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15 Interesting Facts About Colorado

Colorado has a wealth of fascinating people and interesting facts! The long and fascinating history of Colorado is a source of interesting and entertaining facts about Colorado, which makes it a unique location to live and visit.

It’s not surprising that a lot of facts about Colorado relate to the famous mountains. A lot more Colorado facts reveal the lives of individuals who have lived in the area for centuries, as well as their hardships and achievements.

As a Colorado local, I’m thrilled to share some interesting and fun details about Colorado! If these Colorado facts encourage you to travel to Colorado, make sure to read the ultimate travel Guide on Colorado to help make a plan for your excursion!

Interesting & Fun Colorado Facts

1. A large portion of Colorado isn’t Mountainous.

Though most people think of the Rocky Mountains and 14ers when they think of Colorado, approximately 40 percent of the state is comprised of what is known as the Eastern Plains.

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2. Colorado won the 1976 Olympics Bid…Then Returned It

Governors, business leaders, and The White House were excited to host the Olympics in Colorado during the mid-1970s. Voters? They’re not so sure. Many activists fought against the idea, and the public was overwhelmingly against the idea.

3. Denver typically gets its first Frost in October.

One amusing aspect concerning Denver is that the date that is used to determine the first snow of the season for Denver falls on October 18; however, it’s earlier than in the mountains. It’s also not uncommon to see snow melt rapidly and for Denver to experience several more days of sunshine between snowfalls.

4. But it has snowed in Colorado Each Month Of The Year.

While the common snow season on the Front Range is from October to the beginning of May, Colorado was hit with snowstorms throughout the mountain ranges. Fortunately, cold weather does not last long, and in only a few days following an event, it’s back to exploring Colorado trails, climbing, and taking in the great outdoors.

5. Rocky Mountain National Park Has the highest-graded road that exists in Any National Park.

The highest point on Trail Ridge Road…in July!

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is the most paved road in a national park, and the longest continuous road paved across North America. Its highest point is 12.183 feet higher than the sea level.

6. Colorado Celebrates A Frozen Dead Guy

A Norwegian man took his grandfather’s preserved cryogenically into Nederland, Colorado, and since that time, Frozen Dead Guys Days is now an annual celebration of the deceased (who’s still living in the Tuff Shed). There’s a polar plunge, a hearse parade, coffin races, and other activities.

7. Colorado Has 58 Mountains Over 14,000 Feet

Locally referred to by the name of “14ers,” Colorado has the highest mountain number, more than 14,000 feet above sea level in the United States. Mount Elbert is the tallest among them all, at 14,439 feet above sea level. 

8. One of Colorado’s most wealthy women was left penniless and alone.

Baby Doe Tabor’s tale is intriguing but heartbreaking and shocking for the 1800s in Colorado. Horace Tabor, a silver magnate, divorced his wife to get married to Baby Doe, who Denver’s social women quickly shuffled. When the value of silver plummeted and their fortune fell, Baby Doe passed away in an abandoned shack in Leadville in the midst of a frozen body discovered within two days.

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9. Colorado Had A Gold Rush 10 Years After California

The Colorado Gold Rush, also known as”the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, was first noticed around 1858 at Idaho Springs, CO. However, it reached its peak one year later…and ten years after the California Gold Rush.

10. You can see the largest Gold Piece Ever Discovered In Colorado.

Tom Groves and Henry Lytton discovered the biggest piece of gold within Colorado in 1887. The gold nugget was dubbed “Tom’s baby” because the gold was wrapped in a blanket before carrying it all over Breckenridge. Tom’s Babies on display at Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

11. You can stand In Four States At Once

The kids were constantly pestering us, and we decided to send the kids off to different states!

Colorado is among the states that comprise the Four Corners Monument – the states that are the others comprise New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. You can sit at the point where the four states intersect or put your foot and hand in each state.

12. There are several Mile High Markers Around Denver.

The nickname for Denver has been The Mile High City, and there are a variety of markers that indicate exactly where the city’s population reaches one mile. Three markers are located at the top that leads to the Colorado State Capitol Building as the measuring standards were changed. There’s an additional row of seats that are purple in Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play. They are just one mile tall.

13. Colorado Has a Wine Country

The Western Slope is home to 30 wineries located in towns like Grand Junction and close to Palisade. The climate and proximity to the Colorado River make it a great place to grow grapes…and, of course, wine.

14. Colorado is the most paved road in the U.S.

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway begins in Idaho Springs and climbs more than 7,000 feet before eventually at 14,130 feet. This Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest road paved on the continent of North America. You can drive up to the parking area, climb to the top, and then boast that you’ve climbed the 14er!

15. More than a third of Colorado’s land is owned by the Federal Government.

The United States federal government owns 36.2 percent of Colorado’s nearly more than 67 million acres. The majority of the land owned by the federal government is accessible for hiking, camping, and other types of recreation.

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