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9 Yummy Facts About Corn

Summer cannot be complete without a delicious BBQ dinner and a bowl of corn on the cob. Here are nine fascinating facts about corn that you may not be knowing before.

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Facts About Corn

  1. Corn is an herbaceous grass. In the past 10,000 years, individuals from Southern Mexico collected and consumed the wild grass known as “teosinte,” now known as maize (field). From Mexico, it was the case that maize spread throughout movements, extending to the southwest regions in the U.S.A and then southwards to Peru.
  2. Corn doesn’t belong to Canada. Corn, a.k.a. maize, is one of the traditional crops of Canada. However, it’s not native. Maize was first grown during the time of the people of the First Nations in the Ottawa region and then later by European colonists.
  3. 65percent of Canadian corn is grown in Ontario. 25% of the corn is grown within Quebec, and the rest, 10%, is grown across Canada.
  4. Popcorn is a kind of corn. It is a form of corn known as ‘flint. When heated, the outer shell allows the moisture to enter, and steam and pressure cause the corn to become crisp and then puff up into the delicious popcorn that we enjoy eating.
  5. The corn seed forms the individual kernel. AND the ear is part of the flower.
  6. The rows are even per corn cob. The median amount of kernels in 16 rows of corn is 800.
  7. Corn was utilized to substitute coffee! In the 1800s, when coffee was costly and limited, the cheap Americans utilized dried corn to substitute for coffee, and the ashes of burned cobs of corn were used to make baking soda.
  8. Corn is a component of fireworks. Plenty of industrial products are made from corn, like glue, antibiotics and paper insulation, paper shoe polish, ethanol, cosmetics paint, detergent, and many more.
  9. The husk is a great way to keep the corn juicy and moist. If your corn arrives at your door, you’ll want to keep the husk intact and keep it in your crisper for vegetables until you’re prepared to prepare it.

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Harrison Jones
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