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15 Interesting Facts about Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, a chemical found in the coca plant, is America’s most widely used illicit drug. Have a read at Facts about Cocaine Addiction!!

You can take Cocaine by sniffing the air through your nose and injecting it into your bloodstream with a needle. Or, you can smoke the vapors.

The possession, cultivation, and distribution of Cocaine are all illegal in virtually every part of the globe. Here are some fascinating facts about Cocaine that you should know:

Facts about Cocaine Addiction

1. Street names!

Coke, snow, and lady are some of the most popular street names for Cocaine.

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2. Born Addicts

More than 100,000 children are addicted to Cocaine. A baby born to a mother who used Cocaine during pregnancy may become physically addicted.

3. Coca-Cola, Cocaine

Initial estimates indicated that Coca-Cola contained 9 mg of Cocaine per cup. The combination of Cocaine and caffeine creates a powerful stimulant effect. Cocaine was removed from the soda’s ingredients in 1903. However, a cocaine-free coca leaf can still be used to flavor it.

4. Sherlock Holmes Therapy

Sherlock Holmes was a cocaine user. He was often described as using Cocaine even though there were no stimulating cases in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories.

5. Cocaine forms

Cocaine hydrochloride, which comes in powder form, and Cocaine freebase are the most popular forms. The powder is usually mixed with water and injected or snorted. A white powder is the most popular street drug. Dealers usually mix it with sugar, talcum powder, and other stimulants.

6. Crack Cocaine!

Crack Cocaine is the crystal form of Cocaine. It normally comes as a powder. Crack Cocaine is named so because it crackles or pops when heated. Crack cocaine was very popular because it is cheap and gives an immediate high.

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7. Highly addictive!

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs. Cocaine can be addictive even for first-time users. The first time you take a snort, the craving will intensify, and eventually, more drugs are needed to get the same high.

8. It can affect your brain!

Permanent psychosis is a known side effect of Cocaine. People with mental health problems can be triggered by cocaine use in unanticipated ways. Bipolar disorder can occur, which will make it difficult for the person to function in his daily life.

9. It can cause death!

You are at risk of developing psychiatric disorders or even death if you abuse Cocaine.

10. Largest Cocaine Consuming Countries

According to reports, Scotland is the top cocaine-consuming country, followed by Australia, Spain, and the United States.

11. Cocaine with Her*in

Speedballing is the act of mixing Cocaine and her*in. Speedballing is a popular way to get high, but it can also be dangerous for long-term health consequences.

12. The God’s Gift!

Cocaine is native to Central and South America. It’s made from the Coca plant, whose name derives from the Inca word Kuka. Cocaine was believed to be a gift from God by the ancient Inca people.

13. Over the Counter Drug!

Before Cocaine was made illegal, Cocaine was available over-the-counter as a painkiller. Its healing properties included reducing swelling, strengthening broken bones, and curing wounds/sores.

14. The Addict Scientist!

Sigmund Freud, an Austrian psychoanalyst, was so addicted to Cocaine that he promoted it as a treatment for depression. It was also recommended for general use by him and his girlfriend.

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15. Cocaine as Medicine

Albert Nieman, a German chemist, first isolated Cocaine from coca leaves in 1860. He noticed that his tongue felt numb. Angelo Mariani, a French chemist, claimed it could improve health and vitality. An Austrian ophthalmologist Carl Koller discovered its anesthetic properties later. Soon, Cocaine was promoted as a medical drug by pharmaceutical companies. The enthusiasm for Cocaine as a medicine quickly faded as accidental deaths from overdoses during surgery rose.


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