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10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm

” I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.”

When Chandler spoke about this, I’m sure that we all resonated with his desperate attitude. Chandler is perhaps well-known for his sarcasm-based defence mechanism, but there’s much more to him than we realize. Read everything in “Facts About Chandler Bing” and learn about the less-known details about your most loved character.

We could easily consider Chandler Bing the most sarcastic character to ever grace television. How Chandler was played was a lot in common in the direction of Matthew Perry. Matthew Perry influenced the character just as Matt LeBlanc influenced Joey Tribbiani. The actors needed to reflect on their views over his view of Chandler. Did you realize all this?

Many characters from FRIENDS believed that Chandler Bing was gay. However, did you know that an actor from the lead cast believed that Chandler was gay? The person was shocked to learn the reality concerning Chandler’s sexuality. It’s likely to be due to how Chandler wears his hair. Perhaps it’s the hair?

What was the name of this individual? What was the moment they realized Chandler Bing was not gay? Let’s review all facts about Chandler Bing and find out the truth as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

10 Fun Facts About Chandler Bing You Never Knew

Matthew Perry was the best actor to play the role. He also had a lot like Chandler and his parents, such as their divorce. If you’d like to learn more about the things they shared in common, you can quickly look up every detail regarding Chandler Bing and revisit every memory you have from the sitcom.

Matthew PerryWhen inspired by Chandler Bing, they decided on the actors in Friends, Chandler and Phoebe, who were not supposed to be among the leading four. There were only Rachel, Ross, Monica and Joey. But, when they began shooting, the creators of this series realized Chandler and Phoebe could not be kept as minor characters.

The writers admitted that Matthew Perry inspired the character of Chandler. While we can’t imagine the level of desire Matthew Perry was for girls, he admitted during an interview that he felt uncomfortable around women.

Matthew Perry Wrote Chandler’s Lines (sometimes)

We’ve already told you, Matthew Perry inspired the character of Chandler Bing. He was remarkably like the character; in actual the writers intended for the character to look similar to Matthew Perry. They were impressed by Matthew’s wit, humour and frequently referred to him in writing sessions.

Do you be sure? Some of the jokes Chandler stated were created in the hands of Matthew Perry. It’s only logical since we are sure that no one could have come up with a better idea than Matthew, and it’s also appropriate that he used his natural reactions in the script.

Do you now understand why Chandler Bing is such a humorous and lively character? These gags and punches resulted from brilliant brainstorming sessions with Matthewandh, the writers.

Fans Thought Chandler Was Gay

The show started there was not any mention of Chandler with any woman. Chandler, along with Joey, was the main bros, and there was no discussion of sexuality of Chandler. The fans are led to think that Chandler was, in fact, gay.

What do you think is amusing?

It’s not just the fans that believed Chandler Bing was gay. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) believes that the character is homosexual and was shocked to discover the truth.

I think there’s something about his hair that everyone believes that he’s gay.

Monica and Chandler Were Only A One Night Stand

Most people are aware of this concerning Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. They were intended for a nighttime stand-up in London. The writers made it up just for fun and thought they would surprise the crowd.

The audience appeared to be awestruck by the love story of Chandler as well as Monica. What’s that? At first, there wasn’t a connection between them, but an affair; however, due to the love poured out over them, they remained together.

It’s only right that the creators gave importance to viewers and eventually ended up having gorgeous children.

People Started Naming Their Kids ‘Chandler’

Before the show, no name resembled “Chandler”. No one used the name ‘Chandler’ in their name as their primary name. Why did they? It was just the name of Candlemaker. Candlemaker. After the show, the story changed.

The people began naming their children Chandler. It was such a popular craze that Chandler became the primary name for a lot of 90’s children. No one could beat the record.

Chandler Dances Like No One’s Watching

Did you fall in love with Chandler due to his dancing? Why not high-five him! too!

The cute fist movement with the bum up is hilarious. I’m sure you were ROL when you saw Chandler Bing dance. The jokes aside, He was never embarrassed by his dance skills.

We’ve heard many times “Dance Like Nobody’s watching“, And Chandler Bing showed us ‘ That’s how Bi***es do it. It’s one of the greatest lessons you could learn from Chandler Bing.

A Perfect Bro

Chandler Bing was always there for his fellow friends. Particularly when it came to Joey, from taking his acting classes to having him participate in auditions and even acting, he’s been the best brother anyone could ever ask for.

The way he embraces Joey is a sign of his love for Joey. He hugs him with love. Even when Rachel tells him goodbye, and he says, ” I just wanna say that I love you and I’m gonna miss you and I’m so sad that you’re leaving.” These simple, straightforward phrases show the love Chandler is loved by his friends and is a great brother to everyone.

Messed Up A Lot of Times

Remember when he omitted to tell Rachel that Ross is his favourite? Or, when he nearly gives Rachel the list of positive and negative things about her? or when he tells the child that they’ve adopted him? Lol, He always gets caught in the mess that he has created.

From trying to help others become the centre of the chaos, Chandler Bing has shown us how messy he is, much like us. It’s hilarious when Monica Chandler Bing tells him, out of anger, “Chandler, we have talked about this. It’s not your duty to provide advice to others.” It doesn’t get any more hilarious than this. Truly.

Always Tried To Make Monica Happy

Chandler Bing is such a romantic in his heart. How he proposed to Monica and created the perfect wedding was amazing. The words he used, ” You make me happier than I ever thought I could be“, brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

He even refused to allow Rachel or Phoebe to open the presents he purchased for Monica instead of giving them better presents. What a charming husband. I love how the man admits to his wife Monica that she’s high maintenance, yet she says, ” I like maintaining you“. What can I do to get a man like that?

Drug Addiction Caused That Weight Fluctuation

On the 7th season of FRIENDS, Chandler had significant weight loss, and there was something wrong with his body. We all noticed it. It was Matthew Perry going through a negative phase of his life.

He was battling an addiction to drugs throughout the series and even confessed that he didn’t film during the latter seasons. Between 1997 and 2001, he was in rehab, and during a portion of the rehab, he was summoned to shoot; however, after that, Matthew was in good health and was shooting whenever he was able to.

Wrapping Up

Chandler is wild and fun until you realize he’s an amazing brother, an amazing husband, and above everything, a genuine friend. If you’ve seen other aspects of him, please let us know via the comments section.

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