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25 Fun Facts About Delaware You Won’t Find Anywhere!

Delaware may not be the most popular State in the USA. It has a long heritage, and indeed. We have collected some interesting facts about Delaware, which you’ll be delighted to learn about.

You can learn more about the fascinating aspect of the oldest State in the USA. We have made an entire list of 25 facts about the State. We are planning to go over them individually in the next section.

If you’re prepared, let’s do the task.

25 Fun Facts About Delaware

#1 Area of Delaware

Delaware is among the states with the least area in the USA. Its area is 5130 square kilometers or 82 square miles. Delaware ranks in the 49th spot compared to 50 states in terms of total area. The State has a net size in the range of approximately 96 miles (L) (30 miles) x 96 miles (W) or 154 km (L) (L) x 48km (W).

#2 The Motto and State Seal of Delaware

Delaware’s motto Delaware is “Liberty as well as Independence’. The motto was adopted by the State by the State in 1847 and became its official motto of the State following it was adopted into the Great Seal of the State of Delaware’. The seal of State of Delaware was first introduced on the 17th of January, 1777. On the 29th of April 2004 the seal was changed in its current form.

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#3 The Official State Bird of Delaware

At present, the state bird that is the official bird for Delaware is the Delaware Blue Hen’. There are many theories on why the Blue Hen is the official bird in Delaware. Of them, this is the most well-known one to help you to consider. There is a belief that the selection came from the courage and ferocity of Delaware soldiers in the Revolutionary conflict.

In the past”cockfights” were well-known. In the course of time the chickens or hens that were involved in the contest became a symbol of bravery and heroism. The Delaware Blue Hen Chicken has been the official animal of Delaware.

#4 The Official State Bug of Delaware

Since April 25, 1974 the official bug of the State (official) for Delaware is known as the “Lady Bug.” It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Ladybird Beetle’, or ‘Lady Fly or ‘Lady Bug in other parts of the globe. The announcement came following an intense effort by students from 2nd grade at the “Lulu M. Ross Elementary School’ and their instructor Mrs. Mollie Brown-Rust.

#5 The Invention of the ‘Automatic Flour-milling Machinery’

Have you ever thought about the development of the “Automatic Flour Mill’ made in Delaware? It was the ‘Oliver Evans”, the creator of this automated machine.

He was an eminent American engineer and an inventor and businessman who invented the machine in 1787. The place where he was raised was Newport, Delaware. Oliver Evans was also one of the early pioneers of the automation of steam engines and the materials handling industry.

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#6 Naming of Delaware

It is believed that the State got its name because of the river Delaware.’ The river also got its name after the first governor of the colonial period of Virginia. His name was Thomas West 3rd Baron de La Warr’. According to other sources, the State and the river got their names after the final portion in his title, i.e. ‘De La Warr.’

#7 Horseshoe Crabs & Delaware

Delaware is famous for its abundance of horseshoe crabs. Actually, there is the only official species of state animals in Delaware. They are referred to as living fossils. Why? Because this animal has been completely unchanged in structure for approximately 445 million years.

They were on Earth long before the Dinosaurs’ reign, yet they haven’t changed one little. While we may refer to them as crabs, they’re not closely related to crabs in any way. Actually, they are more closely related to spiders.

#8 The First State

Delaware is the first official State in Delaware, the first State of the United States of America. As of the 7th day of December 1787 it was announced that the constitution of the USA was ratified in unanimity by 30 delegates who met in Dover, Delaware. In the end, it’s referred to as the State that was the first to be established in the USA.

#9 No Sales Tax

Only five states within the USA don’t have a sales tax. These are Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Delaware. This is why it is quite common for people from neighboring states visit Delaware to shop often.

#10 The Official State Tree

“American Holly” or “Evergreen Holly or ‘Christmas Holly’ is regarded as the state tree in Delaware. The tree can reach an elevation of as high as 60 feet. It has thorny, swollen leaves.

The official announcement that the American Holly was the official tree of Delaware was announced in 1939. It was because, at the time, Delaware was the leader in exporting Christmas wreaths created from American Holly trees.

#11 Very Small yet Densely Populated

It’s no secret that the State of Washington is small in size. But, it is one of the states that are the most densely populated in the USA. At the moment of writing this article, it is the sixth most populous state in America. The current density of number of people living there is 442.6 people per square mile.

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#12 Caesar Rodney of Dover

Caesar Rodney was a famous lawyer and politician from Delaware. He is among the most famous personalities from Delaware. Rodney is famous for his famous midnight ride with a horse. In addition, he must have ridden for around 80 miles in just a half-day to reach Philadelphia, the city where the first vote for the independence of America occurred.

Since he was among the people who voted in Delaware, in the year 2000 it was a time when the man was suffering from Cancer. This made the ride a death sentence for his health. He rode to Philadelphia at risk of his life on the day, and made it to the city just enough to vote. In addition to being one of the signatures of the Declaration of the USA, he was also President of the Delaware state for most of the time during the American Revolution.

#3 Famous Persona from Delaware

Delaware has produced many notable celebrities. Some of the most well-known include Vice Joe Biden and the actress Aubrey Plaza, actress Teri Polo, basketball player Elena Delle Donne, actor Ryan Phillippe and more.

