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21 Crazy Facts About Crypto

Crypto is the future of currency. It is a completely virtual form of legal tender that has gained massive momentum over the past few years. Furthermore, if you go online and compare retirement accounts, you will find that a lot of investing options revolve around cryptocurrency. Have you invested in Crypto yet? If not then here are some interesting Facts About Crypto that you should read before investing.

Here are twenty-one fascinating and unrelated details about cryptocurrency that you did not realize (as of January 9, 2022):

  1. The biggest corporate owner for Bitcoin The largest Bitcoin trust globally is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. They own 654,885 Bitcoin, which is 3.12 percent of the total amount.
  2. The top company owner of Bitcoin holds MicroStrategy. They own 124,391 Bitcoin.
  3. On May 10, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoin on two pizzas from Papa John’s in Florida. It was the first time that we have recorded a Bitcoin purchase of goods, and it was worth around forty dollars in the moment. The value of Bitcoin is now worth more than $4 Billion.
  4. It is widely acknowledged that there will be 21,3 million Bitcoin ever created. However, out of that the estimated 3.7 million Bitcoin are deleted forever. That leaves 17.3 million Bitcoin that could be used and sold.
  5. There is just 1.3 million Bitcoin available for purchase through cryptocurrency exchanges right now.
  6. Bitcoin was declared legal tender in conjunction with the US Dollar in El Salvador in 2021.
  7. There are 16,531 cryptocurrencies that are listed on
  8. $14 Billion in cryptocurrency was stolen by scammers in 2021. as compared with $7.8 Billion in 2020.
  9. There were 485,814 token contracts made on Ethereum.
  10. One million seven hundred thirty-nine thousand eight hundred thirty-two token contracts are on the Binance Smart Chain.
  11. There were 7,452 token contracts made through the XRP ledger.
  12. Based on CoinATMRadar the number of ATMs is 34,479 according to CoinATMRadar. ATMs in crypto are managed by 603 operators in 77 countries.
  13. 30,380 or 88% the world’s crypto ATMs are located within the United States.
  14. The #1 and #3 countries for total cryptocurrency ATMs are Canada (2,253) and El Salvador (205).
  15. Sixty-four crypto-related companies have earned”unicorn” status “unicorn,” meaning they are valued at more than $1 billion.
  16. Coinbase became public in 2021. It has a market capitalization (total worth of the coins) of $60 billion. Thirty-nine reached this mark in 2021.
  17. Cryptocurrency exchange FTX was valued at $22 Billion by 2021. They also bought the rights to name the Miami Heat’s home arena named FTX Arena.
  18. The top-selling NFT ever is “Everyday: The First 5000 Days,” written by Beeple. It was purchased to a buyer for $69,346,250 (38,525 ETH) on March 11 2021. In the moment of writing ($3,023 per Ethereum) valued at over $116 million.
  19. Sales of NFT on OpenSea have now reached the threshold of $14 Billion with an average of $939. According to, the worldwide NFT market’s sales were $300 million in 2020 , according to
  20. 14 blockchain-related video games had more than 100,000 players playing on their desktops during the past month, as per DappRadar. The most popular blockchain game that was built around desktop users during the last month is Alien Worlds, with over 1.2 million players.
  21. One of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in 2021 was games and metaverse projects. Sandbox ($SAND) increased 12,763 percent. However, the Axie Infinity ($AXS) overtaken it, which was up 15,132 percent. They were surpassed by Gala ($GALA) who increased by 40,400%.

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