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Facts About Athena

Athena is considered the greatest Greek goddess among all goddesses and gods. Her name is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge crafting, civilization, and justice. In all the goddesses and gods, Athena’s advice was most sought-after.

We know that Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom; we can take a look at other interesting information about this powerful Greek goddess.

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Athena is one of Twelve Olympians

The 12 Olympians within Greek mythology are among the most revered gods in the Greek pantheon. In addition to Athena, The Twelve Olympians include Greek gods and goddesses Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hestia.

Athena was born from Zeus’s Head.

Zeus was wed to goddess Metis and was the wisest goddess of all mortals and gods. Zeus was informed that a child born of Metis was more powerful than he did, so he took a bite of Metis to ensure she would not bear a child. Zeus didn’t know that Metis had already been pregnant Athena when he swallowed her.

Zeus began to experience an intense headache. This headache was so severe that Zeus ordered his head cut to alleviate the discomfort. After his scalp was cut, Athena was born fully mature and wearing armor.

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Athena Aids Greek Heroes

Athena was a wise woman and was frequently sought out to assist Greek mortals in their pursuits.


Athena assisted Hercules in finishing his risky and challenging 12 labors, especially his sixth labor.

The 6th labor Hercules must scare away Hercules had to frighten off the Stymphalian Birds from Lake Stymphalia. They were dangerous birds and could threaten those living in the area. To scare them away, Athena created a noise that sounded like a clapper, known as the Krotala. Hercules employed the krotala to scare birds away.

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In the quest of Perseus to defeat Medusa, He is presented with many items to aid him on his journey. One of these gifts is a huge reflective shield. Perseus utilizes this shield to mirror Medusa while he draws around her to kill her. In the absence of this shield, Perseus could not take on his Gorgon monster.


In the story of The Odyssey, Athena helps Odysseus to go home. Odysseus’s son Telemachus prompted Odysseus’s return. Telemachus was curious about what was happening to his father following his death in Troy and asked Athena for the answers. Athena was at Athena’s Olympian Court to request Odysseus return home and be with her son.

Athena loved Odysseus and desired his return home. Hence, she employed her knowledge to persuade her fellow members of the Olympian Court Odysseus required to be brought back to Telemachus with the hope that they would accept. After that, Zeus sent Hermes an email to Calypso to ask Odysseus to be released from his prison and be allowed to go to his home.

When he returns home, Odysseus is faced with numerous difficulties, and Athena is always there to assist him on his route. Athena insists Odysseus continue swimming when Poseidon hits his ship during a hurricane, leaving the ship in the sea. Odysseus is swimming according to Athena directs him and finally arrives on the Phoenician Coast, allowing him to go home.

Other interesting facts about Athena

  • She was among only three goddesses with virginity.
  • Zeus thought of Athena to be his most beloved child.
  • One of Athena’s symbols is the owl since the owl symbolizes Athena’s wisdom.

Athena is also known as the goddess of justice and civilization. Her name was associated with protecting the city, which is why Athens was named today.

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