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5 Facts About Bob Saget

Comedy and actor Bob Saget was recently discovered dead at 65 in the Orlando hotel. Popular for his role as Danny Tanner in the sitcom Full House and as the Narrator on How I Met Your Mother, Saget lived an extraordinary life with many other achievements that are not well-known to the general public.

Here we look at some 5 Facts About Bob Saget, who became a major element of our childhood.

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5 Facts About Bob Saget

1. He was awarded an Oscar in 1977

While Full House may have brought the comedian’s career to the top of the list, However, it was his Student Academy Award win that brought him to the forefront of attention. The film, titled Through Adam’s Eyes, The black-and-white documentary written and directed by Saget and Saget, chronicles the life of a young boy (rumored as being his son) who undergoes facial reconstructive surgery.

2. He was a diaper handler in the set of Full House.

Saget’s character as the caring Dad as a doting Dad in Full House extended beyond the times when the cameras weren’t rolling. Saget says in his autobiography Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian, “Cameras were rolling, and one of the girls was apologizing for a poopy mess that had to be removed, or else we’d have had to hold the child in a smashed-poo diaper for an extended scene. A long one even if you’re smelly throughout the entire time.”

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3. He was nominated for a Grammy.

Another fascinating aspect of the actor’s life that people may not be aware of was the fact that there was a strong set of lungs. The comedian, actor, and author was also a talented musician. This is the Full House star’s album “That’s What I’m Talking About.” Was nominated for the award “Best Comedy Album” at the 2014 version of the Grammys.

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4. He could’ve been a doctor.

Before pursuing his Hollywood career before his Hollywood career, a comedian Philadelphia native was intrigued by wearing a white coat. He confessed that his dream was to become a medical doctor before he graduated from Temple University Film School in a candid interview. The only time he was influenced by his English professor, Elaine Zimmerman, who saw the talent in him and convinced him to be an actor.

But his dream of helping others through medicine was always in his after losing his sister to an uncommon condition known as Scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder. Comedians helped raise 35 million dollars to research treatment options.

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5. He’s published three books.

In addition to being the most popular Dad on television and a hilarious comedian, Did you have the knowledge that Bob thought of himself as a wordsmith? The legendary actor wrote three books: Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Turned Filthy Comedy (what transpired inside the production of one the most popular sitcoms ever), Bob Saget’s Tales from the Crib, and Zero to Sixty.

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