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24 Excellent Facts About Bread!

If you’re optimistic, make sure you point your head to the south, relax, and you’ll soon sense spring’s rays throughout the day. Let the weather get warmer!

Here are some interesting facts about bread in our first news item of the year.

Facts About Bread

  1. 99 percent of UK households purchase bread. We’re interested in the reason why the 1% who do not!
  2. Bread is low in calories.
  3. British women consume about 76g of bread each day, while men consume about 113g per day.
  4. The NHS states that starchy foods such as bread should constitute 33% of our food intake; however, most of us get around 20 percent.
  5. Bread is a great source of more than 10% of an average adult’s iron, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, and a small amount of important potassium.
  6. Bread contains more than 10 percent of the calcium content in UK diets.
  7. A study published by The Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism journal found it is not an important factor in the development of weight gain. The reverse is true. According to research, people that are overweight consume less bread than people who aren’t
  8. White bread makes up 76 percent of the bread Brits purchase.
  9. Bread is the food item we are most likely to throw away. In the United States, we dispose of 32% of the bread we consume. This means that one out of three slices is thrown into the garbage. It happens despite us being quite adept at determining whether we need more. It’s an odd situation. What’s happening?
  10. The majority of the wheat used in making British bread can be grown in the home.
  11. Bread slices were introduced into Britain in the 1930s.
  12. But it was developed by the USA by Otto Frederick Rohwedder, who invented the machine specifically to slice bread and coined the expression “The most effective thing since sliced bread.”
  13. People living in the northeast region of England tend to eat the least amount of bread, whereas those living in the South East of England are the most prolific offenders.
  14. The bread is very low in sugars, fats, and salt.
  15. According to eggheads from The British Nutrition Foundation, bread does not cause bloating. This is contrary to conventional wisdom.
  16. Since 2007, bread prices have been up 34%, compared to an average food and beverage price increase of 33% over the same time.
  17. The bread that is most commonly sliced in the United States only has about 24% sugar, the majority of which is naturally occurring.
  18. In the United Kingdom, we bake more than 200 kinds of bread, ranging from classic British recipes to more exotic varieties from other countries.
  19. The people who constructed Pyramids of Egypt Egyptian pyramids were compensated in bread.
  20. The majority of bread consumption is covered by the humble sandwich, which the Brits have a long-running affection for. We adore our butties!
  21. A staggering 80percent percent of all the bread we consume in Britain is baked in mega-bakeries. Cut and wrapped. Maybe this goes a long way to explain why we throw away most of it in the garbage?
  22. Despite recent price increases, the bread costs 15 percent less in the United States than France.
  23. A survey in 2010 identified toast as Britain’s most-loved healthy food that makes you feel good.
  24. A similar survey identified the delicious aroma of freshly baked toast as our most loved food scent.

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