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Facts About Bearded Dragons

Although bearded dragons are not a new species, they are very popular. These are ten facts you didn’t know about bearded Dragons and why you should strongly consider bringing one into the home.

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Facts About Bearded Dragons

Fact 1

Bearded dragons can also be called Pogona, specifically the Inland Bearded Dragon Pogona vertices and their common name “beardies.”

Fact 2

To show their species recognition or submission, beardies will wave their arms at one another to signal acceptance. You can see some adorable baby beardies waving.

Fact 3

Bearded dragons can travel up to nine miles an hour. They are sedentary lizards for most of their lives.

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Fact 4

Bearded dragons are among the most relaxed and easy-going reptiles. They are easy to train and can even be dressed casually by their owners.

Fact 5

Bearded dragons are named for the spiny projections beneath their necks, which resemble a man’s beard. They puff their beards out to look larger when they feel afraid or excited.

Fact 6

Bearded dragons display their romantic interest by bobbing up and down at potential mates. The male does this quickly, while the female does a slower bobbing. To show their interest, they will wave at one another.

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Fact 7

Beardies will eat greens, fruits, vegetables, and small bits of meat.

Fact 8

Beardies may take naps for several weeks during the fall, but it is not uncommon for them to wake up in the morning and resume their normal lives.

Fact 9

Captive bearded Dragons can live up to ten years if they are physically and mentally well cared for.

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Fact 10

Bearded dragons are native to the Australian deserts. They were introduced to the United States in the 1990s but have become very popular as pets.

Additional Fun Facts about Bearded Dragons

  • Bearded dragons are named for their ability to puff out the skin under their throats. This darkens their skin and gives them a look that resembles a beard. This is their defense mechanism and makes them more dangerous to predators and other wildlife.
  • With proper care, bearded dragons can live for more than ten years.
  • Bearded dragons can display unique behaviors like “waving” and “bobbing their heads.” These behaviors are often seen when the dragons are territorial or during mating season.
  • Bearded dragons are omnivores and eat fruits, vegetables, and insects.
  • Bearded dragons use the short tongues of their small mouths to catch and eat crickets. Bearded dragons may also be able to eat commercially prepared diets. To get bearded dragons to try the commercially prepared food, it may be necessary to convert them initially.
  • Bearded dragons are omnivores. They eat a variety of food, including worms, vegetables, and crickets. Even small, frozen, and thawed rodents are acceptable for adults.
  • Australia is home to bearded dragons.
  • Bearded dragons are great pets as they are easy to are easy-to-care-for and have friendly personalities.
  • Petco’s bearded Dragons are made from eggs that were washed. This greatly reduces the chance that they will carry germs that could cause illness in humans.
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