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8 Best Facts About Chrome OS

Chrome celebrated its 10th birthday this year. We saw many major improvements, from a revamped design to improved security. It’s time to celebrate with a major makeover! Read some amazing Facts About Chrome OS here!

Google Chrome is a browser we all love, but not as much as other browsers. Here are some Chrome facts that you might not have known. Let’s take a look at some Google Chrome secrets, hidden tips, and tricks that will make your surfing experience even better.

1. Use the Search Bar as a Calculator

Chrome is available to assist you with basic tasks like checking your grocery bill total or complex calculations. Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to open the calculator app or grab your phone anymore. Google Chrome’s search bar can perform simple calculations and receive instant results. This can help you save time and effort.

2. Little Things You Do

It may seem funny, but Google tracks every detail of what we do while browsing. If you have more than 100 Google Chrome tabs open on your smartphone, you will see a small smiling “Smiley” icon in the upper right corner. In Incognito tabs, you will see a wink icon. Google is very attentive to the smallest details, as we mentioned earlier.

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3. Direct MP3 Links

We all love to save our favorite music tracks as a way to keep them in our collection. Google Chrome is a great tool if you are willing to download mp3 files on your system. Here’s how to get direct mp3 links to your favorite music tracks.

The results will amaze you. A list of files will be displayed on the screen. To download the mp3 to your computer, you just need to right-click on the song title. This can help you save time and make it easy to download your favorite music tracks quickly. You’ll be glad you did!

4. Enjoy the Earth View

This extension, “Earth View From Google Earth,” is a must-have for anyone who loves the beauty of Earth. After the extension has been installed successfully on your browser, each new tab will show a beautiful image of Earth taken from Google Earth Satellite imagery. You can save any image you like and then download it to your computer.

5. Stellar Neighborhood is your home

The website is called 100,000 Stars. It works like this: You can open it with Google Chrome to explore an entire galaxy full of constellations and stars. This website is Chrome’s experiment and runs on Javascript hacks that are only compatible with Google Chrome. You must try it!

6. Chrome can be used to take down notes

Google Chrome can do the job better than any third-party note application.

To quickly notate anything while browsing, just type data: text/HTML or [Text] into the search bar. This feature can be used on your smartphone, and you can even save your notes in PDF format.

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7. Use Chrome as a Media Player

Google Chrome can also be used as a media player, something that few people are aware of. It can play much common audio, video, and photo formats. This saves you the hassle of installing a separate media player app.

8. Use Chrome to View Images

Chrome can be used to view images, just like media files. Drag and drop images to Chrome browser. You’re done!

These are some of the most important Google Chrome facts that many don’t know about. We hope you love Chrome more after reading these fascinating facts, tips, and tricks.

Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones
Harrison has been a freelance financial reporter for the past 6 years. He knows the major trends in the financial world. Jones’ experience and useful tips help people manage their budgets wisely.


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