#14 The Bethany Beach Firefly

There are a myriad of firefly species across the globe. The “Bethany” Beach Firefly is a unique species. The firefly species has a double green flash.

However, the species is nearing being extinct. Bethany beach is a tiny town in Delaware is among the last locations to currently discover the “Bethany Beach Firefly. moment.

#15 High-Speed Internet

Delaware is at the top of the list when it comes to speedy Internet. Among those states within the USA, it has a very high broadband speed. From 2014 until 2015. Delaware was the only State that had the fastest internet speed within the USA. Since it was then, other states have taken over Delaware in this respect. This doesn’t mean that the average speed of the Internet has dropped in the State.

#16 Bike-Friendly State

If you’re a cyclist and love bikes, you’ll be happy about Delaware. Delaware has been deemed to be the State with the highest number of bicycles across the USA several times.

As of the time when this article is being written, Delaware is ranked 6 on the top ten list of states for cycling by ‘’ In addition, the State’s official sport for Delaware is cycling.

#17 The First, Smallest, Largest Town in Delaware

There have been 57 municipalities within Delaware. Although Dover has the title of the Capital of Delaware, but it’s not the largest city in the State.

To give you an idea The largest city in Delaware is called ‘Wilmington’. While the tiniest town is called ‘Hartly’. It is interesting to note that this town is home to only 75 residents. The town with the longest history in Delaware is called ‘Lewes’.

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#18 Discovery of Delaware

Delaware came to be discovered by Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson was a Sea Explorer and navigator from England during the early 17th century. You may also recognize him as the inventor of Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait.

Numerous landmarks and topographic landmarks were named in honor of Henry Hudson. For examples Hudson Town, Hudson Town, the Henry Hudson Bridge, Hudson Town, Hudson County, and many more.

#19 The First Log Cabin in North America

Log cabins are not new. They are already familiar with these smaller log cabins. However, these cabins have long and rich history too.

The first log cabins were constructed within North America by the Finnish in the 1638s. According to the legend, the log cabins were constructed in a town known as “New Sweden.” It is, in fact, today’s Delaware.

#20 Founder of Delaware

While Henry Hudson discovered Delaware, Hudson was not the one who founded Delaware. Peter Minuit founded Delaware as a part of the New Sweden Company. He established Delaware in 1638.

However, there is evidence that Sir Samuel Argall named ‘Delaware’ before 1610. It was a colony belonging to England (1664-1707) in addition to Great Britain (1707-1776).

#21 NASCAR Race in Delaware

Are you a NASCAR fan? You might be aware of Delaware since it has an extremely renowned NASCAR race track that is located within Dover, Delaware. The Dover International Speedway racetrack first opened in 1969, can accommodate 85,000.

It is perhaps best known as ‘The Monster Mile. At present, the track is owned by Dover Motorsports and is home to at least two NASCAR races each year. In addition, the track is well-known for hosting the “Indy Racing League and USAC races.

#22 Native Americans in Delaware

“Delaware people” or “Delaware Indians’ were among Delaware’s most popular indigenous Americans. They are called the ‘Lenape,’ or the “Leni Lenape in their native language. They were once part of today’s Delaware, New Jersey, Lower Hudson Valley, etc. Nowadays, the majority of Lenape residents reside throughout Oklahoma, USA.

#23 The Delaware Memorial Bridge

Delaware is also famous for its twin suspension bridges that span the Delaware River, called the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The top of the bridge rises around 175 feet higher than the water level. At present, around 80,000 vehicles pass through the bridge each day.

The longest length of the bridge is approximately six hundred meters or about 2150 feet. Both bridges are equipped with eight lanes in total. The Eastbound section of the bridge opened in 1951. The Westbound was inaugurated in the year 1968.

#24 Only 3 Counties

The 50 states of the USA are split into multiple counties. It is interesting to note that Delaware is home to just three counties. It is the only state with the least counties in the USA. The three counties in Delaware comprise Kent, Sussex, and New Castle. Of them, the biggest county in terms of area Delaware is Sussex County.

#25 The Nicknames of Delaware

Like many other states of the USA, Delaware also has numerous names. The most popular ones are “First State,” “Diamond State”, ‘Small Wonder and Blue Hen State’. Are you aware of what the motivations for these names are? You may have already realized that. The name ‘Blue Hen State originates from the bird that is the state bird of Delaware.

The “First State” comes from the fact claims that Delaware really is the very first State in the USA. The ‘Small Wonder refers to the State’s dimension, as it is among the smaller states within the USA.

Thomas Jefferson coined the ‘Diamond State’ name to Delaware. Legend says that Jefferson considered the State to be the value of a diamond due to its position at the Eastern coast. But, at present the official nickname of Delaware is “The first State’.

Summarizing it All Amazing facts about Delaware

Before we get started to the next point, here’s another interesting fact about Delaware to help you. Only 967,171 residents living in Delaware in all. Yet, the State is home to more than one million companies/businesses that are incorporated in the USA. It has more registered businesses than the total number of residents who living in the State.

Delaware may be a tiny state based on the above discussion, but it’s also one of the coolest ones in the USA. We hope that you’ll enjoy these fascinating facts about the State. If you do, please make sure to share this post to inform others about the facts on regarding Silicon Valleyregarding Delaware. In addition you can take an overview of some.

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