can come in various shades like blue, pink-orange, red, purple, and any color. The hues result from tiny amounts of impurities that are present in the diamond. They are very valuable and have earned the designation “fancy” diamonds.

4. Diamonds are not a good investment

If you’re looking for an investment that is likely to increase the value of diamonds, they are not the right option. Big diamond companies artificially control diamond prices, and it remains fairly stable throughout the day. Diamonds are purchased at retail and then sell them at wholesale, and there’s no chance to sell them at a greater price.

5. India is one of the first producers commercially

India discovered diamonds as early as 2400 years old and was the first producer commercial of diamonds. India was the dominant country for the commercial production of diamonds up to South American discoveries in the 1730s. Before the 18th century, most diamonds were discovered in India only.

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6. The Secret Behind the diamonds studded engagement rings

Facts About Diamonds

Archduke Maximilian from Austria became the first to propose using the diamond ring. The Archduke proposed to Mary from Burgundy in 1477, wearing the ring covered with small flat diamonds in the form of an “M” to have an advantage over other potential suitors.

7. Diamonds aren’t the most durable substance on Earth.

We’ve always been told diamond is the hardest material on the planet. However, physicists Natalia dubrovinskaia and her team made carbon fullerene molecules compressible and then heated them at the same time to form an interconnected series of rods referred to as Aggregated Diamond Nanorods, about 11 percent more hard than diamond. It is, however, the hardest natural mineral that exists to date. It is the most hard-working.

8. The huge “Cullinan Diamond.”

The biggest diamond was discovered on the continent of South Africa, weighing 3,106.75 carats before polishing. It was dubbed”the “Cullinan Diamond.”

9. A little bit under the Earth

Diamonds are formed around 200km below the Earth’s surface. They are lifted into the air within seconds due to volcanic eruptions. However, it is usually necessary for workers to clear large amounts of soil. This could cause damage to the soil, redirect rivers, and cause deforestation.

10. It is possible to transform someone into diamond

The Swiss company has taken a unique approach to commemorate the loved ones who have died. The deceased can be transformed into a diamond. They’ll be able to reduce and super-heat their ashes remains and transform them into a diamond created by humans, which can then be worn or treasured.

11. The massive Mir mine

It is believed that the Mir diamond mine in Serbia, Russia is so vast that it generates air currents that are strong enough to draw an aircraft into it.

12. The lucky baby girls born in April are blessed with diamonds. Diamond

The birthstone is linked to every calendar month. The highest valuable gem diamond is their birthstone for those who are fortunate enough to be born during April.

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13. Dubai continues to amaze us!

Following the installation of a diamond vending machine, banks in Dubai are now offering credit cards with diamonds in their middle and are only available to the most wealthy on invitation only. Well, obviously!

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