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Facts About Costa Rica

Do you want to learn more information about Costa Rica? Here are 25 fascinating facts concerning Costa Rica that you probably did not know before you started

To make this more enjoyable, I would like to test you too. What number do you know about the Costa Rica facts did you have before you read this? Tell us your answer in the comments section!

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Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to more than 5percent of the diversity of our planet.

The country’s territory covers just 0.03 percent of the planet’s terrain, but despite the very small size, it has been home to more than 5percent of the diversity of the planet.

Many iconic rainforest creatures live throughout Costa Rica, and the government is also doing its best to conserve these rainforests as well as national parks across the country.

The sunsets and rise at the same time, 365 days of the year.

In Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, sunset and sunrise can be expected to happen at the same time each day.

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Nicoya is one of the blue zones of the planet.

The Blue Zone is a special area on Earth in which the lifespan is significantly longer than in other parts of the globe. Nicoya is located in Costa Rica, is one such area. Centenarians are not uncommon here. The majority of inhabitants can be expected to live until at least 90.

The secret? the area’s waters are exceptionally abundant in Calcium and Magnesium. They are awestruck by God and can sleep for up to 8 hours and consume an extremely healthy diet consisting of organic foods, animal protein, and fruit.

Red meat, however, isn’t a common part of the diet of Costa Ricans. This is among the top fascinating details concerning Costa Rica, especially since there are only five blue zones around the globe!

The names know Costa Ricans of “Ticos” as well as “Ticas.”

Another interesting thing regarding Costa Rica and its citizens. While many foreigners refer to Costa Ricans, they themselves use Ticos in reference to men and Ticas for females.

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Costa Rica is the second-largest exporter of bananas in the world.

The only thing is that Ecuador produces more bananas per capita in comparison to Costa Rica. When you travel, ensure that you enjoy some yummy local fruit!

Earthquakes are very common in Costa Rica.

Don’t be shocked if the dreadful earthquake strikes you during your visit. The majority of the earthquakes are small earthquakes with no casualties, but it’s important to know that larger earthquakes can occur at least once every few years.

It’s among the most eco-friendly nations.

Costa Rica has set a target to be the first country to be fossil-free in the world. They’re on the right track towards achieving this target.

It’s among the greenest nations on the planet. Today, nearly 100% of the energy used is renewable. They’re certainly a great role model for countries that are larger.

Pura Vida is the national slogan of the United States.

Pura Vida is a synonym for pure life. However, when you translate it literallyly from Spanish to Engliver, it’s more than that. It’s an entire lifestyle.

It is the slogan of the nation in Costa Rica, and experts believe that this Pura Vida mentality is one of the main reasons why Costa Ricans are often regarded as one of the most joyful people on Earth.

Costa Rica is home to wild sloths.

Sloths are incredible creatures. They are among my most loved animals. They are a must in the Costa Rican forests are home to these trees-loving animals. So, when you visit, be sure to look for sloths!

Costa Rican women maintain their first names throughout their lives.

In most countries around the globe, the bride who gets married typically uses the name of her husband. But not here in Costa Rica. The Ticas retain their original name throughout their lives.

There’s a lizard called Jesus Christ lizard.

You’re aware that this nation is home to numerous creatures and plants. Did you know that this country is also home to an animal that runs through water?

The Basilisk is also called Jesus Christ Lizard can literally walk on water which is why it earned its name.

Tourism is the most important industry.

Even though represent the most popular nationality for tourists who visit Costa Rica, a growing number of international travelers have discovered the beautiful landscape in Costa Rica.

More than 3 million tourists visit each year, making travel one of the top sources of income for the locals. I suggest learning a few Spanish words before your trip.

There are over 1400 orchid varieties.

Are you a flower lover? You’ll be delighted to learn that you can find over 1400 orchid varieties!

There isn’t a standing army in Costa Rica

There are only a handful of countries worldwide that have an army that is constantly in. Costa Ricans can be proud of being a welcoming and democratic country.

More than 25 percent of Costa Rica’s land is committed to national reserves, parks and wildlife refuges.

The government’s smart approach to tourism and smart spending has helped save nature. Today, greater than 25 percent of the nation can be protected by national reserves, parks, and refuge areas for animals.

This is amazing, and eco-tourism continues to grow and provide additional revenue to help preserve the nation’s diversity.

5 Fun Facts About Costa Rica

  • The milk is offered in plastic bags rather than in a carton.
  • The national song in Costa Rica is played daily on radio stations at around 7 AM.
  • Costa Ricans frequently call their important other by the name of their “Media Naranja” that is, another half of their orange
  • Many men from Costa Rica express appreciation for beauty through wailing, complimenting or staring.
  • For a while, wearing shorts was considered an act of disrespect.

Photo: Luis Alvarado Alvarado /

5x Costa Rica Facts for Kids

  • The education and school are free
  • Christopher Columbus arrived in Costa Rica in 1502
  • The most used language in the country is Spanish
  • There are over 50 species of Hummingbirds.
  • There are around 750,000 insect species living here.

General Information on Costa Rica

Here is some general information, including the total population of the country, land area, largest lake, the highest mountains, and other general information about Costa Rica that might be interesting to learn.

  • Total Population: 4,9 million people
  • Capital: San Jose
  • Life Expectancy is 77 years.
  • Highest Mountain: Cerro Chirripo (3820 meters)
  • Area of land Area: 51,100 square kilometers (19,700 sq miles)
  • Largest Lake Lake Arenal
  • National Day: 15 September (Independence day)
  • Government Constitutional unitary of the president republic
  • President: Carlos Alvarado
  • The currency: Costa Rican colon (CRC)
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Religion: 57% Catholic
  • member of Nato Member of Nato: No
  • National song: “Noble Patria, tu Hermosa Bandera” (Spanish)
  • Time zone: UTC-6 (CST)
  • Country Prefix/Number +506
  • Country Code Country Code:

Costa Rica’s Biggest Cities in Costa Rica

If you’re searching for information regarding Costa Rica, it might be beneficial to know which cities are the most populous. Here’s a list of the ten most populous cities in order of population.

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