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Facts About Atom Eve

The TV show Invincible is about Mark Grayson, a teenage boy who acquires superpowers like his famous but evil Omni-Man, his father. While the story is centered around Mark’s relationship with his dad, it also focuses on Mark’s connection to Atom Eve. People who have read the original comic know that this is an integral part of the story. Read more Facts About Atom Eve!

The following seasons of the cult show could build upon the growing romance with Mark and Samantha Eve Wilkins. Samantha has a unique and complex storyline in comics that is similar to Mark, which will likely be incorporated into the animated show in some manner as it develops further to the end of the line.

10 Amazing Powers

Atom Eve is among the very distinctive powers within the Invincible universe. It’s also one of some of the best characters of the series. Samantha can manipulate atoms and give her a wide range of manipulation of matter over every substance.

She can transform concrete into the air, for instance. She often utilizes this power to build powerful blasts and shields during battle. She also can fly. Her powers usually manifest as pink energy that influences what color she wears in her outfit.

9 A Teen Team Member

Comic book readers meet for the first time Atom Eve when Mark does when he meets The Teen Team. This resemblance to The Teen Titans of DC Comics is made up of teenagers and comprises the members Robot Dupli-Kate, Rex-Splode, Dupli-Kate and, eventually, Invincible as well.

The teens join forces to take on The Mauler Twins, a pair of villains clones from a genius scientist. The following morning, Samantha finds out that Mark is an incoming student in her school. This sparks an alliance that could develop into something more.

8 Conflicted Feelings

Invincible and Eve flying

It is clear that the relationship between Mark and Samantha as depicted in comics is very casual initially, even though they do have a bond at the beginning. Their relationship is complicated due to Mark’s feelings towards her and her relationship with another participant in their Teen Team, Rex-Splode.

However, not long after Mark is added to his team Atom Eve realizes that Rex-Splode is sexy with her fellow teammate Dupli-Kate. Atom Eve turns to Mark to seek comfort; however, they aren’t yet ready to take off yet.


Going Independent

Atom Eve’s grief and shock at the behavior of Rex-Splode causes her to quit Atom Eve’s pain and shock over Rex-Splode’s behavior leads her Teen Team. She battles supervillains on by herself, sometimes teaming with Invincible in addition. They become closer, however Mark is attracted to a different girl at school, which can cause problems.

Atom Eve’s discontent over superheroes eventually reaches her. She starts to believe she has more to offer rather than just fighting crime. Consequently, the decision is made to use her skills to fight against poverty and hunger.

6 A Tragic Beginning

Birth Of Atom Eve In Invincible comics

Beyond her powers, Atom Eve seems like an ordinary girl. In the end, we learn that her story is one of tragedy and heartbreak. Her powers were in use even before she was born and after giving Samantha a baby Samantha, her mother passed to death.

Samantha’s death was faked by her father in order to keep her from being abducted and developed into a super-powered military weapon. The government eventually catches up to her, and Samantha can defeat her first supervillain by using her superpowers.

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5 The Flaxman Invasion

In the show, the Flaxan Invasion is when the Teen Team meets Invincible for the first time. The comics’ version takes place slightly later, but it is still an integral aspect of Atom Eve’s story. After she leaves The Teen Team, she returns to the team for a brief time to assist them in battling the Flaxans from another world.

Atom Eve assists Invincible and the other heroes fight the Flaxans and are redeemed for not realizing they have different ages on Earth than in the dimension they inhabit. Afterward, she has two dates together with Mark as well as his partner however, it is mostly anger for her.


Romance With Invincible

Invincible as well as Atom Eve fly together across the globe in Invincible comics

The love story that exists between Invincible, as well as Atom Eve within the comics, take an extremely long time to be developed. They don’t even get to meet till issue 50. On the TV show, events appear to be speeding up and more quickly, which is quite a departure that isn’t seen in the comics. When the two join within the books, the result is an eerily fast event.

The two couples go on dates to various cities across the globe and include Paris, Cairo, and even the outer space. As they become more close in their private lives and grow together professionally. Samantha is the founder of Invincible Inc., a security company that the two of them operate to help others.


The Viltrumite War

The Viltrumite War from Invincible comics

One of the major pillars of comics and possibly in the near future for the animation show, includes The Viltrumite War. It is revealed that Omni-Man is actually a warrior of the Viltrumites and is being sent to Earth to take it on to protect his tribe. Atom Eve teams up with Invincible and other heroes to defeat them.


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Atom Eve must take on clone versions of Mark that are sent to destroy the Earth’s cities. Atom Eve is successful in defeating one of them but gets severely injured while fighting it. She and Mark remain separated for the duration of the catastrophe, and she’s not sure whether he was able to survive or not for a long time.



Atom Eve and Invincible review baby names within Invincible comics

Her relationship with Mark grows throughout the conflict, and she soon becomes pregnant with their baby. Samantha must be careful not to use her powers that could cause death for the baby.

It is a challenge when she is the target of the ire of various criminals. She has an infant girl, Terra, who they refer to as the planet they are forced to leave behind. They move to the faraway world of Talescria while they are on Earth lies under the control of Robot, who was their old partner and friend, that later changes to evil.


Rebooted Timeline

Atom Eve is a comic book by Invincible Comics

TV and film always revolve around reboots, just like comics. This theme is also featured on The Invincible comics series as Mark Grayson finds himself back to the present in what seems to be a new timeline.

He can retain all the details of the timeline before it, how he got to know Atom Eve, and how their lives would change. The newly rebooted Atom Eve was in a state of confusion and defensive, mainly because she was with Rex-Splode, who was in the new reality. Mark returns to the original timeline and the timeline of his Atom Eve.

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