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16 Amazing Facts About Australian Flag

A few people are aware of the remarkable and unique story of the Australian Flag. The Flag encompasses the practical Australian culture and has a great historical background. Explore some interesting Facts About Australian Flag below!

Apart from being the only National Flag to fly over the whole continent, there’s plenty to learn regarding Australia’s Flag Australian Flag and its unique timeline. These are interesting details regarding the Australian Flag worth knowing:

Facts About Australian Flag

1. The Flag of British To Australian Flag!

Australia proudly carried its Flag with the British flag Union Jack until its independence in 1901. The first Flag of an independent Australia was raised on the 3rd of September 1901 in the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne.

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2. An Flag of the People, For the People and By the People!

It is believed that the Australian Flag is thought to be the first and only Flag that a public contest has selected.

3. It’s a tedious job!

The contest was run through the Melbourne Herald and the Review of Reviews with a prize amount of PS200, which was the annual salary for the average worker at the time. The response was awe-inspiring, with over 33,000 entries. Arranging all entries took eight weeks, and the competition was judged over six days!

4. And…the credit is given the way of…

Of all the entries, five distinctive and notable ones were chosen as the winners. One of the winners was one of the Victorian schoolboys.

5. Flying Guidelines!

The guidelines to fly flags of the Australian Flag are laid down in the 1953 Flags Act. The rules state that the Flag is to be treated with dignity and respect and is the country’s most significant National Symbol. By the guidelines, when it is in Australia, in the Australian territory, it must be flown in a higher location in comparison to other flags. The Flag must be displayed at the top of every government building in Australia and should be raised and flown free.

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6. Learn the secret of your way through the Australian Flag!

The design of the Australian Flag is a combination of three aspects:

  • Union Jack illustrates the relationship between Australia and the British.
  • Southern Cross Constellation (5 stars) is frequently seen in the southern hemisphere. It can be seen in the nighttime sky.
  • Seven-pointed Commonwealth Star It is also called the Star of Federation, which symbolizes the first states of Australia.

7. The status of the National Flag

The declaration of the Australian Flag as a National Flag was made under The Flags Act of 1953.

8. Similar Flags!

The Flag of the nation is the Flag of New Zealand has an uncanny likeness that is very similar to that of the Australian National Flag. The similarities could be due to the common British colonial past or prior relationship with Australia.

9. Other “Australian” Flags!

Apart from other flags, including the Australian National Flag, there are also some official flags, such as the Australian Aboriginal Flag, the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the Australian Red Ensign, the Royal Australian Air Force Ensign (RAAF), the Australian White Ensign for the Royal Australian Navy.

10. Flags of the State and Territory!

Each state on the Australian continent has its State Flag. What sets Australian flags of the territories apart from the National Flag is their unique style and deviation from their national Flag, which is the Blue Ensign.

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11. The Stars are Decoded!

Australian National Flag has six stars that represent the six states of the nation. It also relates to the constellation. The stars are all seven-pointed, except one tiny star with five points. The biggest star is what is known as the Commonwealth Star.

12. It’s the Starry Addition!

The original star on the Flag was six points. Seven points were added later for the territories that were added in 1908.

13. Blue Vs. Red!

At first, it was initially believed that the Blue Ensign was entitled only to be used for official purposes and The Red Ensign for commercial use. It was only under the Menzies Government of 1953 that The Red Ensign disappeared from the Image.

14. Only Continental Flag!

It is important to remember not to mention that the Australian National Flag isn’t solely the Flag chosen in an open public contest but is also the only national Flag flying over all continents.

15. Without National Color!

Australian National Flag stands peculiarly in that the color of the Flag, which is vibrant gold and vibrant green, is not seen on the Flag.

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16. An Tribute To World War I Soldiers!

To honor the Australian victims of the liberation of their towns in 1917, In honor the Australian soldiers who died in 1917, the Australian National Flag can be each day raised on the campus of Villers-Bretonneux located in France.

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