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15 Amazing Facts About Clams

Clams are a kind of invertebrate that is an animal with no backbone. Clams also belong to the Mollusca phylum, which is the second-largest animal group worldwide. Here are some amazing Facts About Clams for you to explore!

Clams in this phylum have been classified as bivalve species of shellfish which means that their bodies are enclosed by two outer shells made of hard material that is hinged on the bottom.

Facts About Clams

1. The clam and mollusk with burrows dwell on the sand and mud freshwater. Mollusks are invertebrates with a soft, unsegmented body typically enclosed in shells. The clam seals its shell in a manner that is similar to similar firmness. Clams are herbivores that eat mostly plankton. (Bi-valve Mollusks comprise clams as well as oysters as well as mussels.)

2. Freshwater clams are extremely popular in aquariums for home use.

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3. The clam is no head, there are no bite mouthparts, and no legs or arms.

4. Clams are composed of a pair of shells and a soft body.

5 Clams don’t have eyes or noses, either therefore they are unable to be heard, seen, or smelled.

6 A clam’s shell is composed of two, typically equal halves.

7 Both shells are linked via an elastic hinge similar ligament.

8. Clams typically measure 2 inches wide across the shell.

9 The gills of clams are used to remove the oxygen as well as food debris out of the water.

10 Clams Clams include the Giant Clam, which is considered an exquisite food in Japan.

11 The Giant clam lives for a period of more than 100 years.

12 The Giant Clam, Tridacna gigas is the biggest bivalve Mollusk. The giant clam weighs more than 440 pounds. its shell could measure as wide as four feet!

13 A Clam has only two objectives in this world eating and having sexual relations, hence the expression “happy as a sea clam.”

14 – Sadly, as clams don’t have brains They don’t really get satisfaction from sexual or food. The clam’s incredible fruitfulness helps not just to reproduce itself and feed many other organisms within the marine food chain.

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15. – They are delicious! Mmmmm!

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